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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Looking Down the Precipice at the Face of Human Evil

Upon the precipice do wise men and women stand, straddled with the burden of the world they see and feeling impotent to the destruction others unleash. Gazing over the canyon that encloses humanity the evisceration of forests, deserts, savannahs, jungles and oceans can they see, becoming nauseous breathing polluted air, overlooking voracious locusts as they make barren once fertile lands. Tears of sorrow befall those whose eyes can take no more, for their fellow species is on a collision course with self-extinction, destined to take away life where it once flourished, ruining a planet and all energy giving it vibrancy.

It is man in the 21st century that will finally accomplish what antecedents past once started. The birth of industry will inevitably lead to the death of man as it slowly unwinds through hills of time and space, societal change and the human condition, patient in its knowledge that eventually the same species that created it is doomed to self-destruct. The sands of time continue to pass by uninterrupted and unhindered, humankind ignorant to the path it has chosen to lead, not knowing the monster it has birthed nor the child of death that now walks among us, exploiting and destroying, ruining and pilfering, and advancing the decay and debasement of the most powerful Empire to ever rise from the soils of Earth.

Human evil has always graced us with its ominous presence, yet rarely does it succeed to grip power in times of carnage and in conjunction with strength and might. It is those memories of history, marked by genocides, cleansings, wars and exterminations that manifest the combination of evil with its ascendancy to power. When combined with sheer military might, economic prosperity and a gullible sheep-like population, human evil, ingrained in the essence of an immoral leader and his cabal of like-minded charlatans, can dispose of human flesh easier than we dispose of garbage.

The reality of war is that warmongers, war-like leaders and those whose appetite for blood is only matched by the magnified apathy for human suffering and death come to power with human evil firmly immersed into their existence. It is war-like leaders who make war-like people of those they rule. It is their human evil that releases the ghosts of war, destruction, suffering and violence upon the same brethren they command. If power corrupts, then those who carry the virus of human evil and are ascended to the throne of omnipotence are made stronger, thereby increasing the virus growing inside, waiting eagerly to become the pandemic infecting millions whose thirst for blood now matches that of their leaders.

We find ourselves living in that most dangerous of times when the world of man can destroy itself thousands of times over. It is in this time when the choosing of our leaders must be done in a most careful manner, selecting only those whose wisdom can be matched by their honor. For to leave the world’s most powerful military in the hands of wickedness is to risk perpetrating human evil upon the people of the globe. It is in this exact situation that the planet finds itself, caught in a parallel universe of devastating tragedy that is spiraling six billion people into dimensions worthy of fantasies the human mind is too terrified to enter.

A junta of miscreants usurped the will of the people and inserted itself into the halls of power, finally capable of implementing what had for years escaped their grasp. An entire nation gave way to a fraud perpetrated in front of our very eyes, helping to seal a most unfortunate future the likes of which had not existed since 1930’s Germany. The putrid breath of the neocons and the Christian fundamentalists contaminated the air of the Pax Americana, hypnotizing hundreds of millions into acquiescent enslavement that continues to detrimentally affect the collective energy of those now residing inside the belly of the beast. The evisceration of America as it had once existed could finally be set in motion.

September 11, 2001 forever altered human history for the worse, as if skyscrapers falling and disintegrating had unearthed wicked demons from the inner dungeons of the human mind. The gates of Hades had been opened, unlocking the chains that for years had kept imprisoned the worst evils in the human condition. The sons and daughters of wretchedness now dispersed to cast their malevolence on a civilization always plagued by the demons of man, never understanding the chaos of its own existence nor the frailty of its fragile cohabitation that condemned the countless of history to death, misery and destruction.

Finding opportunity has always been the hallmark of human evil, and with 9/11, an event that was purposefully allowed to transpire in order to achieve that which was most sought, evil was able to breathe freely once more as it flew like an uncaged bird, extending its wings, rising like a phoenix and awakened to once more envelope humankind with its violent virus of self-destruction that has historically wreaked havoc upon the lands and energies of man.

