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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Washington Pinocchios and the Lifting of the Veil

In Washington, noses continue to grow, minds continue to be devoid of intelligence and hearts have yet to be found. Such is the calamity that is the group of liars who comprise the Bush administration, nothing more than an amalgam of unscrupulous beings molded out of the same bed of clay. This clay has yielded us men and women of similar proclivity towards malfeasance who are leading us into bottomless sewers of ignoble and hazardous waste. They have for three years caused us to drown in fear-infested cesspools of toxic insecurity, causing our emotions and lives to be controlled as they succumb to the Bush administration’s incessant fear mongering manipulation. As such, for three years they have been allowed to do as they please, causing nothing but trouble to our beleaguered nation. They are called the Washington Pinocchios.

This group has unleashed a Reign of Error and Terror on America and the world. The Pinocchios have made us less safe, not more. They have exacerbated terror, not alleviated it. They will leave Washington with the world having become a worse place than when they first took office. Many should be tried at The Hague for the atrocities and misery they have helped create. Crony capitalism and debauched democracy runs through their veins. Warmongering and profiteering, subjugating and exploiting, murdering and destroying are ingrained principles they espouse. Flag-draped traitors and unpatriotic exploiters of calamity they have become, silencing protest, discourse and dissent with the power of semantic words of national threat. String-laced puppets with no heart or mind, Washington Pinocchios lack empathy and humanity as they condemn tens of thousands to premature death. A miserable failure cannot begin to describe what their incompetent energies have accomplished.

Yet their days are numbered, for karma is knocking on their White House door. The veil that has shackled us for three years is beginning to lift. Truths are beginning to emerge. Fictions and their creators suddenly find themselves nervously uneasy for the winds of change are breezing through their bodies. Universal principles of fairness, truth, justice and morality have fused together, joining hands with billions of human energies to make right what has been made wrong. The positive energy of right is meticulously yet slowly swallowing up the negative energy of wrong. The momentum is in the air and it can be felt with the rebirth of life in these warm days of Spring.

A certain pattern has begun to emerge, now more apparent than ever, that the world was lied to and steered into an unjust, immoral and illegal war that has endangered rather than protected us. From Britain to Spain and Italy to Australia internal investigations and inquiries have revealed the level of deceit and manipulation that led the so-called “coalition of the willing” towards illegal war even with 80-90 percent of the population of these states opposed. The leaders of these nations have come under intense pressure thanks to their blind support for Bush’s war. The same conclusions now being reached in America have been known in these other nations for months. The lies and illegalities have become apparent; the deceptions found to have been systemic and worldwide.

Now, with Joseph Wilson, Paul O’Neill and Richard Clarke’s revelations, not to mention those by Pentagon insider Karen Kwiatkowski, the pattern continues its troubling path towards shedding yet more snake skin in the pursuit of the truth. Finally emerging from shut closets the Washington Pinocchios would rather have us leave unopened are collaborated truths, coming from reputable and honorable men and women, both of Republican and Democrat inclinations, that are beginning to show the level of manipulation and dishonesty prevalent in the Bush administration. One assertion only validates the others, and the pattern emerging is hard not to see.

We can now see how 9/11 was cynically used politically to augment power and consolidate control. 9/11 was the springboard for a pre-planned invasion of Iraq, fostered during the first days Bush was in office by the warmongers slithering out of ominous offices in Washington intent on toppling Saddam, fighting Israel’s wars and enemies by proxy and launching the next wave of empire building and geopolitical and strategic endeavors. September 11 was the perfect opportunity for pillage, profiteering, power, control and destruction. The biggest profiteers of 9/11 have been the Washington Pinocchios. Since then they have begun to mold the world according to their master plans.

The search for WMD was but the first excuse in allowing over 560 American men and women, over 100 coalition troops and over 10,000 Iraqi civilians to perish for the aspirations of the warmongering and profiteering clan of fanatical deviants. When it became apparent that their first lie would surface, the altruistic excuse of freeing Iraq from the “evil” grip of Saddam and bringing democracy to the country suddenly emerged. Washington Pinocchios, living their delusion of self-centered imbecility, never imagined the invasion of Iraq would turn into a quagmire and a disaster. They never thought their insatiable drive to death and destruction would come back to haunt them. Arrogance and ignorance, however, are the ultimate Weapons of Self-Destruction.

Washington Pinocchios, having built a monument to ineptitude and malfeasance over the last three years, have now turned to a coalescent attempt at self-implosion through their continued smear-mongering of anyone brave and willing enough to speak out against the Bush policy of ever-growing follies and gaffes. Suddenly the hunter has become the hunted, trapped in the unmistakable corner of truths arising mightily out of the horizon. The Washington Pinocchios are melting, slowly but surely, as the powerfully scorching rays of fact envelope their withering bodies.

Contradictions abound, sweating inconsistencies of nervousness are everywhere. Tripping over their own incessant firewalls of lying and deception, the Washington Pinocchios are stumbling over themselves to discredit the growing list of government whistleblowers whose truths are eroding the fictions of the fabled “war president” and his merry bunch of “brave, noble and chivalrous” administration members. Cheney, Condi, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Powell and the rest of the minions of vultures have left their bone-filled, rotting-flesh infested nests, scattering throughout the airwaves in a self-defeating attempt at salvaging the dwindling credibility and integrity they espoused but never possessed. In their futile attempts at damage control their lies and deceptions are being acknowledged.

Their riled dispersement and subsequent attack has become a vicious cycle that is only impregnating into our minds the fallacy of their arguments. For if there was nothing to hide, nothing to fear and nothing to stonewall their attempts at smearing would not be so necessary. Their attempts at shifting the importance of the truths coming out to a discourse on the whistleblower himself by the never-ending spin and lies have betrayed their intentions. Their continued use of lie upon lie in order to prevent the truth from emerging can only be seen as them fighting for survival by any means necessary. They hope to confuse the population into indecision, into questioning revelations and ignoring realities. It is the hallmark of the Washington Pinocchios to destroy the truth and anyone espousing it.

Yet their blitzkrieg in the media is only serving to tighten the noose around their collective jugular. By continuing to lie, smear, attack, stumble, contradict and defend themselves they are assuring that the issue will not disappear, that the public’s attention will only spike upwards and that their fraud will continue to linger and be made known. Those who have nothing to hide or fear from the dissemination of information do not resort to smear-mongering or vindictive reprisals. Those filling the shoes of soldiers of integrity, honesty and honor do not resort to ruining lives and decimating reputations. Instead of defending their policies the vultures defend their evils. Instead of showing us their integrity they show us their malfeasance. The true colors of the Washington Pinocchios have begun to emerge.

Make no mistake, the virulent Bush administration finds itself encaged, and, like a rabid animal foaming at the mouth, sees its continued existence in peril at the sight of the growing assembly-line of government officials with so much concern for the future of the nation and the direction Bush has us headed in that they are willing to sacrifice reputations, jobs and futures in order to tell their stories. When people from Bush’s own party begin to emerge with accusations and criticisms we can be assured that certain facts ring true and possess an element of reality.

The shadows of the World Trade Center have subsided; the fog of 9/11 clouding our mind has dwindled. Our eyes have been made to see the light. The invincibility and integrity of Bush has been seen for the made-for-television mirage that it always was. The public relations images concocted by the spin-machine spawned from the bowels of Karl Rove of Bush as an FDR-like leader possessing Churchill-like bravery and Kennedyesque wisdom has been revealed for the absurdity that it is. Actions speak louder than words and Bush has, through the sheer limitations of his being, managed to implode America from within and endanger our country from outside.

The fallacy of Bush as a “great leader in times of change” and a “steadfast war president,” the only perceived strength he has to run on in November, has been discovered to be the con that it is. Yet it is the only con left, and so the Washington Pinocchios must dig in their claws and preserve the lies still believed by a large segment of the citizenry. It is the reason they are out in full force in an attempt to smear the Wilson’s, O’Neill’s and Clarke’s of the world.

9/11 granted Bush and the crooks and cronies who comprise his administration free reign to do as they pleased. Since the tragedy that befell America, Bush has squandered the nation’s treasure, its world reputation and the fabric of its society. His Reign of Error has resulted in the Global Corporate Empire’s omnipotence and in the unleashing of perpetual war for perpetual profit. During this time, America’s citizens were intimidated into subservience and conditioned into silence. Without critics or dissenters the Washington Pinocchios released the hounds of war and the vultures of despicable callousness onto our consciousness, igniting flames of lies, deceit, manipulation and deception from which to energize their preordained unmoral agenda.

However, three years removed from the fear and the insecurity of the horrors of 9/11 has allowed more and more citizens to come out of hiding, to break free from the grip of the smoke-infested mirrors that have held us hostage since 9/11. The blind can now see, the deaf can now hear and we can all now touch the reality upon which we have been forced to live and endure. A new conscious is arising to challenge the politics of fear that have inundated us into subjugation. America is on the verge of waking from the terrible nightmare implanted into its dream-like state that has allowed a few warmongering and profiteering zealots captured by the demons of greed to smash the foundations upon which America stands on.

No longer hypnotized by the terror of 9/11 we are waking back to the months before the tragedy when we could see the coming storm the Washington Pinocchios were forming. During that time, Bush’s unpopularity was soaring, criticism of his policies was prevalent and an inherent understanding existed that the appointed son of royalty was beginning to undermine the pillars of civilization and world fraternity. Strong dissent existed, truths were self evident and clouds of fiction easily dispersed.

The reality of Bush and his cronies was all too evident in the months after his anointment by the Supreme Court. Anger and resentment were prevalent, mandates to lead and impose ideology were but infinitesimal specks of dust tucked away in Bush’s coattails and a realization was beginning to emerge, even then, that the new administration was dividing and polarizing us while alienating America from the rest of the brotherhood of nations. Even then the signs were apparent that Bush would slowly lead us to ruination. 9/11 soon unleashed the massive tidal wave of dust, asbestos and a disintegrated World Trade Center throughout the nation, however, blinding and clouding our minds for the next three years. Only now is the cloud of death disappearing.

