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Monday, December 27, 2004

The Exploitation of the American Soldier: Part I of II: Of Caste Drafts and Society's Complicity

The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government… The mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few to ride them.

– Thomas Jefferson

Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.

– Frederick Douglass

We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people …The wave of the future is not the conquest of the world by a single dogmatic creed but the liberation of the diverse energies of free nations and free men. … Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind.

--John F.Kennedy

The government is merely a servant -- merely a temporary servant; it cannot be its prerogative to determine what is right and what is wrong, and decide who is a patriot and who isn't. Its function is to obey orders, not originate them.

– Mark Twain

The story of the American Soldier is much more than a propaganda-laced cover in Time magazine, designed to sell copies, make profits by exploiting patriotism, create acquiescence in BushCo’s preemptive warmongering and empire building policies and in fostering approval and support of a most ambiguous war campaign. The story of the American Solider is much more than a picture of three soldiers posing in full battle gear, M-16’s in hand, ready to invade a “rogue nation,” destroy its infrastructure and kill its citizens. (Perhaps three soldiers dressed in military dress uniform, without machine guns, protective helmets and Kevlar vests would have been more appropriate and in better taste, given the deep resentment and animosity our little pre-emptive wars are creating throughout the world. In Indymedia Jakarta, for example, an anonymous poster labeled the US “psychopaths in pure culture” after he/she saw the cover of Time. Patriotic propaganda at home, terrible portrayal represented abroad.)

Hidden behind the illusory fantasy the corporate media portrays of noble fighting in tumultuous wars, lies a world of death, suffering and lifelong sacrifice, a world of psychological trauma and physical torture, a world of Veteran abandonment by the same government that has sent millions to kill and be killed, a world where America’s finest, along with their families, are swept underneath the rug of indifference and a world in which ethnicity, class structure and society’s deadly ills mix in a noxious concoction to form that most clandestine of military drafts that is based on poverty, lack of education and the caste one is born into.

Our soldiers have become mercenaries to the elite few, neither defending the illusions of freedom or democracy abroad, instead fighting, killing and destroying for the sake of the oligarchy, a small band of miscreant chickenhawks in both government and business enriching themselves through the collective exploitation of low and working class men and women. Expendable cannon fodder our troops have become, invading, occupying and policing those regions of the world the oligarchs want to conquer and subjugate. The corporate Leviathan’s personal army is unleashed, sent to secure its hegemony, economic prowess and resource-rich feudal estates.

Throughout history, the lower and working class structure has been created and purposefully oppressed and exploited – through insurmountable obstacles designed to make almost impossible an escape from the caste one has been permanently placed into – to defend and protect the elite’s interests. The American army is but another instrument to achieve the oligarchy’s powermongering aspirations. Through Bush, the American Soldier is being used to enrich the military-industrial complex, the oil-energy cartel and the corporate Leviathan oligarchy that controls both business and government.

It is hard to believe that we are securing our own freedoms and liberties by invading and taking away those same principles from other peoples and nations that had nothing to do with 9/11. Do not be fooled by this propaganda hallucination; the truth of the matter is that our sons and daughters are fighting to secure and expand the interests of the few; to enrich their bank accounts and increase their insatiable thirst for power and control. We are invading nations, becoming an offensive fighting machine. Our troops are not defending our lands, we are not being invaded, our freedoms, liberties and democratic principles are not being threatened by an alien enemy but rather by our own government. Warmongers we have become, offensively decimating and pilfering other peoples’ resources, nations and rights for no righteous intentions. This is not the America of old, and, thanks to a few at the top, our soldiers fight battles without just cause and moral standing.

The American Soldier is being used and abused, like so many others before, for cynical purposes. Expendable they are to the oligarchy, both in mind and body. Burned, scarred, brain damaged, amputated and torn open by hot molten shrapnel our soldiers return, dead or wounded, becoming invisible symbols of the horrors of war and of the exploitation a few lunatics at the top subject them to. Mentally stressed, exhausted, damaged and psychologically shredded our men and women become, unable to heal the perpetual scars of battle that will linger in their minds the rest of their lives.

For many, the stresses of what they have seen, breathed, tasted and touched will be a part of their daily lives, ingrained in everything they do, present inside them like a demon attached to their torso by a macabre chain of trepidation. Over time the demon will devour them from inside, altering their personalities and their way of life. This is the sacrifice they are expected to assume, one that changes them forever – if they are lucky enough to survive. They sacrifice their remaining existence, the remaining years of their lives. This is the story of the American Soldier, forced to sacrifice life, mind and limb while the few chickenhawks who send them enjoy their million dollar fundraising dinners, basking in their million dollar homes paid by million dollar bank accounts.

