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In ominous times truth always finds a way out from darkness into light. Always. Through truth knowledge grows into the power and strength to question the actions of governance. In times that try men's souls it is those who seek enlightenment who are truly free. Given the choice of possessing ignorance or knowledge, even when ignorance would lead to an easier life, I would choose knowledge,thus escaping the life of sheeple, escaping the bondage of not knowing, not caring and not understanding.


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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Conservative pictures

Check out the link below to a really nice collage of conservative values and hypocrisy. Enter the Republican Bizarro World. Sometimes they make it too easy for us. Not only would they want us to live in a Theocracy but they have no problem seeking a Hypocrisy as well. Thanks to the fine folks at republican dictionary for this great work!

For further insight on the matter, may I suggest my essay entitled "Catastrophic Success of the Republican Party." Do they not realize that progress is as human as evolution is real?? Conservatives, what the hell was the Almighty smoking when it created that deviation of the species??? Ah those conservative hypocrites, perfect excuses for birth control.

Anyways, enjoy...

Knowledge is power....