Fear of our government and the Bush administration is subsiding as we sojourn through time and distance and into realms of confronting what has been done to us by a fanatical group of zealots and the consequences of what has been done to countless others in our name. The fear of being labeled a “terrorist” or marginalized as “unpatriotic” has given way to bravery in the face of adversity and audacity in the face of personal destruction. We are now realizing that it is those who dissent, seek truths, criticize and challenge those in authority who are the real Patriots, not those hiding behind the flag and corridors of power. It is those who sacrifice reputations and employment, voluntarily give up anonymity and privacy and challenge danger and castigation that are true Patriots to the nation. Those who lie and deceive for personal gain are but treasonous excuses for the concentration camp in Guantanamo.

Those who are the backbone of the US government, thousands of decent and honorable citizens who are life-long civil employees in Washington, are beginning to take back the reigns of government away from the unscrupulous cluster of hemorrhaging cancers that have infected the world with their disease. They are fighting back against the evils of the Bush administration that has only served to smear what they have worked so hard to achieve.

Joseph Wilson, Paul O’Neill, Richard Clarke and others have launched the first wave. They will not be the last to come out of the closet of intimidation and acquiescence in order to finally confront the anomaly that has wrought so much damage to our shores and the world. The ones who have come before have only opened the door of inspiration to those who will soon follow. I am sure Clarke is but the ripple to an oncoming onslaught of even greater truths that will soon emerge from the mouths of those seeking to restore a semblance of balance by outsourcing Bush back to Crawford, Texas.

The Bush administration has created a plethora of enemies within the US government. They have walked through and over many civil servants with lifelong employment in government. From the intelligence community which has taken a full frontal assault by the Washington Pinocchios to the people at the Justice Department whose voices have been muted, from the EPA and its many suppressed findings and reports to the many Departments whose work has been devastated thanks to lunatic dogma, quakes of discontent are sending tremors through Washington as realizations begin to emerge that BushCo must be purged from government. Whether Democrats or Republicans, progressives or conservatives, an awakening to the dangers of BushCo is mobilizing unseen forces of anonymous action. The people are taking back their government.

After three years of the Reign of Error the world can finally take pleasure in watching as the people who have unleashed parallel dimensions of tribulation onto our world squirm in uncomfortable agony as their lies and crookedness are unmasked in the great ballroom dance of karma restoring order and balance to a world robbed of both. The beginning of the end of the plague called the Bush administration is upon us as the winds of change swirl out of the chains of bondage and traverse freely to reclaim the universal will of human civilization.

There is no longer any doubt that BushCo has demonized this country and this world, making us all victims of fear and insecurity. Our negative energies have galvanized the crooks and the corrupt to impose their vision of the world onto us. They have used fear to quiet, intimidate and suppress us. They have conditioned us to hide behind our insecurities. We have been programmed to cower and think of evil at the words “terrorism” and “terrorist.” Through our passivity they have undone progress and exacerbated violence. Unjust wars, illegal and criminal, have been committed in our name. Crimes against humanity are being carried out as we speak. Fear has engendered power, control and carte blanche authority without accountability, and we wonder why BushCo destroys, slanders, smears and attacks those whose knowledge of the truth has the capability to awaken us all to realities that might prevent us from once more making a terrible mistake.

In the long and harrowing three-year national nightmare we presently find ourselves trapped in a filthy brand of governance has emerged, entrenching itself deep into our society with its claws of violence and destruction. It is a government devoid of honor or integrity, living, breathing and spewing lies and deceits, exploiting fear and insecurity to achieve its goals and manipulating an entire nation suffering through its post 9/11 insecurity and slumber into blindly following its evil dictates.

Yet a new sunrise is upon us, blinding in its power and illuminating us forward past the dark abyss of mismanagement and devastating ignorance. Fear of the Washington Pinocchios is subsiding and with this we are witnessing the rising bravery of truth once more casting its mighty shadow, trumping the corrupt distortions of those who claim to lead with the purest of intentions.

Truth is rising in the east just as the Bush administration is setting in the west. All the while, America is once more regaining what it lost in November 2000 and September 2001, which can only mean terrible news for Bush and his band of miscreants who had hoped the awakening would not take place until after November 2004. The veil is lifting over our eyes and minds, the Washington Pinocchios are trembling in fright, and soon this parallel dimension we have been living in will soon pass us by like the bad pestilence that it is.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

A Malignant Tumor Onto the World: Israel and Its Self-Defeating Actions

Anti-occupation, anti-apartheid and anti-dehumanization is not anti-Semitism nor anti-Israel. Pro-peace, pro-human rights and pro-freedom is not pro-Palestinian. The power of freedom is pointing out when it is being denied. The search for justice and equality comes not from hiding from fear of criticism but rather from taking the road less traveled up the mountain of truth.
--- Manuel Valenzuela

What were Sharon and the Israeli government thinking when they decided to decapitate Hamas through the assassination of its founder, Sheik Ahmed Yassin? If the state sponsored murder of Yassin was not so recklessly self-defeating one might be inclined to think that Sharon is on a mission to implode the state of Israel. The evaporation of a wheelchair-laden Yassin through American Apache helicopter missiles underscores the vicious cycle the state of Israel has thrust upon itself for years on end. Its ceaseless terror-inducing actions on an occupied and resisting people continue to haunt it and its own citizens; its continued oppression, violence and dehumanization on the indigenous people of Palestine inevitably always boomerangs back, yet Israel does not relent, nor understands, nor seems to care about the consequences of its actions.

As if addicted to perpetual death, fear and violence, the state of Israel continues to escalate a war it cannot win, an occupation it cannot escape and a state of siege it does not fully care to understand. Israel has through the years only increased its oppression of a population it cannot erase, no matter how hard it tries to cleanse the Holy Land of its native inhabitants. It continues to masochistically seek the principle of kill and be killed, of cause and effect and action and reaction, making one wonder if suffering and hardship are necessary ingredients for life in the Middle East. For decades Israel has tried everything to no avail, collective punishment, virtual imprisonment, economic genocide, killing, maiming, oppressing, occupying, cleansing and dehumanizing. Does it not see that her continued actions are leading not to the “promised land” but rather straight to hell on Earth and that life is only getting harder and much less safe?

The trouble in the Middle East stems from the fact that a European people with no continuity with the land arrived and colonized a native population that did. Today, this colonization has morphed into outright apartheid and dehumanization. The state of Israel, it must be understood, was born in sin. It was created in large part thanks to the ethnic cleansing and dispossession of a native people who today are trapped in large concentration camps of suffering and utter decay, living encaged in the last vestiges of their original land. Israel’s birth coincided with the spawning of serious crimes against humanity that have through time only been exacerbated, continuing to this day with ever more barbaric levels of suppression, persecution and subjugation.

Israel was a dream of European Zionists who colonized the native Palestinian people (thanks to the British) who had contiguously occupied the land for millennia. These Zionists arrived and proceeded to open the floodgates of European Jewish immigration onto Palestine. Hundreds of thousands arrived while hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced out, oftentimes with a barrel of a gun pointed their way. Immigrants took possession of those lands and buildings left behind by the indigenous population.

Arab-Israeli wars that followed drove still more natives out of their lands and lives, pushing them further away from their historical homes. Large sections and populations of Jordan, Syria, the West Bank and Gaza are today but vast refugee camps for those who were ethnically cleansed from their livelihoods in order to appease the Zionist dream of a Jewish state in the so-called “promised land.”

Those who would deny this reality should be categorized along with Holocaust non-believers and those revisionists of history who would have the world believe otherwise. The reality of the formation of Israel has been tried to be made to disappear into the dustbins of forgotten history for the truth of how the “promised land” was acquired would no doubt send waves of disgust into those who today believe in the perceived nobility and blessings of the creation of Israel and the humanity and enlightenment of modern man. Indeed, to study the history of the formation of Israel is to undertake a study into colonization, occupation, oppression, apartheid and the worst in the human condition.

The latest act in the violent and horrendous tragedy that is the cycle of revenge and death in the Middle East will only assure that the Arab world, as well as the globe at large, continues its exponentially-increasing animosity and resentment toward Israel and the Zionists who seem not to care about the growing tremors of negative energy seemingly emanating from all corners of the globe.

From Europe to Africa and Latin America to Asia, millions of human beings not privy to American corporate media whitewashing and manipulation are fully aware of the crimes against humanity emanating from the government of Ariel Sharon. What Americans are made ignorant to thanks to a Zionist-friendly corporate media the rest of the world sees as an outright travesty, akin to the worst devastation of a people committed by an oppressor state. That the vast majority of American citizens have been made completely ignorant to such a monstrosity taking place in modern times speaks volumes of the level of control and power the corporate media maintains over the population. Fortunately, the rest of the world does not have a fog-filled smoking mirror from which to gaze at reality.

This helps explain the growing wave of anti-Semitism throughout the planet which seems to only be on the rise. It is actions such as the killing of Sheik Yassin and the horrific treatment of millions of Palestinians that is giving birth to a resurgent anger against the Israeli and by consequence Jewish people who, justifiably or not, rightfully or wrongly, are imputed to the actions of the Israeli government by a world increasingly resentful at the barbaric treatment of an occupied and oppressed people. With every continued massacre, American missile killing and maiming, bullet penetrating the backs of children, demolition of houses and crops and further act of collective punishment anti-Semitism will only increase worldwide.

Soon, the day will come when the hatred is so strong, when the animosity and resentfulness is so powerful that Israel will become more than the pariah it is steadily becoming. The wrath of the world will envelope Israel and the ramifications will be disastrous to both Israelis and Jews alike. It might become the ultimate rogue state, banished from the fraternity of nations.

Whether we like it or not, the reality is that in this world Israel’s actions are imputed onto the over 13 million Jews who inhabit this world, and it will be them who suffer as a result of the decisions of Sharon and the Israeli government. The consequences of continued occupation and decimation will devastate the millions of good, peace-loving and innocent Jews around the world. The cauldron of hatred being spawned as a direct result of what Israel is doing in Palestine will reverberate vociferously, growing to levels not seen in sixty years, condemning another generation of Jews whose innocence is being despoiled by Sharon and the zealous Zionists who care not what ramifications their actions spring forth.