The ultimate sacrifice is being paid for reasons that few comprehend, in circumstances that yearn to be understood and for a reality that is hard to believe and accept. The excuses have been many, and many have been impeachable lies and shams. Freedom and democracy are but the latest, found at the bottom of the barrel by Bush, in a last act of desperation, being the hardest to implement, therefore the hardest to prove wrong and question. Now our soldiers are made to believe these audacious deceits, when in fact they die and suffer for much more sinister motives.

For these reasons, like Time, I agree that our heroic men and women, in overcoming so much with so little and in spite of everything the elite few have done to endanger their lives and futures, should be named 2003’s Person of the Year. The reasons, however, are altogether different. Like so many, I am for our soldiers, against the war, and this article is dedicated to all those who through no fault of their own find themselves caught inside the most frightful nightmare they will ever be forced to endure. We can only hope these moments of madness instituted by those at the top will soon end and we can devote ourselves to fighting much more important battles at home.

Everyday Guerilla War in Iraq

Away for months now from the safe confines of this country’s faraway shores, the American Soldier in Iraq has had to endure the constant stresses of a continuous and unrelenting guerilla war. It was a war those at the top, where the buck is supposed to stop, had undoubtedly expected before the launching of the massive invasion of Iraq. Dozens of national security analysts, armed forces brass, intelligence personnel and Presidential advisors had in most likelihood foreseen the prolonged street to street violence and resistance our men and women would have to face during the “keeping the peace” phase of the occupation. To not have expected it would have simply been a complete failure in intelligence and leadership. In cost-benefit analysis, however, a few thousand American casualties outweighed the perceived benefits soon to be reaped.

Tens of thousands of men and women trained for and expecting open desert combat were thrust into a guerilla war very few were ready or prepared to fight in. Their training in instruments of war having been deemed useless in guerilla urban warfare, many have struggled to understand an enemy that sees in the American Soldier invasion, occupation, exploitation and humiliation. As a result, more than 455 have died and more than 10,000 have been evacuated due to various injuries and maladies. These brave soldiers were inserted into poorly trained urban policing roles, -- far removed from their particular niche training – into environments they did not understand, a culture alien to most and a language unlike anything they had ever seen. Trained in the traditional roles of war, our soldiers have instead had to adapt, evolve and learn as they go, in a war none of them asked for, for a purpose that has nothing to do with defending our freedom and liberty. Daily they are shot, maimed and scorned at, unable to discern friend from foe, welcomed not with roses but with RPGs and roadside bombs. Securing the peace has meant street warfare and Iraqi dehumanization, death and destruction, alienation and growing hatred. Gaining hearts and minds has been a failure, instead being turned by Bush into into saving face and covering one’s ass.

The Hummers that transport our troops are without bomb resistant armor. Kevlar vests are in short supply – more than 40,000 are needed for soldiers patrolling cities and towns. Parents back home have had to buy these vests out of their own pockets to protect their sons and daughters. Many soldiers are dehydrated, safe drinking water is scarce. Many have traded their M-16 for enemy AK-47s because of the former’s tendency to jam on a consistent basis. Prolonged tours of duty have been extended to troops whose time to return home has arrived and gone. The “leaders” at the top, in order to fulfill self-defeating ideologies, and in order to not be looked on as fools, refused to increase troop strength when military officers knew it would be necessary to help secure the peace. As a result, fewer troops mean less security and more mistakes. But when the reputation of those at the top is at stake, when they refuse to acknowledge mistakes, cannon fodder troops are but insignificant statistics that are seen as lifeless drones, without wives, husbands, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers and friends. They are expendable entities.

This is what life is like for our sons and daughters in Iraq. As a result, moral is low, AWOLs are numerous and suicides increasing. The reality is that most troops do not know what it is they are fighting for, and the only discernable objective seen is the pursuit of black blood, American hegemony and strategic base allocation. Protecting the numerous Bush crony war profiteers, those reaping billions in reconstruction money, is also a central command given to our soldiers. Destruction of a nation, after all, is an extremely profitable business venture, especially to friends of the administration.

We have destroyed a nation only to rebuild it once again, granting it and the profiteers the many funds desperately needed to reconstruct the fabric of our own nation. Our social fabric rots, its funds disappearing away like footprints on a wet beach, sacrificed to the war profiteers, leaving us all behind as waves of greed return to the Leviathan. Pilfering our wages and our soldiers for their own fraudulent purposes, and we dare raise not our voices. The systemic larceny of both Iraqi and our country’s financial and resource assets continues unabated, and the exploitation of our greatest assets – our men and women – has become a national travesty.

The ceaseless campaign to make corporate mercenaries of our soldiers, basically a slave army designed to enrich the Leviathan with each forward step taken by its collective boots, is resulting in the death and injury to hundreds and thousands, respectively. All for the love of the almighty dollar, the greed of a few and the unquenchable addiction for power and control of the nation’s oligarchs. Our men and women are dying in vain, but when the army is an assembly of citizens from ghettos, urban reservations and rural communities, mostly from low and working caste families, perhaps those where the buck is supposed to stop care not in sending young lives to die and suffer for the greater wealth of a few contributors and friends.

