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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Making of the Enemy [Part Two]


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The Myth of the Superhuman Enemy

There is purpose behind having enemies, for their existence is the backbone of the corporatists. Indeed, there is a method behind their madness. Having enemies means having control both of fear and hatred of the people, as well as having control of the masses along with their animalistic emotions. Psychology can be manipulated at the push of a few buttons; an entire nation can be mobilized toward war in the time it takes two skyscrapers to be imploded. Nationalism and xenophobia make blind rational thought; ignorance makes deaf the sounds of wisdom.

The use of enemies distracts the minds of the people from their daily lives and chains truth to the dungeons of corporatists and neocons. The silhouette of the enemy helps supply the armies of invasion and occupation, it assists in mobilizing the nation’s economy into perpetual war readiness, and it distracts the people as their treasure is pillaged, just as it demands patience of the citizenry in the face of utter debacle.

The abstract illusion of the unseen enemy forces its disseminators and marketers to put a human face on clandestine evildoers. It is a technique used by the keepers at the gate to personify and insert a sense of reality to a war of fiction, thereby granting human flesh to illusion and cementing the idea of real struggle and real evil in the eyes of the masses. The appearance must be made to exist that the enemy is real, a human being whose evil ways must be stopped, regardless of the consequences.

Yet while the faces are real, the deeds and actions of the enemy’s masterminds are but the stuff of Hollywood legend, making of mere mortals demons of unnatural superhuman strength and ability, seemingly unable to be killed, leading their armies with the intelligence of gods and the leadership of generals. Present in multiple theatres of operation, these evildoers extraordinaire always evade capture, appearing to escape death and injury, as always inflicting damage upon our soldiers. Not even a $25 million bounty on their heads is of benefit to America’s soldiers and mercenaries.

The Osama’s and Zarqawi’s of the so-called war on terror are elevated by the propagandists and marketers to realms beyond mere mortality. It is as if these terrorists have had their fates decided by the scripts written by Hollywood writers, their abilities seemingly beyond comparison in the realm of human understanding. Yet their faces and names must be maintained and posterized, their reputation made to resound throughout America, for they are the symbols of the enemy we are fighting over there so we do not have to fight them over here. Their fictitious reputation, an illusion of psychological warfare against us, must be birthed sinister and wicked, deranged and psychotic, for the more dangerous the terrorist the greater the need to continue the war on terror.

With the abrupt disappearance of Osama the poster child of the enemy had to find new life. Thus the impenetrable Zarqawi was born, for his name and reputation impute Al-Qaeda directly into Iraq, allowing the corporatists to manipulate the war on terror, creating the impression that our soldiers are in Iraq because the enemy has made its nest there as well. The illusion of Zarqawi allows the government to claim that Iraq is infested with terrorists, that all attacks on our forces are directly attributed to Al-Qaeda. To the creators of reality the Iraqi resistance does not exist and native Iraqis are not fighting an insurrection against oppressive occupation of their lands.

Therefore the war in Iraq is marketed not as a battle of nationalistic freedom fighters combating oppressive occupiers, wanting American forces expelled, which it is, but rather as the convenient masquerade of pitting American forces against our enemy, jihadi terrorists belonging to Al-Qaeda (in truth, less than 6 percent of all arrests made by US forces are of foreigners, according to War Department research). The Iraqi homegrown resistance, along with the support of them by more than 80 percent of the population is never divulged to the masses, for this would fracture the smoking mirror that has sustained the Iraqi war chimera for three years.

The illusion that America is fighting terrorists, conveniently blamed for 9/11 so as to reenergize the emotions we suffered that horrific day, has helped sustain support for an illegal and immoral war based on lies. After all, we are fighting them there so we do not have to fight them here. In reality, the guerilla war being waged has the support of the vast majority of the Iraqi people whose lives have been spent in Hell on Earth thanks to America’s invasion and occupation.

Yet to the propagandists, we can never be seen as the evildoer or villain in this Hollywood production, which we are, murdering, oppressing, maiming, bombing, torturing, dehumanizing and utterly eviscerating an entire people and culture. And so, it is said we fight terrorists, not freedom fighters, we fight for freedom and democracy, not oil and geopolitical expediency, and we invaded to topple a dictator, even if tyranny is worse than before.

The day will soon come when the face and name of Zarqawi will stop having the desired effect on the American population, his brand having matured. When that time arrives, a new evildoer extraordinaire will rise to claim the throne of propaganda matrix for the corporatists in power, his arrival launched like a new product, ready, willing and able to unleash terror upon the lands of Earth, intent to destroy America, hating us for our freedoms and democracy.