Sheik Yassin’s death at the hands of Sharon has opened a new Pandora’s Box for the region and the world. A troubled region has been made even more volatile and unstable, becoming an explosive cocktail of death, hatred, revenge and fervor that might spread worldwide. Seething anger has transformed itself into malevolent calls for revenge and bloodshed, and soon a sea of red will litter the streets of the Holy Land. Fear of what will surely come has once more permeated Israeli and Palestinian energies. Both societies are bracing for the actions and reactions, for the eye for an eye that will surely follow and the unrelenting malevolence that the Holy Land has become.

Terror in backpacks will continue to be the only damaging weapon the oppressed people can use. It is the ultimate smart bomb, powerful explosives strapped onto the bodies of young people who are in such dire straits of hopelessness and hatred that they are ready to explode themselves next to Israelis. When rocks, anger and seething hatred do not work the desperate resort to desperation and the suicide bomber is born. Combined with misery and hopelessness, it traverses into Israeli cities and sends screams and inhuman emotions rocketing through Israeli society once more. The suicide bomber, the poor man’s guided missile, will once more be sent to blast and kill Israelis who by their submissive acquiescence of Sharon’s terror campaign allow for the carnage to continue.

Terror in the skies will continue to rain down on Palestinian cities and towns, thanks to American Apache helicopters pummeling the West Bank and Gaza with their hellish missiles of death and destruction. On the ground, Abrams tanks will encircle towns and cities, destroying everything in their path. IDF forces will shoot indiscriminately, killing women, children and babies with the same zeal they possess for the death of a Hamas member. Enveloped in razor-sharp wire or fences, Palestinians will be under curfew, a simple term meaning imprisonment. Collective punishment will continue, lands will be confiscated and the sloth-like ethnic cleansing of an entire race of people will live on.

The right-wing Likud government has systematically provoked the wrath of Palestinians through its harsh collective punishment, its continued dehumanization and the incessant unleashing of terror through American Apache helicopters and Abrams tanks. Likud has survived by fostering the current cycle of violence that has attached itself to the fears of Israeli citizens. In essence, it has maintained power through the continued shedding of blood, both Jewish and Muslim. It is therefore in its best interest to maintain the status quo, using Israelis and their fears to hold its grip on power. Israel’s citizens are being used, becoming pawns in the game of power, in essence easily disposable bodies possessing the blood and flesh necessary for the cameras to record and disseminate the carnage and the fear necessary to control the population. Through fear Likud thrives and survives; through the maiming of body parts and splashing of blood Sharon maintains his hegemony over the Israeli people.

The world is tired that the greatest threat to world peace and stability comes from a minute part of the world involving a few million people (out of a world population of over 6 billion). We are tired that so much of our security is determined by those entities fighting for a land promised by ancient myths and fables, by primitive peoples with archaic outlooks seeking antiquated solutions in bygone times. The world is tired of the continued shedding of human blood for cynical purposes that is sending the entire globe perilously close to world war. It is hard to believe that one area, no bigger than a small American state, is the cause so much trouble and anxiety and that in a simmering second can help engulf the world in flames.

The greatest threat to world peace is the continued occupation of Palestinian land and the criminal oppression of the Palestinian people. The world is tired of the inequality, the unfairness, the injustice, the dehumanization, the apartheid and the crimes against humanity being committed in the Middle East. It is tired of an oppressor categorically treating like caged animals a race of humanity whose only crime was continuously living in land deemed Holy by Zionists.

The world is tired of the one-sided fiction that comes out of Israel that distorts the reality of what is occurring and makes terrorists of an oppressed people resisting occupation. We are sick and tired of government leaders doing nothing but plucking their anal whiskers while millions of people are rotting away their existence in a cesspool of misery and hopelessness, trapped in cages of squalor, deprived of opportunity and at living a life worthy of a human being.

What is happening in Palestine affects us all, whether we like it or not. The ramifications of not heeding the warning signs emanating from the region will endanger all corners of the globe. The assassination of Sheik Yassin will no doubt unleash a wave of violence that will reverberate throughout the globe. Already warnings are being sent that the US will be a target. There is no reason to doubt this claim as America is increasingly responsible for the violence in the region.

Sharon does not sit on the porcelain god contemplating his next murder without the consent of George W. Bush in Washington. Whatever flatulent winds of decrepit uneasiness arise from the Sharon toilet are always smelled in the White House. It is, therefore, highly unlikely the Bush administration did not give its thumbs up to the killing of Sheik Yassin. Hamas knows this, as do many in the growing list of Al-Qaeda inspired groups sprouting throughout the globe thanks to Bush’s false foray into Iraq. With the growth of anti-Americanism reaching troubling proportions worldwide and when the same level of hatred is now espoused for America as for Israel we can be assured America’s role in the Sharon action will not go unpunished. We have all been made less safe as a result.

A new front of hatred has opened up, a new enemy declared. America is now in the crosshairs of yet other militant groups. Bush’s support for Sharon and Israel has placed targets on our backs. The war on terror is turning into the war of error. American support for the barbaric treatment by Israel of the Palestinians has set free mechanisms of animosity and resentment against the US. Its citizens have as a result been imputed with the same zeal of hatred as is found for Israelis and George W. Bush. Today, America and Israel are seen as one and the same, the Great Satan and its Zionist puppeteer. The same adverse feelings are now felt for us as for Israelis and Zionists, and this is very troubling.

Sharon’s assassination of the head of Hamas now leaves open the murder of any leader and/or his minions anywhere in the world. State-sponsored murder is against international law, but, like all else it decides to do concerning the Palestinians, Israel flaunts its arrogance to the world, blatantly and with American support and protection breaking and failing to comply with international law while paying no attention to the cries of an outraged world.

Terrorism, whether Palestinian or Israeli, should not be defined by the crudeness of weapons or the poverty of the oppressed. It should not be allowed through legitimacy of government, acquiescence by America or pressure from lobbying groups. Terrorism is terrorism, be it through suicide bombers or Apache helicopter missiles. The latter is the terror of the rich while the former is that of the poor. To accede to one while condemning the other is to anoint Israel while castigating Palestinians. It is to support the terrorism of the oppressors while condemning the resistance of the oppressed.

War exists between Palestinians and Israelis, just as it has since Zionists first arrived in Palestine. One party receives tens of billions of dollars in financial and military assistance from the US, not to mention political protection for its actions; the other must resort to rocks, Molotov cocktails and suicide bombers. Resistance to occupation will not stop with the death of Sheik Yassin nor with ethnic cleansing of a people. History teaches us that the occupied will fight to the death for their land and dignity, for their livelihood and homes. History, from ancient to modern, seems not to register in the Likud government.

As long as two peoples hate each other, inflicting terrible suffering, death and destruction onto one another and existing in a virtual state of war there will be no peace. One group came and took what did not belong to them; the other is fighting for its existence and survival. Armageddon to the region might yet arrive like a thunderous and powerful storm destroying everything in its path if the same elements continue decimating themselves much longer.

As long as Israel keeps upsetting the karmic forces of the universe the possibility exists that someday soon it will find itself not dealing with a suicide bomber but rather a suicide bomber carrying a nuclear suitcase or backpack. If the state of Israel continues on its self-destructive path this growing reality will become a self-serving inevitability. The futility of “separation barriers” and “security fences” will thus come to light.

Walls of protection and defense are better left to the days of the Old Testament, not in modern times of missiles and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear proclivity. Resistance to occupation can never be stopped; human nature guarantees it. The days of nuclear proliferation are upon us, as are the means to unleash vapors of hellish heat onto Israeli cities and mushroom clouds rising high into the Holy Land’s sky. Sharon would be well advised thinking long and hard of this looming threat before planning his next murder or act of clandestine ethnic cleansing. The continued and future existence of his nation might very well hang in the balance.

The War Culture

First posted 25 March 2004

Demonstrably flying away from the fraternity of nations has not been achieved solely by the recriminations of the worst president in living memory. Rather, this phenomenon has lingered in the American conscious for the last fifty years, evolving slowly but surely thanks to a rapidly evolving Pax Americana and its exponentially growing exploitation of the world’s remaining natural and human resources that continues to increase at unprecedented rates. This truth has over the span of decades alienated a large portion of the global population who has been privy to the damaging intervention in world affairs by a US government engaged in every corner of the world, usually at the expense of the native citizenry and in favor of the corporate Leviathan.

Exploited and enslaved, the people of the world have seen what those residing inside the belly of the beast refuse to accept and are ignorantly shielded away from. It is the creation of a War Culture that, even with the continued dwindling of the world’s resources and for calls for sustainable development, continues to decimate, devastate and exploit for its own purposes and goals. The War Culture exists to feed itself, to engulf itself in resplendent affluence and material comfort. It seeks to live in lavishness and privileged circumstance, usually at the expense of billions of poor human energies devoid of the luck of living inside the Pax Americana.

Through careful manipulation based on hereditary conditioning, the Corporate Leviathan, together with the American government, has inserted the pursuit of luxury and excessiveness onto an unknowing public that has been educated and acclimatized towards acquiescing to the conquest of land and man through mechanisms of Empire. Included in this training is the acceptance of violence as a means to an end, creating in the citizenry, usually from birth, the tools necessary that allow both the government and the Leviathan to unleash extreme levels of violence, exploitation and destruction onto the world without so much as a small whisper of protest from the population. It is these tools that make violence a sanitized endeavor that is airbrushed to represent an abstract mirage that hides the horror and danger of armed conflict.

Thus, the American people are inoculated to the realities of the violence their government unleash in the name of the corporate world, making us immune to a truth that is all too real and oftentimes overwhelmingly destructive. This is the only way the War Culture can maintain its standard of living. It is the only way to build an Empire in a human civilization at the dawn of the 21st century. Only by conditioning its population, manipulating it to accept the violence necessary for the continued exploitation and conquest of the world’s natural and human resources can the Pax Americana survive, and thrive.

