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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Part IV: George W. Bush’s Lasting Legacy to America: Boomerangs and Devastating Blowback

America Reaping What it Sows

Fundamentalist Islam’s Uncle Sam is George W. Bush, the perfect recruiting tool and poster boy for waging jihad against US interests throughout the world. It is he who has made possible the continued expansion of al-Qaeda-inspired organizations into a network of franchised movements following the ideology of Osama bin Laden. From a small network of mujahadeen, al-Qaeda has, thanks to Bush’s self-defeating war in Iraq, extended enormous tentacles into dozens of countries, slowly but surely building independent organizations capable of unleashing terrible carnage. As a collective goal these new splinter groups want to wage war with the US, bringing to the Empire the same death and suffering it has engendered throughout the world but especially in the Middle East.

Since the US invaded Iraq, terrorism has only increased throughout the world, manifested by bombings, assassinations and general mayhem that are giving birth to a worldwide guerilla warfare movement. This evolution of bin Laden inspired groups has become a growing and unstoppable forest fire that is slowly extending itself out of the control of American military might. Muslim mujahadeen have learned they cannot take on the American military in open battle. In order to equalize the battlefield, they have created a strategy of urban guerilla warfare against both US forces and the puppet regimes America supports, with innocent civilians caught in the very middle of this ongoing war of attrition. Clandestine and ambiguous, this state of warfare gives an advantage to groups of insurgents fighting governments. They can strike anywhere, at any time, quickly disappearing like phantoms back into the city streets. Attacking key sectors of infrastructure, soft targets and even civilian areas thus becomes a strategic and ruthless aim in waging war against the US and its interests.

This most ominous blowback is helping to feed a so-called war on terror that, immediately after 9/11, was but a mere hiccup to the giant tremor it is today. Bush’s invasion of Iraq has only succeeded in helping feed the vicious circle of violence that today sees no end in sight, with terror activities growing at an alarming and yearly rate. What the most ignorant and inept president in modern memory has achieved has been the creation of a world that is much more dangerous and violent than before he usurped office. His every action is being turned into a dangerous reaction. He has succeeded in creating more jihadis than American jobs, helping to keep a movement strong and attractive. The folly into Iraq and his continued one-sided support of Ariel Sharon and Israel assures that America, its interests and even its citizens will be in great danger in the years to come.

Before Bush, Saudi Arabia was a safe harbor for American contractors. Before Bush, Iraq posed no danger to American civilians. Before Bush, Americans could traverse the occupied lands of Palestine. Before Bush, anti-Americanism was minimal, not the enormous ball of fire it has become today. Before Bush, Americans could travel abroad in relative safety and calm, never insecure that their nationality made them a most inviting target. Before Bush, Americans felt safer at home, secure in happiness, devoid of paranoia and lacking the schizophrenia that hovers today. A nation once loved is no longer respected; a land once looked up to is now spit at. From bastion of good to being seen as the second most hated nation on Earth, after Israel, the US has lost the great adoration untold millions once shared. And we have George W. Bush to thank, the most hated man since Hitler, not to mention the most dangerous, even less popular in many nations than Osama bin Laden.

The American President’s triumph has not been the liberation of a beleaguered nation. Rather, Bush’s folly into the Middle East has had the intended effect of breeding a new generation of American-hating mujahadeen whose ranks swell more each passing day, thus justifying and feeding the so-called war on terror that is being marketed as a war of perpetuity. The Iraq debacle has had Bush’s intended desire of creating an army of Arab bogey-men that will supply the US economy and its corporate masters with untold profits and power, as well as spawning the excuse to extend its imperialist hegemony over foreign lands and peoples under the rubric of fighting the mirage called the war on terror. Thus has come to pass that a new enemy rivaling even what the Soviet threat represented to the military industrial complex, with its vast profit and power garnering opportunities, has been assembled through the conveyor belt of American invasion and occupation. Hail to the Chief.

George W. Bush, Osama’s best friend

George W. Bush has shown the world he is bin Laden’s best friend, showering him with blessed opportunity after blessed opportunity, endowing him with enough propaganda from which to keep expanding his already growing legions of holy warriors intent on waging war against the Great Satan. Both men are intertwined in a symbiotic and malevolent relationship where one’s actions has as a consequence the benefit of the other and where each decision made by one has the effect of empowering both fundamentalist religious zealots. Each bin Laden attack allows Bush’s power and control to grow while each Bush decision in the Middle East only makes bin Laden a more revered figure. One and the same, feeding off each other’s warmongering and terrorizing platform of destruction and suffering, Bush and bin Laden are comrades in a war on terror that continues building momentum. Without one the other would have ceased to exist. Without confrontation and war to stir the hornet’s nest of Muslim discontent neither would be the relevant world figure they are today. In such an obvious win-win relationship, better business partners one cannot find.