Like Osama and Zarqawi before him, this new evil one will see his reputation grow exponentially, his words and deeds disseminated for our consumption, and manipulation. We will be made to fear him, demanding he be killed after every act of barbarity attributed to him. One hundred of his second and third in commands will be killed in combat, his lieutenants’ names grazing the news sound bites we are given, and he will have evaded imminent capture dozens of times.

He will orchestrate bombings and death and heinous acts of terror, his face posterized for the masses to see and memorize. For a few years he will be most useful to those committing psychological warfare on the people, becoming a treasure trove of propaganda and distraction, his reputation growing with each newscast by the corporate media. His name will be uttered repeatedly, bombarded into our conscious, becoming, thanks to the airplay granted him, evildoer, terrorist, America’s new enemy. The new poster child for perpetual war for perpetual profit will captivate the minds of millions, who will be told to be afraid of attacks against their city and children.

His fictitious legend will live in infamy, giving fresh oxygen to the war on terror, rejuvenating a weakened marketing campaign. The deeds and actions attributed to him will make the Establishment more powerful, granting it sustenance for the continued embezzlement of billions of dollars in taxpayer money. Our treasure will disappear, going straight into the coffers of corporatists and capitalists who will have instructions to assemble and build the instruments of death and destruction the military-industrial complex will need for the next fifty years. Our children will be sent to foreign lands under the pretext of killing him, dying and being maimed for lies upon lies. Never captured, never found, existing like a ghost in our midst, the mightiest army the world has ever known will fail to bring him to justice, for in his freedom the corporatists maintain the illusion, the psychological war upon us, their most profitable war on terror.

In a war of fantasy, without a nation to blame, a face must be given to mystery and ambiguity, enabling the masses to maintain their illusion of a fight against terror, doing battle with an enemy possessing Hollywood prowess, engaged in conflict against Arabs and Persians and Muslims whose only crime is having lived for millennia atop a resource both addictive and essential to maintaining standards of living unsustainable and excessive.

Psychological Warfare

The manufacture of the war on terror – along with the systematic branding of Arabs and Persians as America's enemy – has coincided perfectly with the race in a geopolitical chess match to see who can secure the remaining fields of the resource known as the devil’s excrement, the black blood needed to run the machines of mankind. Had the vast amounts of oil fields been in Latin America instead of in the Middle East and Central Asia the war on terror would be taking place in Brazil or Ecuador or Venezuela, and Hispanics would be today’s bogeymen. Instead, America finds herself having lied and deceived her own people, trying to find justifications to penetrate and control the remaining oil fields, unleashing psychological war on us the easier to manipulate the population and using terror as a pretext to invade and occupy a most important geopolitical and geostrategic prize, Iraq.

Subsequently, the occupation of Iraq has opened the door to the rest of the Middle East and has become a gateway to Central Asia and its vast quantities of oil. In its own right, Afghanistan, now in the hands of the Americans, has become a geopolitical prize of grand strategic importance, used for oil and gas pipelines and for the permanent military bases and the presence they provide needed to contain America’s next enemies, namely Iran, China and Russia. With Iraq and Afghanistan now for all practical purposes American colonies, its military firmly entrenched in permanent bases designed to protect and control the flow of oil, the high possibility exists of further intervention in Iran and/or Central Asia.

The war on terror, born on 9/11, has been the perfect instrument of control for the corporatists in power, its mechanisms allowing the preemptive invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq as well as the perfect excuse to retain a permanent stronghold in Afghanistan. Had the fierce Iraqi resistance not created the debacle now witnessed, trapping American forces in a tar pit of carnage, the charade that is the war on terror would have inevitably been expanded to invade Iran and Syria on the way to Central Asia.

Inside the hallways where neocon and corporatist vultures reside, the thinking was that 9/11 would be the new Pearl Harbor needed to mobilize the citizenry, by exploiting our fragile psychology, toward a perpetual war footing, that invading Afghanistan would be justified and very easy to take, that Iraq would be a cakewalk and that, in the wake of America’s blitzkrieg in the Middle East, the invasion of Iran and Syria would soon follow.

Thereafter, America would dictate terms to all remaining Middle East nations, controlling their leaders but most importantly, their oil fields, pipes, ports, waterways and infrastructure, deciding to sell oil from American and British markets, in dollars, not euros. From controlling the Middle East it would only be a matter of time before Central Asia offered herself to America, granting her terms, prices and barrels of oil favorable to her, deciding it safer to befriend the superpower rather than the Asian giants.