Caste Drafts and Society’s Role in the Making of a Soldier

Out of the worst neighborhoods and rural outposts they are from, living both in concrete jungles and desolate fields of dried up crops. Today’s United States armed forces are an amalgam of rural and urban, black, white and Hispanic, all sharing low and working class backgrounds, coming from the worst educational districts in the nation. This is the American Soldier, not upper middle class or elite boys and girls, not the sons and daughters of the oligarchy. The armed forces are composed of those less fortunate, those with little or no opportunity and future, those whose educational systems are in shambles and those the system throws away into its bins of refuse.

Children in urban areas, mostly black and Hispanic, find themselves encaged by the invisible walls of the ghetto, unable to escape, by reason of income and parental lack of education and opportunity, their modern day reservation. These centers of indigence and ingrained ignorance, fed by a system that helps exacerbate rather than alleviate both, are a living, breathing, vicious cycle in which escape is near impossible, where individuals remain stuck inside for their entire lives, passing on the same destiny to their children. Thus, without jobs, without a decent income, with a lack of education and opportunity and fighting against a system that maintains the status quo, a caste system emerges, trapping generations of urban people in a perpetual state of oppression.

The system feeds off of those less fortunate, indeed, depends on them for its exploitable needs. The caste system needs low wage slaves to work those jobs necessary to keep the economic engine running. Capitalist elites need to subjugate entire segments of the population in order to exploit workers with low wages and long hours. Keeping millions in shackles, through incarceration in ghettos, robbing children of a decent education and denying upward mobility through lack of opportunity, guarantees the continued prolongation of the perpetual caste system.

As future fighting machines grow up, they must survive the concrete jungles, full of dangers lurking around, either in confronting street pressures, gangs or drug zones, in bad households and in worse school systems. Learning little, development being purposefully impeded, resources being almost nonexistent, the future soldier begins to see at an early age that unless he or she escapes the iron grip of the urban reservation, life will be the same or worse than parents and grandparents. Seeing that exodus is virtually impossible thanks to the numerous obstacles placed at one’s feet, the future soldier sees in the armed forces the only viable alternative.

The educational system in these areas is a disaster, ill-preparing students for higher education and for those jobs that offer upward mobility. The armed forces know exactly what goes on in urban areas and their corresponding school districts. It is for this reason that they flood high schools, in some cases primary and junior high schools as well, with recruiters who immediately begin selling the “benefits” of the armed forces to the still young and naïve students seeking a way out of their confined existence. These schools force upon their students an annual standardized test that is given by the armed forces to better determine future prospects. Recruiters are given personal information about students and the harassment begins, oftentimes with phone calls to a student’s home and forced meetings at school. Recruiters may seek out potential grunts at homes. Counselors begin recruiting as well, pushing student’s towards joining the armed forces.

These heavy tactics are repeated over and over, year in and year out, until quotas are met. Young men and women, still innocent and easily manipulated, seeing the bleak prospects at home, are in essence pushed to join the military and become future killing machines. Promises of solid wages, better and higher education, an escape from the prison called the ghetto, an opportunity to be released from the chains of the caste, all are reasons for joining, all become part of the caste draft that is thrust upon urban students.

This nation prides itself on the voluntary aspects of today’s military. In reality, upon careful inspection, it can be seen that when one is living in a reservation, without viable opportunity to excel or a meaningful future to look forward to, the freedom to chose becomes a choice to survive, and in that sense there is nothing voluntary about joining the armed forces. When given a choice to either remain in a perpetual caste or escape onto new horizons, the decision is simple. In the world’s richest nation the choices presented to the urban citizen should not be so profound.

However, when the system encourages and indeed fosters the caste system in order to have a large number of easily exploitable subjects that become either soldiers or low wage slaves, the choices become not voluntary in the normal sense of the word but rather compulsory decisions made to better one’s life. The system’s diseases make joining the military the only option in order to live a better life, and, in the real world, the system drafts these men and women thanks to the widespread levels of oppression it creates.

This makes the belief in an all volunteer army nothing but a mirage. People are basically forced to join, preferring to risk going to war than to dying living a life of hardship in an invisibly enclosed Bantustan that offers little of anything. The caste draft therefore selects the downtrodden, the less affluent, the less educated and the ones that, were they to stay near home, would have but a very uninviting future.

This is manifested in the aggressive recruiting campaign targeting Hispanics. The goal stated by the military is to increase this minority representation from its present 10 percent representation to 22 percent in the next few years. This exponentially growing group, usually low income with very few educational or employment prospects, has been targeted as the next wave of impoverished minorities that will act as tomorrow’s cannon fodder in wars. Economically vulnerable citizens are always a huge recruiting segment for the armed forces. It is these people that provide the means by which to carry out future wars. Sent to the front lines, Hispanics will fight and die, and the reason therefore exists to have the system work to keep this minority at the margins of society.