The invasion of Iraq has had the intended consequence of creating all the adversaries the military-industrial complex will ever need in its pursuit of perpetual war and its creation of the perfect enemy. Hatred of the United States over its devastating invasion and exploitative occupation of Iraq has fueled the burning inferno of thousands of disaffected men, most of which are indigent, uneducated, unemployed and suffering the policies of American supported puppets in the Middle East. These young and mature men, and a growing number of women, see the decimating effects of non-Arabs occupying their brethren, robbing the region’s oil, oppressing their relatives, raping their women, torturing their children and maintaining in power dictators, monarchs and despots that make worse the lives of ordinary civilians and boiling frustration mutates into scorching hatred and animosity.

Many thus turn to fundamentalist Islam as a way to escape the grip of indiscriminate animosity. With little education and much ignorance, little to live for and suffering perpetual poverty, religion easily gobbles them up into its well-oiled machine, transforming easily brainwashed ticking time bombs ready to explode into eager warriors of Allah, trained and dangerous holy warriors ready to die fighting the 21st century’s Evil Empire. The ingredients that help form the Molotov cocktail called the jihadi are not hard to grasp, and many are mixed together by the same Great Satan most jihadis will in the end sacrifice their life against in battle.

It is American foreign policy, that purveyor of subjugation and suffering in the Arab world that helps foment the flames of al-Qaeda and its growing tentacles around the world. It is American policies in the Middle East that are creating the blowback that we see today and that we will be witness to in the near future. The United States is reaping what it has sowed. Its putrid actions are being returned in retaliatory reactions. Cause and effect has been and will continue to lead to untold levels of negative karma in the near future, putting at stake the very existence of an America we have all come to know.

The Israeli Connection

Its continued financial, political and military support for the state of Israel continues to exacerbate an already volatile situation. The travesty and injustice that is the ethnic cleansing, apartheid state, dehumanization and Nazi-like oppressive occupation of the Palestinian people is fanning the flames of hatred and vengeance as Muslims throughout the world see the severe crimes against humanity being perpetrated in Palestine. Yet the more the Muslim world burns the more wood America adds to the fire.

Married at the hip, with Israel wearing the pants thanks to its control of two branches of government inside the US, in essence dictating American foreign policy, the two nations are intertwined in a self-destructive waltz of convenience. America gives unconditional support to Israel’s Nazi-like oppression, backing to its indifference to world opinion, political cover to the many egregious evasions of international law and billions of dollars a year in welfare checks that usually go towards maintaining the fourth strongest military in the world and toward the construction of settlements, bypass roads and the massive apartheid wall splitting Palestine into South-Africa style Bantustans. Israel can thus do as it pleases, laughing at the world community as it fuels worldwide instability through its dehumanizing, Nazi-like treatment of occupied Arabs, all of which it considers sub-human. With the most powerful nation in your pockets, backing your every move, providing billions in welfare, the worries are minimal and the arrogance omnipotent.

To the Muslim world, and increasingly to the globe at large, America and Israel are now a two-headed beast wearing the same colors and espousing the same interests. Today, these two nations are the most reviled countries in the world, one becoming a pariah and rogue nation and the other an imperialist warmonger. It is this relationship, along with the occupation of Iraq that the American public most needs to fear. The support of Israel is causing irreparable damage to the interests of the United States, and should be of utmost worry to anyone with a minute knowledge of technology, human progress, human behavior and psychology, and a vision of the inevitable actions to come.

The Coming Boomerang

Eventually America will have created enough enemies that out of the thousands of new jihadis and hundreds of new Osamas a few intelligent, radical, organized and sophisticated ones will find the tools needed to unleash horrific blowback on the lands and cities of the mighty American Empire. It is inevitable that some of these new al-Qaeda inspired franchises will eventually unearth the ability to create and disseminate chemical and or biological agents inside the cities we call home. It is only a matter of time and, if America continues on its suicidal foreign policy, what it helps release will boomerang back onto its vast cities.