9/11 was the catalyst to the war on terror, the spring that gave sustenance to the imperialistic wet dreams of corporatists and neocons. It was a moment in time, though only affecting a few blocks of downtown New York City, that sent concussions of fear and hatred and immediate calls of anger and vengeance reverberating throughout the land, as if a nuclear bomb of psychological warfare had been unleashed into our atmosphere, transforming us into unthinking animals, our primate psychology and emotions set free, usurping our normal human intelligence.

At that point, after seeing the televised images of the horror and evil spawned that day, its recording repeated continuously without end, with angle after angle of carnage and death shown us, with the immediate propaganda of journalist buffoons penetrating our pores, with stenographers for power injecting us with their venom, we mutated into an army of robots, unwilling to listen to reason, unwise to the lessons of humanity, failing to control our raw emotions, becoming, in the end, a united herd of sheep that was easily corralled into following and obeying the dictates of the corporatists.

We became, with our jingoism, nationalism, patriotism and Nazi-like militarization of the nation a people on the verge of mass psychosis, ready to bomb and murder entire nations, ready to lose all sense of morality in order to attain the vengeance our mammalian brains sought.

Upon the destruction of the Twin Towers we succumbed to our masters’ wishes, allowing ourselves to be molded like fresh clay, becoming exactly what the Establishment wanted us to become. The hatred we felt was manipulated and directed, our attention made to focus on the dark skins and alien religion of the Middle East. Our fear was exploited, our fragile psychology abused, steered toward war against Arabs and Persians and Muslims, for clandestine reasons we did not wish to know or understand.

For control of oil and continued expansion of the economy psychological war was declared on 300 million Americans, the mechanisms of corporatism acting in unison to make of us a marching army of unthinking drones, willing to give up our rights and freedoms, willing to sacrifice our sons, daughters and treasure for the vengeance we felt and the thirst for blood we craved. We came under the myopic control of power, distracted from the war against us. Our animal instincts had taken over us; our human intellect vanished inside the clouds of 9/11, only returning a few years later to claim its rightful place alongside reason and logic. Such is the power of psychological war upon a population and such is the level of human wickedness by corporatists and neocons alike.

In the end, we allowed corporatism to fast forward in time, firmly cementing its claws into our land, slowly rising in stature, growing in power, its instruments becoming ingrained into society, our rights and freedoms slowly eroding. Its rise to prominence now seems inevitable, this stage of American capitalism feeds and sustains it, our acquiescence and apathy helps it grow. With another attack, real or created, America will usher in the era of the police state. Perhaps this has been the plan the overlords of Earth have had all along.

Into Orwellian times have we descended, and, after the corporatists no longer find usefulness to the Arab/Persian terrorist as enemy, a new one will be created, just in time to fit into the grand plans and goals of those in power, molded to entertain and distract us yet again, rising from the Far East to manipulate and control us.

Perpetual Enemy, Perpetual Control

Marketed to exploit our fears and hatreds, manufactured to mobilize our talents towards wickedness, the new enemy will evolve from the carcass of all those that have come before, rising from its cocoon, metamorphosis enabling it to acquire a different appearance, ready to terrorize and frighten us into obedience. It will once again work like magic, capturing our minds, manipulating our psychologies, pushing society in the direction the corporatists want us to follow. Those in power will make barbarians of an entire people, creating subhuman creatures wanting to destroy us for our freedom and democracy.

America’s new enemy will work like a charm, for it always does, always ready to push the interests of the few, willing to demonize the innocent and enrapture the ignorant.

Yes, a new enemy can be seen in the horizon. In a few years time the rivalry with China will grow and intensify, for this world cannot sustain both America and a nation of 1.4 billion people whose economy will surpass our own in a decade or two. A new Cold War will ensue, new enemies will be delineated, and new forms of conditioning will evolve. Two peoples will be taught to hate each other, brainwashed to see the other as evildoer extraordinaire, for the race to the last vestiges of natural resources has begun as the world runs out of water, oil and space.

Like the Soviet and Arab/Persian Muslim terrorist before him, the Chinese enemy will be deviously marketed, his exploits and evil deeds will be told and retold, his hatred of our way of life made to be everlasting. Our minds will be programmed to believe not reality but what the corporatists want reality to be. We will be manipulated to seek victory against the Red menace of China, told to sacrifice blood, sweat, and tears for the cause, for the salvation of America, and that of the corporatists. We will be forced to toil in the sweatshops and assembly lines of the military-energy industrial complex, our corporatist government engorging itself through conquest of land and resources, our wages given to the corporations that own us.

In time the Arab/Persian Muslim terrorist as enemy of America will vanish from our conscious, perhaps once again becoming the freedom fighter he has usually been marketed as, coming full circle in the minds of Americans. Perhaps he will join us in the new Cold War, ready to fight with us against the Chinese, becoming our friend and our ally. For China waits in the wings, growing by leaps and bounds, an ancient civilization wise and patient, a growing behemoth whose drums we now hear, methodically letting her future rival hemorrhage itself to death, letting America defeat itself.