Similar recruiting circumstances also apply to rural America, where instead of concrete jungles there exist farms of monotony, destitution and lack of opportunity. Education in these regions, while not as bad as in urban centers, still lags far behind those of richer suburban districts. Opportunities in rural zones are limited, jobs are few, wages low, chances for higher education minimal. For these same reasons a large portion of the armed forces are comprised of white rural men and women looking for an escape and a chance to better their lives. Again the caste system is at work, pulling rural youth in the direction of the armed forces. Replace the words ghetto, reservation, urban and Bantustan, and the same forces that push minorities into the military is prevalent, though to a lesser degree, in rural areas. It is from these districts that most of the military recruits come from. Low, working caste men and women, less fortunate, less well educated and less likely to escape the caste they have been born into than their suburban counterparts, seek escape from barren rural towns and farms that do not offer a prosperous future.

Thus recruiting and aggressive marketing is used to lure these young men and women into the military. The government is not stupid, and it knows exactly where it will be able to meet its quotas. Again, we might think the choice is voluntary, but is it really when one wishes for nothing more than to escape the environment and the caste that cannot be escaped? When government does nothing in its power to better the lives of millions, in reality making a student’s decision obvious, pushing indigence and lack of opportunities in order to garner recruits, is the choice really voluntary? Today’s young men and women simply want to live a life worth living, a betterment to their present predicament, an escape from their homes, and, when the only opportunity to achieve this is by joining the military, then the voluntary charade we are made to believe in does not exist, and the finger can then be pointed to the caste draft that has through the system’s failings introduced millions to the armed forces.

Sure, many join out of patriotism and manipulation or out of hereditary tradition, but these soldiers are few and far between. Volunteering for them is indeed a part of their decision making process. (More will be said on this subject in Part II.)

History Once More Repeated

In the not so long history of human civilization the continued exploitation of the working classes continues to be manifested. This can easily be seen in the government’s – and corporate Leviathan’s – abuse of America’s brave soldiers. As has been the case throughout history, the poor are exploited for the benefit of the elite, and today we see an entire army fighting, suffering horrendous physical and mental injuries and dying for the interests of our feudal lords. Serfs and slaves, low, working and middle class, the differences are minute, the similarities eerie. Time continues on its journey, as does the human caste system that creates so much inequality, injustice and human devastation. To be born in misery and deprivation is not one’s fault; to create and foster it is insidious.

Through a system that purposefully creates and furthers lack of opportunity through the continued preservation of blatantly destitute educational institutions thanks to unjust and nefarious tax schemes the caste system remains intact, a solidly invisible concrete wall that acts as an obstacle to millions who through birth are destined to become exploitable and expendable beings. Those living in areas devoid of growth and job prospects, making low wages and suffering through numerous hard working hours without benefits thanks to the influence and money of elite capitalists are trapped in a vicious circle that helps maintain the caste system to what it is today.

This caste, much like India’s, is almost impossible to escape. It ensnarls millions. People are born into it through no fault of their own; they live and die in it, unable to escape its grip thanks to the numerous barriers purposefully placed there by the system. Today the American dream of upward mobility is but a façade, another illusion ingrained into our minds to whitewash the reality that has become the United States. Our soldiers are not the first to be exploited, nor will they be the last. Unfortunately it is a part of humanity, from our cave days until today, and only a united citizenry can decide whether it continues into the future or suffers a most painful death in the present.

Until then, our sons and daughters will continue to die, suffer and undergo mental anguish, sacrificing their futures for the continued accumulation of wealth and power from the few oligarch’s that sent them to war. In the coming war of perpetuity, a most unfortunate end will come to so many of our loved ones, dead not from fighting for freedom or liberty or to protect our democracy but for trying to better their lives, escape their urban and rural reservations, find happiness and to flee that most debilitating and inescapable caste the system run by the powerful refuses to relinquish. History’s pages continue to be turned by the black abyss of ignorance that makes blind bats of us all.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Rise of the Amerikan Nazis, Part III of III: Amerikan Terrorists, American Tragedy

American Mutation

When the thunderous clouds of fascists past and corporatists present finally dissipate over the vast lands of the United States, leaving in its wake a nation recovering from the violent downpours of mass lunacy, fear and collective schizophrenia that have caused a dustbowl-style drought of humanity in the nation of gluttonous undertakings, it will finally be seen, beyond the enveloping haze of post 9/11 hypnosis hindering American visibility, the devastation of what was done to us and what has been done to the world in our name, oftentimes with our willing consent and through our complicit guilt through silence and acquiescence.