From the nadir of inconsequential ineptitude rose he who would help prosecute a false ‘war on terror’ that itself has only worked to invoke terror in the psyche of human understanding. Gaining strength from death and destruction, he without mandate was thrust into history, neither ready for it nor seeking it, neither competent to grace its pages nor wise to the lessons sketched in its verses. Finding opportunity in the rubble of 9/11 human evil percolated into a frightened and easily manipulated populace, vulnerable to the human emotion and animalistic passions that were witness to live carnage and collapsing humanity. Seeping energies of anger and vengeance rose to the heavens along with smoldering plumes of heat filled smoke. Waiting anxiously stood human evil, ready to inject reaction to an action born in cause and effect.

‘War on terror’ was declared, human evil would have no end, traversing mountains and valleys, cities and towns, raining destruction and bringing suffering to innocent believers of Muslim faith. 9/11 became the key that ignited the engine of profitability, enriching the capitalistic oligarchy controlling the military-industrial complex. A war of perpetuity meant profits without cessation, power without accountability and control without challenge. Perpetual war with ambiguous enemies, defined by Washington and manipulated in its image, the so called ‘war on terror’ is an illusion, based on manipulations of fear and insecurity, designed to enrich, erode and engulf.

Human evil has fused with human greed, both needing control to exist, both feeding off the fear of human psychology. War was designed and fostered by those entities ideologically driven by evil masked as good, espousing enslavement disguised by freedom and seeking control marketed as democracy. From the ashes of Ground Zero human evil emerged, passed from one group of fundamentalists to another, creating in one a messianic purpose of militaristic might, believing himself appointed by the metaphysical to alter the real, delusional in thought and ignorant to workings of human civilization past and present, born in the confines of a protected bubble, manipulated and easily controlled by zealots whose advice mask the evil intentions they possess.

America has been hijacked by tainted blood enraptured by their arrogance and absorbed by their sheer ignorance. The cloud of pollution emanating from the early morning of 9/11 New York City traversed to all corners of the nation, blinding our mind to the audacity of the warmongers controlling the strings of government that has released terror upon the world and the slow but eventual destruction of the building blocks that sustain America. Make no mistake, our foundations are crumbling from under our impotent legs while at the same time our lives are being endangered more and more every day by the purposeful policies of the human evil residing in Washington.

It is impossible to think that those in the upper echelons of power have not been aware of the consequences of their actions or do not possess the intelligence to know the danger they have placed the Western world in. It is inconceivable that men and women of power do not possess the capacity to realize the inherent defeat their policies have on the people they were appointed to protect and defend. Perhaps the time has come to acknowledge that they indeed know what they are doing and that their actions, as self-defeating as they appear, are designed on purpose. The question therefore arises whether or not they are purposefully condemning us to the cause and effect karma that will surely soon befall Americans in order to achieve their goals.

If this is the case, then human evil has come to roost in houses white and old, in halls of power shaped like pentagons and in capitols standing proud and large. Condemned we all sit, pawns in games of power and control, nothing but expendable beings destined to live inside the barrel of a gun in a sick and twisted game of Russian roulette where today’s technology will be our future catastrophe. In the capitalistic game of the ‘bottom line,’ however, human evil’s ends justify the means, and, like the profit driven world of the corporate Leviathan, where costs are analyzed against profits, and if it takes 10,000 or 100,000 dead Americans to achieve goals, then the benefits outweigh the costs. When government is run like a money-making corporation, we need to understand cost-benefit analysis, and we need to understand the profit derived and the goals attained by the death of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans caught in the game of power and control, trapped in a disease not of their own making in which they will eventually be used to attain what human evil desires.