Sleepwalking through life, blinded by excessiveness and plentitude, made ignorant by the many toys in our possession, we allow our government and the corporate masters that control it free reign to usurp lands, peoples, lives and the collective future of the human race. A War Culture has been created, clandestinely spawned from within our own minds, making us pawns in its demolition of lives and foot soldiers in its continuing existence. Our breaths grant it life, our lifestyle makes it thrive. The War Culture we have become, birthed from our unsuspecting eyes, making us complicit in the forces of Empire building that sequester us to the grievous mistakes of Empires past.

Spoils of Extravagance

The embodiment of what America has become can lucidly be seen in a society that has been allowed to evolve beyond the borders of its own limitations. It can be seen in the voluminous exorbitance that defines the richest nation in the brief history of humankind. It can be seen in the annihilation of indigenous peoples that resulted in the exploitation of their lands and in the enslavement of an entire race that rocketed a new nation to splendorous wealth. Today, in order to meet its insatiable hunger for its luxurious standard of living, afforded to no other nation in existence, the exploitation of land and man must continue.

Devouring Earth at unprecedented rates, American society must satisfy its insatiable craving for lifestyles bathed in excessiveness and overabundance that dwarfs any culture that exists today, or that has come before. This superfluous undertaking has made the pursuit of Empire a necessary evil in which death, destruction and exploitation of both land and man are but predetermined conditions needed for the continued growth of economy, wallets and possessions.

The end result is a culture of war, of expansion, Empire and control of the world’s natural, human and financial resources. Murder, genocide, suffering, enslavement, poverty, malnutrition, destruction of opportunity and ability, lack of education, happiness and healthcare have become mere manifestations of collateral damage in the American quest to satisfy the voracious appetite of its drooling citizens. The War Culture has emerged, and complicit we all are in Iraq, Palestine, Africa, Latin America, Asia and in the continued devastation and rape of Earth’s land, water, air and energy.

Through war our lives are made to prosper; through war our possessions are made cheaper; through war our excessiveness flourishes and greed mushrooms; through war our materialistic selves shop merrily; through war we live like kings and queens while the rest of the world rots in indigence. It is war, conquest and Empire that sustains our standard of living and our slide into decadence. It is war and Empire that allows us to dwell in the expectation of unsustainable development and the continued increase to our ever-expanding array of possessions and property. It is war and violence that furthers our lifestyle living in castles, basking in worldly possessions and eating more than any other human society that has ever existed.

Only through adventures like the failure in Iraq can we hope to continue living the American Dream, living as the feudal lords to the billions of serfs who slave their lives for our comfortable existence and unknowingly sacrifice their progeny and energies to our gorging greed. The ultimate exploiter is the War Culture, hiding behind the multitude of products proudly displayed in our homes, garages and gardens that degenerate the environment, suffocate the less fortunate and that helps release death, destruction and untold misery onto our brethren.

Through the smoking mirror the guilty can be seen, and our faces frown at the realization that our excessively comfortable lives have been garnered through the misery, destruction, death and exploitation of the people of the world. The War Culture continues its dastardly ways, consuming, producing, ruining, destroying and unleashing Empire’s tools of violence, conquest and death upon billions.

Empire is us and we are it; Bush is Empire’s tool and Empire gives us life. America’s military provides what we seek, want and crave. It validates our excessiveness, our desire for more. It attains the continuation of our comfort and the limitless bounty we purchase. The Empire’s financial armies enslave people’s of the south, making what we buy cheap and affordable. Their nations’ resources are pillaged and exploited, sent to our homes in the form of affordable products. The War Culture demands that the world’s limited supplies be sent to our shores so that our lifestyle and that of our descendents be assured.

Looking into the mirror we see the War Culture, made ignorant to what we help create and destroy, made blind to our extravagant ways and made deaf to the many echoes resonating pain. Guilty we all stand, mesmerized in the grandeur of our existence and the ignorance our wealth creates. As long as our lives are made better we care not in knowing how we came to achieve the comfort that continues to shield us away from the reality of billions of human entities that live their lives in utter decay. Each new product we purchase distances our sisterhood with the peoples of the world; each new indulgence we grant ourselves condemns us further away from empathy and the understanding needed to comprehend all that has been done in our name.

In order to achieve heaven in America Hell has been created elsewhere, yet still we live our unsustainable ways, condemning ourselves to the shock of the coming curtailment of our excessive lives that must sooner or later be halted.

Absorbed in the land of the free and the home of the brave we have become, brainwashed by our comfort and our lifestyles, immersed in our materialistic society that reason dictates cannot be sustained much longer. The War Culture we have become, expanding our lifestyles, escaping our realities, becoming immune to the troubles our appetite causes and being made ignorant to the self-defeating mechanisms of our ways. It is for our way of life that Empire exists, Bush lives and Iraq implodes. Unquenchable appetites need to be fed, exorbitant energy needs fuel and the expanding consumerism of American citizens needs nourishment. The War Culture needs blood to blossom and Empire to continue.

Innocence lost

From sea to shining sea, superfluous undertaking through hereditary conditioning continues to mark an average citizen’s ascendancy into the American Dream. The land of plenty has become the land of gluttony, suffocating the rest of the world in the unquenchable desire to attain a plethora of materialistic possessions that characterize the vulnerability of the human psyche. As thirsty as a dehydrated tree, as voracious as a plague of locusts and as hungry as a starving pack of wolves, American society’s appetite for an ever-expanding array of products and goods at the expense of planet Earth and its inhabitants continues to unleash death, destruction and violence upon our teetering world. It is our unattainable thirst for vast amounts of worldly possessions that has become the flammable liquid breathing life into the American war machine. It is our lust for materialism and eager escape from unwanted realities that drive the engine of Empire, devastating so many millions and untold areas of land.

In our consumer driven economy it is the corporate Leviathan that hereditarily conditions us to pursue its products as it forces down our throats, almost from birth, the desire to pursue a fulfillment of the expectations it markets onto our society. Whatever it desires to sell it strangulates us with, whatever trend it wants manifested it squirms into our lives. What values it wants created and what goals it wants maximized it bombards society with using its vast collection of media and marketing tools it has in its possession. We are the hand that feeds the Leviathan, mere energies in need of its products and services, mere pawns in its game of power and control. It, in turn, has become the hand that rocks the cradle, allowing us to fall asleep and escape the pill-popping reality that has become our lives today that we desperately want to exorcise from within us. Through the numerous products that flood our lives we can temporarily seek refuge from a reality that never seems to come close to the perfect fantasy we have been led to believe is attainable but that seems farther away each time we seek its fictional delusion.

A consumerist society that has spun out of control is implanted into our conscious from the early stages of our childhood development. Through television we are conditioned to seek the great array of products the Leviathan provides us. Our young developing brains, still too virgin to comprehend what we watch, are bombarded with advertisement after advertisement that begins infecting us with an excessiveness bug whose virus remains inside us for the rest of our lives, compelling us to waste away our blood, sweat and tears on those products we perceive will make our lives the equivalent of the fantasy we see unfold on our television monitors.

The Leviathan manipulates our brains and senses in the innocent-looking and clandestine brainwashing of our minds obscured in images of happiness, perfection, fun, fantasy-laden advertisements, cartoons and movies. In our sponge-like developing mind, new transgressions and imagery capture our ability to think as humans have for hundreds of thousands of years. Our brains are being re-wired, no longer evolving through learning of culture, parenting and human behavior. Instead, our primordial brains are subjected to intense imagery based on marketing and profit motive, designed to make consumer drones of us from our earliest days. Bombarded with image after image of toy, food and fantasy, our child mind not close to perceiving the great manipulation taking place, we begin the process of becoming conditioned consumers expected to shop for an entire lifetime.

From birth the Leviathan grips us with its sharp claws, reprogramming our minds to suit its sinister profit driven motives. Even at our most innocent and pure we are left to deal with the most malevolent pack of wolves dressed in sheep skin that use our youth and brain underdevelopment to further their capitalistic drive for greed-filled nirvana. We have been impregnated with a virus that makes of us consumer driven entities seeking refuge from the enslavement of our lives through the escape provided by the overabundance of goods and services we have from early childhood been trained to purchase.

When embedded into our mind from such an early period in our lives, this nefarious condition becomes second nature, almost instinctual, and begins to pass for human behavior necessary for survival. It is all we have known, passed down from television, society and our own families who themselves have been made captives to the Leviathan’s incessant mind control mechanisms that over the course of a lifetime transforms individual thinking minds into a collection of two hundred million serfs dependent on the same products we produce.

Innocence lost and profit gained, the Leviathan, and the expert manipulators working to ruin childhoods, in essence transform society to suit their needs, using the great absorbing power of the young mind to create lifetime consumers that merrily join the fraternity of the War Culture. The vicious circle begins with the cradle and ends with the grave, human procreation becoming the conveyor belt spitting out new foot soldiers that in time will themselves become part of Empire seeking and building.

Conditioned for Blood

From birth we begin to breathe the smell of blood as a society addicted to violence manifests its craving through the many forms of media available to our children. Cartoons seemingly engage our young minds with constant battles of good versus evil, black versus white, inculcating us to the violent means by which to achieve victory over forces at odds with those virtues espoused by the shows’ creators. Cartoons are packed with violent undertones, filled with stories immersed with inner and outer battles that are only solved through violent means. These shows begin manipulating our developing brains to accept violence into our lives, suggesting solutions to problems based on fighting, engagement and destruction. The fantasy shown, whether in the form of human characters or animals, creatures or entities espousing man-like characteristics that solve their problems through incessant clashes is perceived by the fragile mind as a rational human response that makes violence an acceptable if not mainstream behavior capable of fixing what has been broken or solving that which remains a problem.