The shock and awe storm of the Amerikan Nazis will inevitably one day pass, as all tyrannies eventually do, yet what will remain to haunt us, what will tug at our conscious for years to come, will be the dishonor and shame upon our society for the human malice spawned in the minds of so many millions of Americans. For the Amerikan Nazi phenomenon has with the passing of each sunset grown and mutated beyond the small cabal of criminal corporatists, power hungry warmongering fascists, military-industrial complex elites, delusional Zionist-first neocons, religious Bible-Belt fundamentalists and profit over people capitalists. Today, the cancer is spreading far and wide, infecting those residing inside the belly of the beast, afflicting first and foremost the most unenlightened and ignorant among us.

Tens of millions of Americans are being transformed into conduits of barbarism and catalysts of violence, regenerating the evil of racism against an entire population of purposefully scapegoated innocents whose only crime is belonging to a group the Amerikan Nazis have chosen as the necessary enemy from which to unleash perpetual war for perpetual profit. The deliberate conditioning of tens of millions of citizens by the Amerikan Nazis into purveyors of mass murder and violence accepting and indeed deriving pleasure from the death of 100,000 innocent Iraqis should send shockwaves throughout the world that perhaps a communal lunacy has infiltrated a large segment of the American people.

This has been achieved through the deadly mixture of raging patriotism/nationalism and the powerful ignorance ingrained in Christian fundamentalism methodically injected into the populace. The Amerika of the Amerikan Nazis is a land where the collective memory of the population is easily forgotten and recycled in spans of eight and twelve hours. It is a land where news is as artificial as aspartame, and as corrosive and cancerous to the mind as the sweetener is to the body. Amerika is a nation where the attention-span of the average American is that of a gnat, from birth the brain rewired through ceaseless hours of watching rapid-moving, perfection-filled fiction television imagery.

The country of the Amerikan Nazis is one where more and more citizens are dependent on the effects of mind-altering and controlling pill popping pharmaceutical drugs, a land where education in schools is nonexistent, serving only to brainwash to the tunes of a corporate dominated world and a government obedient drone, and where corporate controlled television spawns state-sponsored jingoism in a raging orgy of propaganda, in the process becoming the thinking grey matter of so many people who not only believe every word they listen to, they regurgitate it as their own. In a country where the airwaves are both omnipresent and omnipotent, the minds of those residing in its entrails are easily corralled, controlled and conditioned.

In order for the fictional war on terror to succeed, an enemy must exist, for offensive wars of conquest cannot exist without enemies. The masses must be conditioned that this enemy must be feared, for fear blinds human logic and analytical thinking, and this fear must be manipulated into hatred, for hatred is itself a catalyst for ceaseless war through control of a now conditioned, manipulated and militarized populace. As long as fear leads to hate war will be present if it is sought by warmonger leadership, for hate blinds and is easily controlled by puppet masters moving minds like sacrificed pawns on a chessboard.

With an enemy selected, alien in culture, language and religion, fictionalized, stereotyped, slandered and ostracized, conditioned into the American mind as an uncivilized barbarian seeking only destruction and terror, unknown and not understood, made to be feared and hated, the Amerikan Nazis, through their vast army of lackeys in government and the corporate media, indoctrinated a susceptible public to the next enemy created to captivate the minds of the American citizenry. The new heathen and savage, the inhuman ‘Untermensch’ of the German Nazis and the Israeli-Zionists had been born, now free to be mass murdered and dehumanized, their lands, resources and lives invaded and conquered.

With a complacent and indifferent Amerikan populace, conditioned that to be Arab-Muslim was to be below human, thereby erasing any human guilt of complicit murder and devastation done in their name, validating the savage assault on human rights, the reality and truth of what has transpired in Iraq hidden and whitewashed by a criminal corporate media enterprise, the war of aggression and utter annihilation of a society could commence.

Amerikan Terrorists

It is perhaps a product of the lack of accountability at the highest reaches of governance why tens of millions of Amerikans applaud the utter destruction of an entire society. If the Amerikan Nazis at the top, nothing but war criminals and criminals against humanity and the planet, are able to direct atrocities on a massive scale without so much as a whisper of guilt or questioning, then average Amerikans are surely able to discern from this that tacit approval of the brutality occurring in lands thousands of miles away is therefore warranted. Thus the acceptance of state sponsored terrorism has been birthed.

Indeed, at the upper echelons of government Amerika is about to approve as Attorney General the man responsible for making legal the use of dehumanizing torture on prisoners of war, thus validating war crimes oftentimes against innocent people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. To nominate and approve such a man to head the Justice Department would be to make torture an accepted mechanism in the perpetual war abroad and the growing police state at home. Before long, torture, whose resulting confessions can now be used against the victim, will become a mainstay part of Amerikan justice and jurisprudence, used to find guilt, imprison the innocent and instill the face of fear on a terrified populace.