Those in power are not the ignorant buffoons they make themselves out to be. Rather, they are calculating, conniving creatures devoid of morals and integrity. They seek what they want, what those holding their strings want and what the giant Leviathan wants. In a perpetual war against an enemy that cannot be seen nor easily understood, possessing Eastern philosophy and intelligence, weathered by time and space, living collective experience and historical precedence, and seething in anger and vengeance, battles won are fights lost, cementing a never-ending vicious cycle of violence that will kill and maim thousands, unleashing an era of suffering that is all too familiar to all humans of times past.

Yet from Washington comes the manifestation of continuance, of feeding the flames of war and reaping the seeds sowed in hatred and revenge. When power lingers as a result of war and violence, then power is only retained by ceaseless war. When control is achieved by death and destruction then from eternal suffering will control remain. A war president ceases to exist in times of peace; profit evaporates when mankind puts down its weapons; control vanishes when fear disappears; fear is made extinct when ignorance is eliminated.

The human evil residing in our midst depends on you to obey, acquiesce, fear and remain ignorant; it thrives from your progeny’s blood and our making of instruments of death. Human evil now in power seeks American death, both at home and abroad, in order to justify its insatiable addiction to the horrors of humanity and its clandestine accumulation of control that is quietly eviscerating our rights and freedoms.

The last three years have seen an escalation of violence that only seems to grow with time and through the mechanisms of action and reaction, cause and effect. ‘Terrorism’ worldwide has only continued to climb the mountain of violence; American state-sponsored genocide keeps rising. Humanity is climbing stairs whose top cannot be seen, robbing us of energy and hope, killing us on our sojourn upwards, eliminating what we once cherished and collapsing all semblance of humanity we once thought existed.

Human evil is prospering, from the sandstorms of Iraq released due to American missiles to the sadistic torture of innocent Iraqis in Abu Ghraib to the clandestine gulags built by Halliburton that litter the world to the rape, pillage and murder of tens of thousands of Mesopotamians whose lands and ancient rivers now run barren and polluted thanks to an occupation sponsored by human evil and the virus it has spread.

From the very top of America’s government where the buck supposedly stops to the very bottom of America’s grunt filled army human evil has proliferated, passing from host to host. From Israeli war criminals teaching torture methods to Appalachian women holding leashes to pyramids of nude Arabs to hooded prisoners to the many rapes and murders in American run prisons to privatized mercenaries killing without impunity throughout Iraq, the virus of human evil has found in the Fertile Crescent a fruitful basket from which to harvest its malevolent virus.

The endemic is spreading, masked in occupation and smeared in human wickedness, giving the world the thumbs up that the mission is almost accomplished. The human evil that has mutated into various forms since 9/11 has made a once proud Empire the laughingstock of the world, stained by the embarrassment of its military and the blatant wickedness of its leaders.

It is America wearing female underwear on its face, it is America posing in sexual positions, it is America being humiliated, raped and murdered by the same faces that today walk its Main Street USA sidewalks. America has been hooded by a human evil that instead of being eradicated keeps prospering, from fear to intimidation to preemption to ignorance to insecurity to gulags to torture to rape to murder to war to genocide. We have been made blind thanks to the hood of human evil that has been placed over our heads, festering in our minds from the swamps of the Potomac, born in the cesspools of privilege and becoming the Crawford mosquito pestering an entire world.

War, the most virulent human activity, has been made perpetual, with no end in sight, with no remedy or anti-venom available that humanity can be inoculated with. Our own fears and ignorance of what we do not know or understand is feeding the violence against Arabs. Our own failure to act is inevitably helping to seal our own fates. The America that once existed is disappearing right in front of our eyes, never to be enjoyed or cherished by our children or grandchildren, left in the grip of those whose claws drip with the blood of humanity. Because of them America has become the human evil it seems so eager to chase down, morphing into a terrorist nation through its leader's heavenly mandate and responsibility to change cultures and peoples.