In time we will once again be allowed to see the beauty and grandeur of Arab and Persian cultures, from Morocco to Iraq to Iran, free to explore lands both alien and mesmerizing, with architecture and fashion and decoration and design and music and ideas and ways of thinking as alien as they are appealing. Perhaps we will incorporate some of their culture into our own, for that which has never been seen by human eyes becomes beautiful, soon thereafter coveted and imitated. With the passage of time we will be able to learn from our Arab and Persian friends, for theirs is an old civilization, in many ways different than ours, yet in many ways similar as well, offering, like any culture, both good and bad traits.

In time we will see that the charade we have been living in since mid-2001 has degraded us as a culture, making us torturers and invaders and occupiers and murderers and pillager of human rights, in the process destroying history and culture and ancient civilizations. We will see that America is crumbling under the weight of its hypocrisy and its immorality, her foundations severely damaged by her crimes both against the planet and humanity. Perhaps we will even see the error of our ways, the madness we have allowed to enter our conscious and the destruction we allowed our power and wealth to unleash on innocent human beings.

But just as we are ready to forgive ourselves for what we have allowed to be done in our name and as we seek closure by asking for forgiveness from the world and the Iraqi people in particular a new enemy will be created to distract us away from the anger we now feel for being lied, deceived and manipulated. As the fear, hatred, nationalism and xenophobia engendered by 9/11 evaporates thanks to the passage of time and the escape from psychosis a new adaptation of psychological warfare will be thrust upon us, used to damage our minds and control our lives.

Just as we are finally ready to seek the justice denied us, ready to confront the real enemy among us, new terror will be unleashed to quiet us. New 9/11s, perhaps more destructive and deadly, will usher in an era of the coming American police state, granted to the corporatists by our own willful yet manipulated emotions. Just as we begin to ask questions and seek the accountability that has so far alluded us a new threat will be born, a new attack inside one of our cities will take place, conveniently captured by television, disseminated widely by a corporate media eager to recreate the cycle of propaganda seen on 9/11. Its inevitability is a foregone conclusion.

Once again we will fall for the same trap, becoming the pawns of corporatists, the army of “good Germans.” Terror new and real will arrive on our shores just in time to once again take possession of our minds, making us, yet again, unthinking animals sustained by raw emotion and instinct, becoming the sheep easily corralled, led and controlled by our masters. We will mobilize once more, marching to the trumpets of war and violence, becoming the instrument the corporatists need to further their goals.

An enemy will be chosen, his lands will be targeted, those that look like him will be bombed and all the while, sitting idly on our couches, languishing away our lives next to the television, we will be told what to think and believe, our animal brains commandeering our rational minds. We will be told that we are to fear, even though there is nothing to fear. We will be told we should hate, even though there is nothing to hate. We will be told our security is in peril, even though we are very secure. We will be told that reality is what we see on the monitor, not what our daily lives make it out to be.

We will be told to follow the orders of corporatist leaders, to place undying loyalty and trust in them and that, even though it seems they are pilfering our treasure and sending our children to certain death and destroying our reputation and bringing shame upon our land and leading us into incompetent debacle after debacle, we are never to question, never to protest, never to dissent, yet forever to become the ignorant drone that unbuckles his belt, bends over to the dictates of power and allows for the raping of his mind and the sodomy of his existence.

With the minds of tens of millions lined up, their ability to think independently erased from memory, ready, willing and able to sacrifice children, treasure and morality to professional puppeteers, becoming slaves to the system, the games of geopolitical and geostrategic chess can continue and the power of our corporatist masters can expand.

The name of the game is control, of our society, culture, lives and futures. The game of control is played for world domination, of its resources, peoples and lands, like a grand chess contest dictated by the sacrifice of pawns and the movement of kings. To the overlords of Earth, humanity is but a herd needing to be dominated and controlled; our lives and fates decided by the realities created and decisions made of those players who hold the reigns of ultimate power. It is the story of humankind, of a corrosive pyramid of hierarchy, of a system of castes, of the fortunate and the doomed, of a mechanism of perpetual control.

Civilization has not changed for millennia, it remains its predictable self, with the few at the top as always aggrandized by their control over the masses, and the masses forever easily led and maneuvered, electing to remain captives to what has always been, afraid to confront what could become. The making of the enemy is but one more form of control over us, for those whose power, control and wealth grows exponentially thanks to the making and marketing of enemies would not have it any other way.

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