When an aggressive, invading nation is also the most powerful country on Earth, the rules of war, in a battle pitting poor versus rich, can get trumped and rewritten to suit the interests of the Amerikan Nazis. Interpreting the laws of war and of enemies in favor of the superpower, with hardly a voice of disapproval from the larger world community, has led to untold levels of torture and humiliation, dehumanization and suffering.

Suddenly torture has become a legal justification to condemn prisoners, many of whom will say anything so the pain and suffering will stop, to a sadistic ritual prevalent in the Amerikan armed forces and in society in general. It is a product of a violence based society, a war culture conditioned from birth to seek the way of the gun and the philosophy of force. This reality can be seen in the incessant war crimes being committed in Iraq and Afghanistan today. The truth is never easy to accept, but it is the truth nonetheless.

Based on the racist idea that Arabs and Muslims are nothing more than subhuman barbarians, the systematic torture of body and mind has caused terrible suffering to the victim and inhuman pleasure to the perpetrator. Interpreted and given credence by Alberto Gonzalez, approved by George Bush and implemented by both the Justice and War Departments, torture has become as symbolic of Amerika as apple pie. The photos of torture we have all seen countless times are the true face of Amerika, a land the Amerikan Nazis call home to the roaring applause of tens of millions of people.

From sleep deprivation to loud music to solitary confinement to imprisonment in tiny claustrophobic cages to intimidation and bites by attack dogs to verbal abuse to food and water deprivation to heat exposure to the wearing of blinding hoods to asphyxiation to being submerged in water to having all appendages tied together to laying motionless on the ground for days, surrounded by your own fecal and urine waste to getting punched with fists throughout your body to getting struck by rifle butts in the head to being forced to live life completely nude (the most disgraceful form of punishment to Muslims) to being beaten and kicked to being forced to perform degrading sexual simulations with other prisoners to being sexually raped to being anally sodomized by brooms and light fixtures to being slowly electrocuted with wires attached to your appendages and private parts to slowly being pummeled to death to getting shot in the stomach without medical assistance to finally succumbing to human evil and leaving the wretched world you had been trapped in. This is the work of wickedness, of an evil whose dehumanization will leave those not yet dead wishing they were. This is the product of the Amerikan Nazis, of Amerikan Terrorists.

Yet in the realm of the psychotic only grunts and pawns have been brought to justice. Only those told what to do by a hierarchical chain of command emanating directly from the White House have been made scapegoats. It is those at the top, however, the Amerikan Nazis, who initiated the reign of terror upon the lands of the Middle East. It was those without empathy, those without a sense of human understanding that signed the paperwork necessary so that evil could be unearthed.

Trained by the Israelis to the best dehumanizing devices, tools and forms of torture to be used against Arab Muslims, Amerika now finds itself on par with the German Nazis of the 1930’s in the sheer ruthlessness of its indiscretions. Amerikan gulags now dot the Earth, from Guantanamo in Cuba to Abu Ghraib in Iraq, from the prisons known to nobody in Afghanistan to those financed by Amerika in Israel to the CIA torture jet flying victims to your friendly neighborhood torture-loving regime. A system of gulags and concentration camps now abound, hidden from view and from reality, invisible but known, undoubtedly unspeakable in horror and devastating to both body and mind.

In a year or two or three, these institutions of human malice might be imported to Amerika, serving as centers of re-education against dissidents, artists, progressives, minorities and the ever useful scapegoated enemy. How many Muslims picked up after 9/11 remain missing? How many have been disappeared, never to be seen again? After all, it is said that human rights violations are first enacted on foreigners before commencing on citizens. This is Amerikan fascism at its best, a way to silence and disappear those whose opinions differ from the regimes, much like those Amerikan sponsored despots of years past such as Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

The Amerikan Terrorists have devastated an entire nation, destroying the fabric of society, exporting chaos and anarchy into the Cradle of Civilization. Fear reigns in Iraq, its citizens unable to feel secure or live life as they once used to. Most prefer the tyranny of Saddam to the devastation of the Amerikans. Over 100,000 of their loved ones have been killed in a year and a half. Many more have been maimed in body and mind, forever to carry the physical and mental scars inflicted on them by the occupiers.

Entire cities, such as Fallujah, lie in ruins, devastated by aerial bombardments meant as a form of collective punishment on an entire population. Daisy cutters and 2,000 pound bombs flatten entire city blocks, candy-like cluster bombs spread destruction throughout neighborhoods, their sinister candy and toy-like appearance a curious delight to young children. Napalm is being dropped onto homes and streets, its gel-like petrol attaching itself to human flesh as it burns the life out of innocent Iraqis. Soldiers have been told to shoot anything that moves; snipers pick off women and children as if they were carrying AK-47s. Bullets riddle the skies, mortars explode on the ground, car bombs devastate the occupiers and all hell has broken loose in the lands of Mesopotamia. A much deadlier and silent killer, however, lurks in the wings.