It is fantasy designed for the youngest that begins to make warriors of millions who have not had an opportunity to be exposed to human reality. Violence is imputed onto the most innocent whose brains have yet to develop the capacity to understand the complexities of life or the behaviors of our circumstance. Through the television, children morph from bright candles of innocence into explosive flames accepting violence, death and destruction as part of every day life. Absorbing every image radiating out of the screen, seeing how fantasy solves its problems, learning behaviors from cartoon characters, the fragile human mind is programmed to accept conflict and conditioned to acquiesce to war.

Our minds, not yet having the capacity to understanding the complex human condition, are inundated with a barrage of behaviors that, though ingrained evils in our animalistic selves, should not yet be embraced at such young ages. Yet somehow we are showering our youth with the tools of war, violence and conflict that they are embracing as realistic alternatives in human society. It thus comes to pass that the War Culture fails to seek accountability to the numerous evils done in our name. With television cartoons, videogames and films portraying endemic levels of violence, it is natural to accept that a society’s young will become immune and indifferent to the evils inherent in antagonistic conflict.

It is the barrage of cartoons and movies such as those marketed by Disney that are conditioning our society to accept violence, death, destruction and by consequence the wars draped in the American flag. Why is it that every single Disney animated film must engage its characters in battle, war, conflict, death and violence? Why is every story and plot infused with battles only solved by violent clash? It is these forms of storylines that make it acceptable for our young to imitate and indeed believe that human society relies on Disney-like solutions to fantasy-filled problems. Disney characters seemingly always wage violent conflict with each other, pitting good versus evil, with the desired outcome always assured as long as violence is the means by which it is achieved. Why must violence be such an incessant ingredient to Disney’s success, to the great detriment of our children and society? Is the War Culture so immersed and addicted to violence that even the perceived creators of goodness and happiness must flood the big screen with a violence that has been a part of the human condition since the beginning of time?

It is the vast expanse of shows and movies that litter the airwaves, most infested with violence, death and destruction that are conditioning us to accept the violence and wars done in our name. It seems the only solutions to the fantasy-ridden problems that comprise television and movies are through the undertaking of violence. In fantasy-land it has become the means to an end; in America it has made our society immune to the dangers of violence, whitewashing its evils from our conscious, making its ramifications upon our lives nothing more than another manifestation of cartoon cleanliness where blood is nonexistent, suffering ignored, destruction unsoiled and death romanticized.

American society has in the last fifty years been transformed from bastion of innocent endeavors to citadel of violent and warmongering conditioning. War, death and destruction have in our minds been made sanitized endeavors where pain, misery and murder are but mere hiccups that resemble the fantasy we have seen throughout our lives. Violence is, therefore, accepted since it is not understood. It is allowed since it is manipulated, becoming the fantasy it never is and the reality our conditioned minds make it out to be.

We have been trained well to accept the evils done in our name. The videogames, movies and television shows that now flood our society glamorize violence, making it a fantasy that fails to awaken its deadly reality into our minds. In today’s War Culture, fictional murderers, psychopaths and cold-blooded killers become heroes, even as they unleash hailstorms of bullets on the enemy and claim victory in the name of violence. Death and destruction has become comical, further degrading our ability to sympathize with those bulldozed by our mighty military. The romantic notion of war, ingrained through our War Culture, makes robotic killers of young boys unleashing everything they have seen throughout their lives in the far away reaches of the world. The symptoms of this disease can be seen in the criminal occupation of Iraq and treatment of Iraqis by American soldiers.

The War Culture represents a deviation from human evolution. The reality of violence is never shown; the death, misery and emotions of war never explored. Blood and gore are hidden from what they represent; screams and pain have become mere inconveniences; destruction of lives and property has been transformed into digital bytes ready to recycle themselves. War is made an abstract mirage portrayed by film, television and video games, not the reality humans have for too long endured that made wiser men of us all. Instead, we rely on fantasy to educate us to the horror and the perceived reality, thus making us willing subjects ignorant to the dangers human violence unearths.

When we fail to understand reality it is transformed into the fiction we believe it to be.

Fiction has triumphed over the reality of the human condition as the War Culture’s assembly line of seekers of violence continues to grow. The master of conditioned violence, the Corporate Leviathan, extends its tentacles into every pair of eyes and every developing human brain, allowing the society it is designing to forever acquiesce to the violence, conquest, Empire and death it vehemently seeks to release upon the world. From birth we are trained, never seeing the true horrors of war nor the energy released by the misery of violent conflict.

For untold millions who are on the receiving end of our failures, however, the violence is all too real, the death all too vivid and the destruction all too devastating. For them, Hollywood and the fantasy on television are sick and cruel jokes that do not begin to describe the terror and suffering enveloping them. In their eyes, the incessant violence of Hollywood has transmutated into the reality of their daily lives where blood is real, life is extinguished and hope destroyed. This the War Culture fails to understand because the fantasy it sees and the reality it ignores clash like the violent cartoons conditioning legions of American children.

All the while, safe in our confined bubble that is America we live, growing ever accepting of our violent ways, unable to comprehend the reality of all we unleash and comfortably sitting on our couches watching airbrushed visions of war. As we bask in the splendor of the luck-filled extravagance we live, shielded away from the war crimes being committed in Iraq under the red, white and blue and unaware of the damage done to untold millions throughout the world our lavish society prospers, ignorant to the true consequences and devastating power of Apache helicopters, cluster bombs, guided missiles, Abrams tanks, fighter jets, mortars, artillery and bullets that our War Culture releases upon our fellow human beings. It is this truth we fail to grasp, nowhere to be found in Disney films, Cartoon Network shows or Playstation video games. The War Culture is us, and guilty as charged we all stand.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Automatons and SLaves: The Corporate Leviathan's Global Realization

"The history of the twentieth century was dominated by the struggle against totalitarian systems of state power. The twenty-first will no doubt be marked by a struggle to curtail excessive corporate power."
-Eric Schlosser, Author, Fast Food Nation

The struggle humanity is now facing to escape the chains of slavery and serfdom presently being inflicted on us by corporate multinationals that is making automatons of us all is one that must be manifested to the masses; the billions of human beings that have not had the good fortune of being alerted and liberated through education. The brainwashing of humanity that begins at youth, through media channels that feed off our own human nature, and which continues until the grave through an ever expanding array of techniques, tools and technologies has created a society stronger in the Western world but increasing throughout the globe that is self-destructing yet remains ignorant to the coming decimation we are bringing onto ourselves.

Corporate power has, over the last century, risen to the point that out of the top one-hundred economies in the world, fifty-one are corporate conglomerates. This unyielding supremacy is increasing daily, and it is having a profound effect on nation-states, or what remains of them. Corporations, and the few who control them, now exert great influence on all nations, their governments and their peoples. They control "us". In every facet of our lives, throughout every human interaction, these giants manipulate the human system for their own selfish motives. Profit drives them, the almighty dollar strengthens them and power feeds them.

Like a human, the corporation grows, matures, becomes more knowledgeable and intelligent, gains experience and learns to survive through whatever means necessary. It is a product of humanity, with human rules and morals or lack thereof and thus, capable of every vice and defect that we as a race possess. It represents the dangers of power left unchecked; it is run by humans, thus making it fallible to the consequences of our own human nature. It is a monster, a Leviathan without a conscious that destroys everything in its path, feeding off the weak and producing what it ultimately aims to achieve: profit, return on investment, power. Because it does not breathe it pollutes, because it does not feed it intoxicates, because it does not live like us it ignores the calamities it unleashes onto us.

The corporation must grow, year in and year out. Indeed, a corporation that fails to meet expectations can expect to disappear or be gobbled up by a bigger beast through a merger, takeover or acquisition. Survival of the fittest never seemed so fitting; it survives by expanding, by producing more waste, acquiring more customers, buying off governments, decimating peoples, becoming morally bankrupt and gaining all forms of advantages, both legal and illegal, moral and unethical, until finally, at the end of the fiscal year, its shareholders and executives are satisfied that their wallets have been made thicker. There are thousands of corporate multinational conglomerates, all living for the present, not caring for the future. The corporate Leviathan is a product of a system gone awry, a system created by man, once within our control, now nothing more than a vicious cycle that perpetuates itself year after year. It is now bigger and more powerful than we could have ever envisaged and its power continues to grow exponentially. Capitalism has spawned its most frightful beast.

In order to survive, the corporation must begin to create a target market, one that will expand and continue growing in perpetuity. The easiest way to do this is by manipulating the most vulnerable and susceptible of all: children. The corporate Leviathan spends billions of dollars a year on marketing, on targeting a segment of society that cannot yet make viable decisions, cannot yet think for themselves, cannot see the world for what it really is. The corporation preys on innocence. It sucks the mind and blood of children, brainwashing them from the cradle to the grave, inculcating them to consume, consume and consume some more. It robs them of their individuality, their ability to think for themselves, and, most ominously, the collective future of the human race.

This systematic brainwashing, nothing more than massive propaganda and an ingraining by means of mass media manipulation, is fast becoming parent, teacher and role model for millions of children worldwide as parents abandon their traditional historical roles due to the ingrained and indoctrinated need to produce and consume that causes them to leave the job of child rearing to the television. It is done through advertisements, cartoons, shows, movies, the Internet and many more forms of media whose sole aim is reaching as many children as possible, as cheaply as possible, in order to create a new generation of consumers, a new generation of drones and automatons. He who controls the media controls the masses.

Children, the last bastion of innocence, are quickly and systematically transformed by what they watch into unwitting consumers, leaches that see not reality, but a fiction that in reality does not exist. They see beauty, wealth and perfection. They are trained to want and seek these fantasies, though to the vast majority they are and will forever be unattainable. To them, the television, and the images that are regurgitated every second of every day is reality and is the only thing they know and understand. This has a profound effect on the as yet undeveloped brain. The corporate Leviathan preys on this alteration of reality; it encourages and indeed creates it to further its goals of maximizing profits and making ignorant millions of future adults. It is harvesting slaves.