As modern man progresses with time, so does his knowledge and technological capability. As more intelligent and sophisticated insurgents join the ranks of an already swelling Muslim jihad against America, it is inevitable that those possessing vast knowledge of chemical, nuclear and biological agents will use their talents in order to fight the Great Satan. Well educated men and women who see the devastation of the Palestinians and the occupation, rape and pillage of Iraq will or already are joining the al-Qaeda cause. The injustices seen in the Middle East, many thanks to the US, are making technologically savvy individuals resentful, angry and hateful of what America stands for. It is, therefore, only a matter of time before this nation is attacked in a way never thought possible.

With one unknown strike, America will be brought to its knees, destroying a society and a form of governance we have known for so many years. Twenty lunatics, each carrying a vial of biological agent, each destined to release their contents in one American city will bring the entire nation to a most wicked end. The danger presented thanks to Bush’s blowback cannot be ignored. If a biological attack takes place, even if it is in five major cities, the way of life we have known will come to an abrupt end. Tens or hundreds of thousands will become infected and die, many more will suffer horrific disease and its aftereffects, and major cities will be quarantined. Vast numbers of people may be placed in camps against their own will, split up from their loved ones. Chaos and anarchy will arrive as the populace loses all semblance of rational thought and becomes the primitive animals embedded in all of us. Absolute mayhem can be expected, with food, water and basic supplies in short supply. An eerie paranoia will overcome Americans in every city, town and state as a feeling the world has come to an end will emerge. With the arrival of disease our government will cease to exist, replaced by military rule and martial law. The America of yesterday and today will be no more.

In a very real possibility, every American or immigrant of Muslim/Arab descent may be imprisoned in vast internment camps hidden far from cities. Millions may be taken from their homes in an attempt at protecting the homeland. Thousands may be attacked and murdered by vengeance-filled Americans. To be Arab and Muslim living in the United States when the next wave of attacks takes place is to risk a most ominous future filled with uncertainty and danger. In a world gone mad, with a citizenry no longer capable of rational thought, scapegoats will emerge and those innocent millions who happen to be associated with the evil that has taken place will soon find themselves living in a nation foaming at the mouth.

The next attack is an inevitability we need to take very seriously. It can neither be predicted nor stopped. A small vile of biological agent can kill thousands, but the effects of what it does to the populace and the nation are even greater. The question is not if, but when. It is a certainty that with Bush’s continued policies and warmongering ways, the end of America will come sooner rather than later. We must be realists and pragmatists. What the Bush administration has and continues to do is seal our fates through its self-destructive actions. The war on terror cannot stop twenty individuals from unleashing Hell on Earth onto our cities. It cannot possibly fight to prevent this from occurring. What it does do is make the blowback that much more inevitable. We cannot fight the adversary through military armies and guided missiles. They cannot be defeated nor stopped using war as a means. The only solution is looking in the mirror, understanding our failed foreign policy and its suicidal mechanisms, finally realizing that we are helping to seal our own fates and beginning an era of communication and dialogue with those whose grievances can destroy America and our way of life.

The above mentioned example of blowback is no paranoid delusion. It is reality, and it is fast approaching, speeding like a runaway freight train with every Arab death, invasion of their lands, dehumanization of their citizenry and subjugation of their people. The American people hold the key to their own future. We can demand change for our own good by altering the course this country takes, or we can re-elect Bush, granting him a greater mandate to continue the ignorant power trip he believes the Almighty has chosen him for. If we keep him in office, a strong message gets sent to the world that the American people support his war and death policies, his invasion and occupation of Iraq and the manner in which the United States runs over the entire globe. This message would be disastrous.

This November, we can send the rest of the world, and the Middle East in particular, a strong message that the American people do not agree with the failures of George W. Bush. We can send the message that what he has done is anathema to what America stands for and that the people do not give their backing to such immoral men or their malevolent actions. We can begin to cure the wounds that refuse to heal and the reputation that has been trashed. By voting Bush out of office we can send the message that the American people are not represented by the sinister actions of a small cabal of corrupt men and women. Our voice should be heard throughout the world, and a new course must we take before all that we have is lost and the memory of a once great nation erodes with the passing sands of time.

The future is now, and the wrong turn must we avoid. Because of George W. Bush America is in great danger. This will be his lasting legacy, his ultimate gift to the American people. For the future of this marvelous nation we must rise up and take the steering wheel before it guides us down a precipice of self-annihilation. The consequences of such failure will be hard to fathom and horrific to live in.