Depleted uranium will kill more than all the bombs and bullets and artillery shells it is attached to. For 4.5 billion years Iraq will burn in the silent heat of radiation, condemning millions of innocents to radioactive black dust penetrating bodies, like a parasite attaching itself to all vital organs, bones and muscles. Cancers and diseases have and will continue to increase exponentially; birth defects will only get worse. Already Iraq is producing reproductive mutations the likes of which have never been seen. Invisible clouds of silent death are infecting the land, the soil and water of a land once called fertile, gushing with rivers that helped spawn civilization.

How many hundreds of thousands will die thanks to a nuclear war commenced by the Amerikan Nazis? How many deformities will Iraq have to deal with? The genetic code of these people may be in the process of mutating thanks to depleted uranium, a process not discriminatory on Amerikan troops. The same madness of cancers, disease, lower immune systems, chronic illness and birth defects affecting Iraqis is also being transported back to the United States inside the bodies of soldiers. They will suffer the same consequences as their Iraqi counterparts, having already experienced such ramifications after Gulf War I, where thousands of veterans have already died from depleted uranium exposure, though nicely covered up the corporate media and the government.

Amerikan Nazis are Amerikan terrorists, unleashing fear and insecurity in the United States and savage carnage in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have manipulated our psychology just as they have devastated that of Iraqis and Amerikan troops returning to a world now alien to them. Tens of thousands of soldiers whose vital organs are now protected by Kevlar vests have survived deadly attacks, though to many, a life maimed and without appendages, with severe burns and head injuries, suffering the corrosive demons of a war that will never escape their thoughts, is what they can expect for the remainder of their lives. Sacrificed for a war without honor, based on lies and deceit, fought for profit and power, the Amerikan soldier returning home will be eaten from the inside out by inner demons tearing him or her apart thanks to the atrocities they saw or committed, or by the deadly and oftentimes miserable manifestation of depleted uranium as it tears the body in pieces.

Karma has a way of returning favors. For every action, after all, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The legacy of the Amerikan Nazis abroad will be the utter destruction of human rights in the Middle East and the untold level of carnage created in Iraq, where the resurrection of human evil has been successfully implemented. Hundreds of thousands are now dead, entire cities lay in ruins, now glowing with the poison of radioactive depleted uranium, and an entire society has been gutted. Reincarnations of Nazis past does the world find itself dealing with, though blind most remain to the human evil taking place in Iraq thanks to a complete propaganda-laced blackout of the reality and truth behind the war.

Through the illegal invasions and occupations, the torture, the gulags, the razing of cities, the dehumanization of Muslims, the use of DU and napalm, acts of collective punishment, the death of 100,000 innocents, the disappearance of Arabs and the willful trashing and utter disrespect for human rights the world can see what leads the United States today. It is a new form of Nazi, or human wickedness if you will, running amok, in control of the most powerful nation on Earth, as well as its population.

From the past arrives the present, as Nazis have existed throughout man’s brief but tumultuous history. Always reincarnated to once more unleash humanity’s evil upon our kind, brought back from the dead to baptize violence among the plains of the planet and reborn to once more tempt mankind’s will to self-annihilate itself, the Nazi rise to power, and its grip on war and human violence, is but the challenge we give ourselves to see whether or not we can learn from our historical mistakes and progress forward in time and space.

Their rise is the greatest obstacle we grant ourselves, being that we forever remain addicted to suffering, and the ultimate marker by which we measure our insatiable need for violence. We always let them rise, inexplicably blinded by their ascension, yet, somehow, the Nazi always falls, after laying waste to land and man, and nearing us to the self-extinction we always seemingly toy with. At the end, the goodness of humanity defeats the evil of greed, the addiction to power and the violence of warmongering leaders.

We only grant them an enormous head start from which they unearth their devastation upon the world. We fall asleep, becoming drones captivated by their aura, only when on the verge of their triumph do we mobilize. The time to catch up is upon us, for this batch of Amerikan Nazi is as rabid as they come.

American Tragedy

Lacking education while growing abundant in ignorance, sprouting from birth conditioned chants of patriotic fervor and for years dumbed-down through school and television, possessing no free logical thought while regurgitating the opinions of corporate media puppets, manipulated through fear and insecurity, brainwashed to the dogma of false prophets and religious fundamentalists, trained to never question authority and always follow the dictates of governance, tens of millions of Americans are falling prey to the hypnotizing light of the Amerikan Nazis. Tens of millions are in the process of or have already become Amerikans, trying to establish the tyranny of the United Corporations of Amerika, the antithesis of what hundreds of millions of sane, good, decent human beings who live in America wish their nation to be.