By manipulating and exploiting the human condition and human nature, by abusing our needs for food, shelter and clothing, the corporation exerts tremendous pressure on both children and adults to conform to society, to have what everyone else has, to not be left out. The corporation feeds off of our insecurities, our needs, wants and desires, our fragile egos. Advertisements, television shows and movies are designed to reach our psyches in order to manipulate behaviors that have evolved for millions of years and that, with a turn of a button on a remote, ignites in us our passions, desires, fears and fantasies. It is the system at work, fed by our own ignorance, our own human nature, and we seem powerless to stop or control it.

Rather, it controls us; it makes out of us nothing more than mere automatons from where corporations recycle their brands, test their products, make their lofty profits. We are simply machines that turn beer, soda, foods, candies and the like into urine and toxic waste. We are trained to consume like a voracious plague of locusts. From the tastes and ideas we are ingrained with since birth by corporate brands and marketing, we continue purchasing, consuming, wasting. The cycle continues for the rest of our lives. We are nothing more than expendable automatons, trained from infancy to produce and consume, to enrich the Leviathan.

As we become teenagers and later adults, our tastes and brand preference already clearly established by the incessant brainwashing that has enveloped us since birth, we begin the next stage in corporate global realization: slavery and serfdom. We begin to "work," heading off to corporate factories, farms, stores and restaurants, earning a wage determined by our corporate masters, working hours established by these same sovereigns, under conditions dictated by them.

We live in an employer s market; struggling to survive with minimum wages, with precious few hours to spend with our children, few hours to think on our own. We subserviently obey; we fail to question authority. Our corporate masters, having control of our tastes, needs and wants since birth, in essence dictating what we purchase, now tell us how to work, how to produce, how to spend our waking hours. Their propaganda makes fools of us all, and the great beast continues gorging without pause, without question. We are easily disposed of; overlooking our shoulder are millions more slaves, eager to work for the same or lower wage, higher hours, under worse conditions, because, after all, we need to survive, we need to live.

Every wage we earn is quickly returned to our corporate masters. Hours of blood, sweat and tears vanish in an instant as we must buy the same products we were inculcated with as children. Our wage returns to the same beast that we work for. Wages are but an illusion, a way of controlling the masses into thinking that they are not slaves or serfs. It is the only instrument differentiating us from serfs and slaves of yesteryear. It is great deceptive marketing.

We slave ourselves at work, for meager earnings and for little happiness and satisfaction, creating a population ever dependent of mind numbing and altering pills, gladly supplied by our feudal lords. The corporate Leviathan feeds, shelters and clothes us with its brands, the same products it forces down our throats with the few hours of relaxation we have on a daily basis. The television has become, along with the almighty dollar, our religion; our corporate masters, our gods. We pray to the television monitor on a daily basis, receiving instructions on what to buy and on how to improve our "miserable" lives through our gods ever-increasing array of products. Our wages go back as a form of indulgence, a sacrifice at the temple to our gods. The cycle is repeated with the rise of a new sun and the awakening every morning of billions of humans.

The corporation, together with its brethren in the industry, does everything possible to deny workers the right to stand up and think for themselves. It controls, indeed owns the government and the bunch of traveling salesmen that comprise it. Through a legal form of corruption called lobbying and campaign contributions, the corporation and its industry command what the government of a nation does and does not do. The leaches that are the people s representatives, already some of the most unscrupulous in all humanity, easily corruptible, greed mongers, addicted to both the almighty dollar and power, bend over to the dictates of corporate interests, sacrificing the lives of millions for their own rotten existence.

We punish terrorists, we punish drug users, pushers and petty criminals, sending them to rot in jail, yet every year hundreds of thousands of innocent people die and more heinous crimes are committed by corporations as a result of the cowardice of our representatives and the unscrupulous actions of corporate executives. Death and disease due to pollution, military weaponry, toxins and chemicals in food, tobacco and alcohol sales, defective products, denial of medicines. Are these wretched scoundrels punished? Do they ever see the inside of a cell for the greater crimes they commit? No, they are given lucrative bonuses, promoted for increasing the bottom line. Consumers are subject to the worst injustices as a result of corporate greed and avarice because the Leviathan has government officials in the pocket.

What we are witnessing is the pervasive cancer that is greed, and how it translates into how we are treated by corporations, in every industry, in every way. One does not have to look underneath a microscope to see the reality that is our life today; full of abuses, full of the worst in humanity through the actions of the Leviathan. Is there such a thing as the American Dream anymore? Surely the American Daydream still exists, but as long as corporations have a say in almost every aspect of our lives, where they control what we buy, what we eat, where we sleep and how we live, how much we make and how to think we will never truly be free.

From cradle to grave, the corporate world is a part of us, it manipulates, it indoctrinates, it controls, it enslaves. We are being transformed, our individuality is being eroded. Food is becoming one and the same, our homes now look more like beehives than a sign of our individuality, the Americanization of the planet is progressing at an alarming rate. The path leading us to a system of automatons and a new form of slavery is gripping us the longer we remain passive and submissive to the commands of the giant beast. Clearly, our governments are now owned by corporations, so the answer will not come from those who have been bought and sold.

The malignant cancer that is greed is eating away at the fabric of society, and, the longer we let it grow, the harder it will become for us to find a cure for it. It is growing ever bigger, more powerful, ravaging land and man. We are becoming expendable entities, billions more can take our place after all, and, with the centralized system of all industries, our minds are no longer useful. We are drones used for subjugation and exploitation, able bodies that create profits.

We are living an illusion, believing in freedom and liberty, independence and individuality, when, in reality, as corporations become stronger and stronger, wiser and more powerful, our lives are being transformed to those representing the slaves of the past and the automatons of the future. Like cattle, poultry and pork, the corporate world is fattening us up, turning us into docile, sedentary and easily manipulated and controlled beings, corralling us, millions of people together, sending us up the chute of despair and into the pit of eternal damnation, ready to be slaughtered, both mind and soul.

Is there a solution to this predicament? Can we be saved from a frightening future that will undoubtedly affect us and our progeny? Yes, there is. The answer is education. The answer is action. The answer to so many of the problems inflicting humanity today is education. The masses need to be informed; they need to be made aware. An educated mind is a wonderful and incredibly liberating tool; it emancipates the mind and frees the spirit. Those in power have historically shunned educating the masses for fear that an educated populace would realize what was being done to them and would revolt. By not educating the populace, those in power remained in control. Ignorance is their tool, education their enemy. Education, however, leads to action, which leads to change. Education equals liberation. Only a free, liberated mind can see reality and the truth. And today, more than ever, we need to see reality for what it really is. We need to see the truth.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Of The Evil Empire: Imperialist Devastation of People and the Evils Done in our Names

Originally published 10 March 2004, Of the Evil Empire is as relevant today as it was when it was first posted on the Internet. Back then it caused quite a stir, no doubt because many people were still inside the clouds of 9/11. Perhaps today more people are willing and able to absorb its contents. I hope you enjoy....

Let us for a few moments put aside our lavish lifestyles of fortuitous endowment and providence that have made us blind to the realities of billions of our fellow humans. Let us ignore our plasma televisions, our DVDs, our two-story cookie cutter homes and gas-guzzling SUVs. Let us promise to not open our overstocked pantries and refrigerators, or to go out and eat at one of many corporate controlled franchise restaurants offering vast assortments of gargantuan meals. We should ignore the opulence of our society that dwells permanently in our minds that makes us forget the severe indigence and suffering that transpires beyond our shores and borders.

In short, we should come out of our luxurious bubble that has shielded us from the evils inflicted on billions of humans that have not been as privy to a life of safety and security. Let us traverse the road of reality, sojourning through history and through mirages of hidden truths. Let us dive into the making of the Evil Empire so that we may see what our government has and continues to do in our name. The road ahead will not be easy to swallow or comprehend, yet we must open our minds to the possibility that what has happened is real and what is occurring is not fiction. Only then will we understand why our hands are smeared in the blood of tens of millions of human cadavers and countless more whose lives and futures have been devastated at the hands of the United States of America. Only by knowing who and what we are can we correct ourselves.

Our society is ingrained with an appetite for violence. It is apparent in the over 11,000 murders by firearm per year. It is apparent in Hollywood’s gratuitous assembly-line of blood and gore, violence, devastation and death. It is visible in the ever-growing number of video games sold to our children depicting egregious violence, killings and bloodletting. Our society celebrates violence, be it through football, hockey or boxing, television, cartoons and music. Even Disney cartoon movies have as a main theme battles of good versus evil and the plethora of violence, destruction and death associated with them. The US military industrial complex supplies the world with 45 percent of all weapons for sale on the market.

Yet without public demand for violence none of the above would exist. It is the citizenry – with complicit help from government and corporate media – that drives the engine that conditions us toward accepting and participating in our violent society.

Violence in America is today a manifestation of our society and history, of a never ending thirst for blood, conquest, oppression and death that sprung from the first moment of Puritan arrival. Before and after the Revolutionary war Americans participated in one of the greatest acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing the world has ever witnessed. Millions upon millions of native Indians were slaughtered, raped and cleansed from the lands of North America. Manifest destiny ransacked from Atlantic to Pacific like a devastating hurricane, destroying everything native people thought precious and sacred. Wars against native populations extinguishing the energies of men, women, children and elderly alike. The American thirst for violence had been born. The addiction for blood would become insatiable and never ending.

Native peoples’ lands were taken from them; lies, manipulations and betrayals erased their tribes from the homes they once knew and cherished. Replanted into hellholes called reservations, Indians were left to rot away their existence, given only the evil of Firewater to wash away their inner demons and scars in a land both alien and inhospitable. Hidden from the voracious Anglo onslaught, Indians of talent and ability were left to dwell on a future lost through the disappearance of opportunity. Disease, depression, lack of education and incessant poverty soon followed. Demons of a life wasted and opportunity lost consumed those who escaped the barrel of a gun and the virus of the white man.