Because of this fallacy America will be struck once more, deadlier and scarier than before, giving rise to an America that is losing its soul to the human evil born on 9/11. Those holding the leashes of power have made us all nude creatures lying impotently on cold-hard floors, subjected to dehumanization and torture, ridicule and suffering. For Lyndie England lives on Pennsylvania Avenue, giving her masters the thumbs up in assurance that the American people have been defeated, in mind, body and spirit, ready to be interrogated, ready to be broken, bit by bit, until the America of freedoms, liberty and democracy lies in ruin, under control of fascism, martial law, dictatorship or the human evil whose audacity only continues to grow.

Negative energies have been released onto the world that will be almost impossible to stop. The recipe for perpetual war has been set in motion by those whose interests lie in condemning humanity to its own worst enemies. The war now encapsulating our world will only increase in size and temerity, killing scores in the process, leaving human carcasses in its wake. The war for corporate profit and elite control is upon the mass of humanity who are mere bumps in the road to the miscreants playing their deadly games.

Human evil has been set free, released from the chains of bondage it somehow always seems to miraculously escape from, as always ready, willing and able to contaminate humankind with the virus of self-destruction that has marked civilization from the beginning of time. It is the symptom of our disease, and today it resides in houses white and old, in buildings shaped like pentagons and in capitols once proud and large.

Humanity is falling into a trap, becoming the prey of a small group basking in comfort and power, driven by false beliefs, delusional ideology, thirst for human blood, addiction to power and control and guided, as always, by the omnipotence of the Almighty dollar and his sister greed. We are pawns, one and all, Muslim and Christian, American and Iraqi, turned into nothing more than the means that justify the ends, the costs justifying the benefits and the dead from which the elite oligarchs harvest control and power.

Human evil has yet again escaped the Hades of humankind, once more peering its dreadful eyes into a civilization that fails to learn its mistakes, its history and corrosive disease. And, as always, it has found opportunity once more, possessing control over the Pax Americana, the most powerful and wealthiest empire to ever sprout from the fertile soils of planet Earth.

The tremors of fear can be felt underneath America’s weakening foundations, for wise men and women can see the coming storm, looming over the canyon of humanity and into the horizon smeared in crimson.

Upon the precipice do we all stand, our feet slipping with the eroding rock. The most monumental decision in our history is upon us, from where we can either continue on our downward slippage into the nadir of human evil or where we can communally lower the rope of peace and subsequent salvation.

To follow human evil, no matter how likeable it may seem, no matter how much fear it paralyzes us with and no matter how much it tries to manipulate and condition with lies and delusions is to condemn all of humanity, not just America, to a future that may not last too long. For our decision is much more than a simple election for America. Indeed, the cumulative energy of the world is hoping our decision when leaves begin to fall is a wise one. The world knows what is at stake; the question remains, do we?

Let us purge from our pores the human evil that continues to linger in our civilization. Until it is completely eliminated, however, we will continue to suffer the sickness that has afflicted our kind since the dawn of time. Until we eliminate it from our existence it will continue to seek opportunity in the lesser endowed men that destiny bequeaths with the leashes of power collaring humanity that ultimately succeed in breaking open the dark abyss from where human evil is imprisoned. It is these men that create the human suffering spawned by war, violence, destruction and death. It is these men that should not be allowed to hold the keys to the possible extinction of the human race.

Human evil cannot be allowed to triumph, for humanity erodes more and more each time we seek to destroy one another. It is our future children who suffer through the fault of present generations who allow humanity to be diluted through the sins of our fathers. It is our children who become condemned to the chains of misery and human bondage thanks to our failure to become the wise men and women who fail to synergize all vestiges of proactive denunciations to the wrongful path we are taking.

If we fail to act, with the passage of time nothing will remain of man, and in the contours of time and space the next rulers of the planet will send their wise energies to inspect the vast precipice of deep canyons’ littered with the fossils of the only species to exterminate itself. And they will understand: it was human evil and the carriers of its virus that destroyed such a wonderful species, full of promise and ability, life and energy, beauty and virtue. Humanity, they will realize, was a race whose future was betrayed by the symptoms of a disease it could never control and the hosts of the virus that were allowed to rule.