Entire ethnicities, tribes, languages and cultures were eviscerated from the face of the Earth by those whose importance of property and ownership superceded the respect for human life. Beautiful peoples took with them to the grave lives living free, roaming pristine and untouched forests, deserts and prairies, being one with nature, respecting everything that breathed and a spirituality that has much to offer our capitalistic civilization. Advanced civilizations in wisdom and spirituality, yet seen as savages to the “more sophisticated” European people, native peoples’ way of life was vanished, never to fully flourish again. Millions ethnically cleansed, millions whose lives were made barren, all making way for the destructive bulldozer ravaging land and man. The Evil Empire had sprung to life, a trail of victims visible everywhere the giant walked.

Not satisfied with the killing of millions of native peoples, the citizens of America next decided to unleash hell onto each other. As a result the American Civil War of the latter part of the 19th century killed more than 600,000 people, leaving the United States mourning for brothers and sons, fathers and grandfathers. Graveyards littered the landscape; battlefields were transformed into fields of death and devastation. Divided a prospering nation stood, soaked in blood and agony, splitting apart families, creating widows and orphans. In the end, hundreds of thousands lay dead, many more maimed and wounded, all to quench the voracious appetite for violence, death and destruction.

The Evil Empire’s cannibalism was only the beginning of a much greater disease.

Lands and People of Asia

As the Empire grew stronger so too did its addiction for expansion. War with Spain commencing in 1898 brought forth new lands, colonies and treasure. Yet it also brought forth death and destruction. American violence had not dissipated; it had only evolved, with new forms of warfare and destruction arising with the passage of time. Tens of thousands died on both sides. In the end, the United States had conquered both man and land, thereby increasing its power and prestige. The Empire was growing, prospering and learning that force was the means by which to achieve its ends. Force was weapons, intimidation, violence and war. It was victory and imperialism. It was the means to becoming the most powerful nation on the planet. The Evil Empire had grown up, as the Philippines would soon learn.

In 1899 Filipino forces seeking independence from Spain confronted in armed struggle American forces intent on maintaining the colonization of the nation. A ruthless war of attrition between the two forces began. For the next three years tens of thousands of native resistance fighters died at the hands of the much more technologically sophisticated and economically powerful American military. Numerous war crimes were committed by American soldiers. Destruction and looting of property, shooting of captives, rapes of women, torture of prisoners and civilians, devastation of the environment and the forced social engineering of the people were thrust upon the nation in an orgy of occupier lawlessness.

In addition, over 200,000 civilians perished due to the brutal scorched earth policy implemented by the US military that destroyed agriculture, fertile land and villages. In addition, many thousands died from cholera arising out of economic devastation of infrastructure. The harsh subjugation of the Filipino people was a form of collective punishment that America used as a weapon of war in order to pacify the independently minded population. The American intervention in the Philippines indiscriminately erased from the face of the Earth hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. This is called genocide, and the Evil Empire got exceedingly good at it.

The reality of what happened over 100 years ago is comfortably hidden away from us today. The American war in the Philippines is today but an asterisk in our history books, yet the gravity of the malevolence cannot be forgotten. It certainly is not included in the educational material of our children, or in those of our own childhood, however. Why is this? What the US government does in our name cannot be made known lest the population rage in anger at the wickedness that America exports abroad. Genocide, collective punishment, scorched earth policy and ethnic cleansing leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of human beings is not something to be proud of. Not when Stalin, Hitler and the Nazis did the exact same thing.

In the Philippines the Evil Empire was only getting warmed up. For the next 100 years it controlled all aspects of the Philippine government. The US installed minions and puppets that kept the populace in dire poverty, robbing the nation blind and fostering an era of inept and corrupt leaders handpicked by America. Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled as dictator of the beleaguered nation from 1965 until his ouster in 1986, is the best example of American complicity in the utter devastation of both the people and economy of the Philippines.

Marcos ruled with extreme harshness, subverting democracy, robbing the nation blind (some estimates have him stealing anywhere from $3 to $30 billion dollars) and killing thousands of dissenters and opposition members who dared speak out against the injustices and inequalities. He brought onto the nation’s masses untold suffering, indigence and slave labor, wages and conditions. Hundreds of thousands have died form malnourishment, disease, poverty and exploitation. The nation’s debt amassed under Marcos is today responsible for the dire circumstances of the population, and is a reason for the growth of Muslim and Marxist revolutionary groups prospering and threatening the government.

The beneficiary of the evil spawned by Marcos you may ask? The Evil Empire, which established military bases that helped expand the Empire geopolitically, collected hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, exploited slave labor for the manufacture of cheap products sold back in the US and controlled a subjugated populace through neo-liberal economic policies that privatized and made available to American corporations national industries and utilities. The Evil Empire and the Corporate Leviathan are one and the same, after all, their interests not mutually exclusive.

The Evil Empire’s claws of incessant violence soon expanded to other nations of Southeast Asia. When its addiction for destruction was not satisfied with the firebombing of Tokyo that killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, it turned to that most evil of human creations: the atomic bomb. After becoming the only nation to ever use atomic weapons on innocent populated areas, killing hundreds of thousands and unleashing utter devastation on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, America soon launched its appetite for blood in the Korean Peninsula after it entered the war, creating vast killing fields of both soldiers and civilians. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers on all sides perished along with upwards of three million Koreans (North and South) who were caught in the crossfire of ideologies and human wickedness.

Following the Korean War America soon found itself immersed in yet another war, this time in Vietnam. Decades of war led to the death of 58,000 American soldiers, over 100,000 South Vietnamese soldiers and close to one million North Vietnamese soldiers. Estimates place the number of civilian deaths at anywhere from 400,000 to two million. If the illegal American bombing of Cambodia and Laos orchestrated by Henry Kissinger is considered, in which civilian targets were selected and bombed, upwards of two million more Southeast Asians can be added to the Evil Empire’s macabre statistics. Furthermore, many more died as a result of the total devastation of land and infrastructure the bombings and war created, including the continued death and disease of land and man due to the lingering effects of Agent Orange and through the enormous amount of unexploded bombs and ordinance still littering the ground.

Indonesia is another nation that, through the American imposed and supported dictator Mohamed Suharto, suffered tremendously thanks to the meddling by the Evil Empire. Under Suharto’s watch, anywhere from 500,000 to two million people were killed in a 1965 alleged coup attempt, most of them dissenters, leftists, communists or opposition members. In 1975, with American blessings and weaponry, Suharto invaded East Timor in order to stop an insurrection by the native people, killing 250,000 people out of a population of 650,000. During Suharto’s stay in power he detained and executed hundreds of thousands of Indonesian opposition members. His reign ended in 1998. During this time corruption was endemic, as was the subversion of democracy, freedoms and rights. In 1999 it was found that the Suharto family fortune totaled $15 billion, most of it coming from those government funds created thanks to international loans and the labor of the masses.

Lands and People of Latin America

The Evil Empire’s omnipotent reach has had devastating effects in Latin America as well. The US government has interfered with the internal governance of several Central and South American nations in its quest to maintain its form of democracy and capitalism. The US has meddled in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Brazil, not to mention Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. The Evil Empire has imposed coups and US friendly dictatorships and leaders in many of the above mentioned nations. In Central America it supplied death squads with military support and logistics. In Chile, Argentina and Brazil, dictators, with the consent of their American masters, initiated a war against leftist dissenters and opponents, leading to the disappearance of thousands of men and women. In Panama, Manuel Noriega, a former CIA puppet, betrayed his American masters and hell was unleashed on Panama City by the US military. Anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 civilians died as the Evil Empire pursued the capture of one man.

Today, the Evil Empire is once more interfering in the destabilization of Latin American nations. Haiti is but the latest but by no means the last country to be burned by the searing claws of America’s might. President Aristide, a champion of the poor and a seeker of equality and justice, stepped on US shoes with his defiance of neo-liberal threats imposed on him by Haiti’s elite and the Bush administration. In essence, he sealed his own fate, and the clandestine coup sponsored by the US removed Aristide from office. As a result, Haiti, which has been the slave shop for US corporations for decades, will remain poor and exploited, a cesspool of poverty and hopelessness for its citizens.

Colombia has, thanks to the US, become a militarized zone where hundreds of people are killed on a yearly basis. Civil war has ensnarled the nation, instability runs amok and the livelihood of rural peasants has been destroyed by the coca eradication program enacted the America that has ruined arable land. With the potential of large oil reserves present under the nation’s lands and the already discovered exploitable natural resources prevalent throughout the countryside, Colombia has become a target for US interests. Oil and energy companies, along with their growing infrastructure, are already protected by the US military as they continue their exploitation of the nation.

Meanwhile, the Evil Empire already has its sites set on destabilizing Venezuela and a harsh critic of the US, Hugo Chavez. Forces now at work, supported and maintained by the US, are slowly setting in motion mechanisms that, it is hoped, will unseat Chavez from office, whether by force or other means, thereby installing a friendly US pro-neo-liberal puppet that will allow for the pilfering of Venezuelan oil by the Evil Empire. A coup, assassination and or invasion are not out of the realm of possibilities, especially when black gold is involved.

What the Evil Empire has done to Latin America and its hundreds of millions of people is the imposition – by its proctors in high office and its bullying threats involving capital – of market colonialism that has had the effect of imprisoning and enslaving the masses. Neo-liberal ideology has indebted most “third-world” nations, not simply those of Latin America, and it has furthered indigence, lack of education, the corrosive caste system upon which millions are born into, inequality, injustice, hunger, disease, suffering, loss of opportunity and death.

Latin American nations have been made worse off since the inception of neo-liberal economic models forcefully imposed by the Evil Empire. As a result, labor has been made cheaper for US corporations, translating into cheaper goods for its citizens. Through the back-breaking slave labor, conditions and wages Latin Americans are exploited so that we in the rich north can consume to our hearts content. Yet millions upon millions live in squalor, surviving day to day, usually earning less than two dollars a day, living in feeble conditions and without the chance of ever improving their lives due to the non-existence of opportunity.

The Evil Empire’s domination of Latin America (for more detail please see my January 12th article, Not in Our Backyard) has resulted in the mass migration towards our borders. When mechanisms such as NAFTA and neo-liberal tools are put in place in countries such as Mexico, only the elite benefit and profit. Everyone else is made worse off; jobs are meager, scarce and dehumanizing. US subsidies to agriculture have devastated rural farmers and workers in Latin America. When these people leave for the cities they find that employment is non-existent and life unbearable. The push to migrate north, where natives no longer perform the jobs of hard labor, is tremendous.

Thus, today we see millions of undocumented workers living in the US. It is the Evil Empire’s imposed economic models and trade mechanisms that have created the eruption of Latin slave labor in our nation. Is it any coincidence that the mass migration north began after NAFTA was imposed on the region? The only entities that have benefited from NAFTA, both in the US and Mexico, are the corporations and the few ruling elite. Everyone else has been thrust into the realm of exploitation and failure.

The near enslavement of Latin America for the benefit of the Evil Empire has devastated millions of lives, talent and ability. It has created colonized economies, based on US crony capitalism that has exploited both man and land. Public companies and utilities have been privatized and subjugated to fit the Leviathan’s goals. The rich have become richer while the poor poorer, and this has led to the greatest disparity in wealth the region has ever seen.

The Evil Empire has created a region that has for the last fifty years been subservient to the US. Its many puppets and proctors have helped devastate lives and subjugate the masses. Democracy has historically been an illusion. Fraud, coups, assassinations, destabilization, dictatorships and a state of perpetual wretchedness have been used by the Evil Empire as tools to control Latin America. When the will of the people triumphs, such as in Chile with Allende, Venezuela with Chavez or Haiti with Aristide, the Evil Empire imposes its will in order to decimate democracy and maintain a system that benefits the US, its corporations and the elite.

Social democracy and economic models that benefit the masses are not allowed to flourish lest they become a threat to the US. Systems of governance that benefit the people are never allowed to prosper, lest the “pestilence” gain momentum and traverse like a virus beyond borders, giving millions of destitute people hope. Only US style crony capitalism that makes serfs and slaves of the masses for the greater benefit of the Leviathan and the elite oligarchs can exist. Only US style debauched democracy can stand, where the will of the people is silenced and their incredible ability quashed.

The Evil Empire has in the last fifty years devastated hundreds of millions of lives and we are all complicit, thanks to the work of our government, in the ruination of lives and exploitation of human energies.

Lands and People of the Middle East

With wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Evil Empire has killed tens of thousands of Arabs in the last two years. The remnants of cluster bombs and depleted uranium used by the American war machine have and will continue to kill and maim thousands more in the coming decades.

US sponsored sanctions on Iraq, in essence nothing more than a cruel form of economic genocide that was imposed in the aftermath of Gulf War I, unleashed its inherent evils for the next decade, resulting in the death of up to a million men, women and children who were denied basic necessities needed for survival. This form of crime against humanity enforced by the Evil Empire was in essence a quasi-concentration camp in which a million humans perished due to the American government’s collective punishment on an entire population.

Iraq, needless to say, has suffered tremendously both by the one-time American lackey whose tyrannical dictatorship led to the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians and by US wars and sanctions. The Evil Empire has made the Cradle of Civilization a walking wasteland of death, suffering and destruction, a barren desert whose fertility has been eroded.

For years the people of Iran were forced to endure the horrors and despotism of the shah, an American proctor and puppet that subjected his people to tyranny, oppression and exploitation. Democracy was subverted, many innocent civilians were killed or disappeared and the nation fell into decay while the shah and his cronies basked in the splendor of oil’s rewards. When the masses finally revolted, the American embassy was attacked and destroyed, a clear symbol of who the people thought was responsible for their misery. The Great Satan was purged from the lands of Persia and to this day has not returned.

Today, Saudi Arabia is controlled by a US-protected monarchy loyal to its masters. Meanwhile, the people linger in growing poverty and desperation. Democracy is non-existent, as are freedoms and liberties. As a result, many living below human dignity are turning toward resistance and resentment that is manifesting itself in a growing hatred of both the Saud monarchy and American “Crusaders” despoiling sacred Muslim lands.

In Turkey, the Kurdish minority has for years been ethnically cleansed by the Turkish government. Hundreds of thousands of people have died and many more maimed and injured thanks to the vast, modern and sophisticated array of weapons and military hardware provided by the Evil Empire, who has turned a blind eye to the genocide and repression that has brought misery and suffering to the Kurds of Turkey. The Empire’s failure to act in the face of such crimes against humanity and its approval of arms sales to the Turkish military makes it complicit in the systemic annihilation and plight of the Kurdish people.

Through one-sided political support for the crimes against humanity being perpetrated by Israel against the occupied and oppressed Palestinian people, the Evil Empire’s hands are smeared in the blood of a people robbed of their land, raped of their livelihood and dehumanized of their existence. It is American Apache helicopters, Abrams tanks, Caterpillar bulldozers, fast missiles, smart bombs, weapons and bullets that are decimating an entire population, making prisoners of millions who now live in Bantustans and ghettos.

This, along with billions of dollars in financial and military aid to the Israeli government has morphed the crimes of the IDF with the interests of the Evil Empire, forming a Molotov cocktail of destruction, dehumanization and death. The apartheid wall being built today that is usurping Palestinian land, crops, water, homes and lives is in large part possible thanks to American taxpayer money. The Evil Empire’s role in Israel’s treatment of the native Palestinian people is apparent in the geopolitical protection afforded the country by the US and its role in vetoing UN condemnations of Israeli behavior and by its tacit support for Israeli actions in the occupied territories.

The Evil Empire is once more involved in the devastation of millions of people who have been robbed of their lands and lives, live in utter decay and dehumanization, suffer severe forms of collective punishment and are being ethnically cleansed in a most meticulous and abhorrent way. Palestinians are today living in a state of apartheid, in ghettos resembling large concentration camps, under the watchful eyes of a trigger-happy occupying force, struggling to survive on the measly crumbs Israel throws their way and with the knowledge that their endemic and ruinous plight is endorsed by the greatest “purveyor of democracy” and “defender of human rights” the world has ever seen.

In Central Asia, the Evil Empire is systematically forging alliances with a new group of tyrannical dictators that have subjugated their people to despotism. In these nations, democracy is dwindling, freedoms are hardly existent and the decay of liberties is being exacerbated. Torture, death, misery and poverty are hallmarks of the new group of dictators now entrenched in the pockets of the US government. It seems that when vast oil wealth is involved the US altruistic fight for democracy is a principle that is easily disposed of and forgotten. The struggle for human rights and dignity the US so boldly declares as a priority is erased and ignored.

The Evils Done in our Name

The devastation of peoples throughout the planet directly or indirectly sponsored by the Evil Empire, who through no fault of their own are denied rights, freedoms and democracy, are subjected to gross human rights violations and persecutions and face death or disappearance is a crime against humanity. It is state sponsored terrorism and genocide. Market colonialism has decimated both countries and the lives of their inhabitants. Economic genocide has wrought suffering and increased indigence, robbing millions of education, healthcare, opportunity and livable wages. The world’s people have in many instances been enslaved to cater to the interests of the Evil Empire and its minions.

The evils done in our name have created worldwide animosity and hatred. They have given rise to desperation and humiliation that is today manifested by the growing number of humans fighting the system that has been imposed onto them. From Al-Qaeda to Iraqi freedom fighters to the Venezuelan poor to enlightened Europeans to the growing number of sprouting “terror” groups franchising around the world, the people of the world are growing frustrated at the Evil Empire’s devastation of peoples in order to suit its interests, both corporate and governmental.

Billions are searing in anger at the US government and by indirect complicity at its citizens as well. We are no longer welcome neighbors in the community of nations. To be American is to be scorned and castigated, to be unwelcome in the lands of the exploited and subjugated. The evils done in our name are beginning to have karmic repercussions throughout the globe, and the danger now present will affect us all who have been made blind to the crimes against humanity and the planet being committed by the Evil Empire.

In the last 200 years the United States has killed, directly or indirectly, tens of millions of human beings, surpassing the horrors of evildoers past and present. It has created untold levels of suffering and depravity, sending untold millions to the sewers of poverty and dehumanization. These truths are not easy to swallow, or to accept, yet they are as real as the air we breathe. It is time we accept the evils done in our name.

George W. Bush is but the latest in a long line of presidents who have continued the cycle of violence our nation has such a propensity towards. America, it seems, gravitates naturally towards violence and destruction, perhaps due to the fact that besides 9/11, we have never seen the true horrors of what man is capable of unleashing onto his fellow man. The reality that afflicts billions is to us a distant haze of blurriness. We have not been made privy to the suffering and misery, the death, disease and maiming of a land in war, an environment in flames and a people in battle. Our luck has been the world’s misfortune.

Our society has been made blind to endemic and ceaseless worldwide suffering at the hands of our government. Through years of conditioning we now fail to blink at the carnage our military engenders around the world. From the cradle to the grave we are subjected to incessant violence, whether real or fictional, that makes us immune to the torment prevalent in the rest of the world. Through careful manipulation we are made to believe that war is peace, destruction is prosperity and murder is life.

The world burns while we live lives of consumption and production, happy worker bees stuck in hour long commutes working most of our productive lives. We live in peace and harmony at home, distracted from reality by our television screens and movie theatres, by our lavish lifestyles and wasteful society. In the land of the individual the communality of peoples is an alien principle. Content, conformist and passive thanks to our nation of plenty, we care not for peoples outside our borders. We have everything we need, after all, and a plethora of distractions in our daily lives prevents us from even considering that a larger world exists beyond our shores.

The impenetrable bubble we live in protects us from empathizing with billions whose lives have been made worse since the birth of the Evil Empire. We have been made ignorant to that which has been unleashed onto the world and that owes its existence to our continued lifestyle and complicity by acquiescence and failure to act. The Evil Empire runs rampant through the planet, devouring all in its path, enslaving millions and conquering and despoiling lands. Meanwhile, inside the belly of the beast we sit, basking in extravagance and splendor, complacent in life and circumstance, unwilling to open our eyes and minds to the evils done in our name.