Amerika is the country at the opposite parallel dimension of America, a land born through the paradigm shift that was 9/11, a nation of hate and racism, a land where at present almost half of its population wants to restrict the civil liberties of Arab and Muslim Americans, simply out of ignorance, which leads to fear, which itself leads to hatred and racism, and simply because marionettes tens of millions of people have become, their strings easily toyed and manipulated with. (What’s next, Muslim ghettos, cattle-car trains, concentration camps, gas chambers? What is this nation becoming? I fear what another ‘terrorist’ attack will lead to) Amerika is a country captured by fear and madness, bred by ignorance and brainwash education, a populace hanging in the trance-like vortex of schizophrenia, afraid of dark-skinned bogeymen and different cultures, captivated by the systemic manipulations of the corporate world and its brainwashing media. Hypnotized like deer to car lights, Amerikans are traveling down a slippery slope of lunacy, tens of millions transfixed in collective psychosis, regressing back to 1930’s Germany, each month hating more, fearing more, racism and scapegoating fusing into a deadly mixture of acceptance of what is being done in their name, their thirst and acceptance of Arab blood growing with each new drumbeat of war and image of Muslim carnage.

To live in Amerika is to live in a nation devoid of free-thinking minds, with education, healthcare and necessary social services being eviscerated each year in favor of an ever-growing Department of War budget – now $450,000,000,000.00 annually, not to mention another $200,000,000,000.00 that it has taken to prosecute the war in Iraq – providing untold sustenance and profit to the military industrial complex. It is to live in a nation embarked on preemptive war of aggression, illegal and immoral, designed for oil control and profits, imperial hegemonic expansion, for the security of an apartheid, racist regime, for Iraqi resource pillage and usurpation, and the complete highway robbery of America’s treasure by the criminal elite, even as poverty, unemployment, outsourcing, hunger and illness grows throughout America and even as the gap between rich and poor continues to increase. In the billions of dollars being stolen, both from Iraqis and Americans, can the real reasons of this greed-infected, capitalism-crazed invasion and occupation be seen.

The Amerikan Crony Capitalism Crusade has been unearthed from the soils of centuries ago, designed to bring the ‘miracles’ of the Almighty Dollar to savages and barbarians of the Middle East, with the expansion of imperial hegemony disguised as bringing freedom, democracy and human rights to the region. In reality, only death, destruction, chaos and human hell are being exported by Amerika and its platoons of corporate mercenaries killing and maiming in the name of Amerikan style debauched democracy and crony capitalism.

The delusional and fanatical among us, however, see what Amerika is doing in Iraq as the beginning of yet one more failed Christian Crusade, pitting Christianity (good) versus Islam (evil) on the way to Armageddon and the second coming, an event extremists have been waiting 2000 years for, each generation as disappointed as the previous when no higher power arrives to turn off the lights on humanity. This time will be no exception, but to the Amerikan Nazis it is a useful fiction to pacify and gain the support of millions of worshiping Amerikans who see the salvation of Israel and the invasion of evildoers as necessary steps on the way to the Rapture. It seems theological control of believers still thrives, in the present as it did the past, to attain the vested interests of those in power.

The Amerika of the Amerikan Nazis is designed to exist as a Christian fundamentalist theocracy, the better to dumb-down and control the populace, where tectonic shifts are blamed on the gastrointestinal rumblings of an imaginary entity, where Earth is believed created in six days, where woman is believed derived from a single male rib (talk about the male ego of those who concocted such fiction), where through fault of women humanity was banished from Eden, forever tainted with sin, where Noah saved every conceivable species on Earth in his ark during the Great Flood (which now is said to have created the Grand Canyon), where the continuing erosion of the fable of creationism by science is giving rise to ever more creative and desperate strategies trying to save the primitive and archaic thought of thousands of years ago (think intelligent design being taught in schools), where a metaphysical god allows the unmerciful mass murder of tens of thousands of those it created in its own image, where killing and inflicting misery onto others is seen as a key needed to enter the kingdom of god, where peace and love are but impediments to the conquest of new souls and the exploitation of their lands, where destroying an entire society has the blessings of the Almighty because hey, it speaks directly to Amerika’s Dear Leader, George Bush, though his actions are the antithesis of Jesus’ teachings, making him the opposite of Christ, the Anti-Christ.

At the opposite end of the American spectrum, the America millions idealistically dream of, Amerika is an imperial bully arrogant in power and ignorant to history. It is a warmongering Empire addicted to both black blood below ground and red blood on the surface, a violence-laden nation apathetic and unknowing to the ways and peoples of the world, lacking precepts of humanity, breeding entire generations of desensitized and sadist-seeking robots programmed that only through the barrel of a gun can problems be solved. Amerika is a land controlled by the corporate world, spoiled by greed, rotting from the inside out by the exploitation and subjugation prevalent in crony capitalism, where profit will always come before people, the bottom line trumps the moral line and where the Almighty Dollar is the omnipotent sovereign ruling over its domain.

Amerika is a land of despotism and non-existent democracy, where Washington has become an overflowing and randy bordello opening its legs to the highest corporate bidder. It is an Empire of hypocrisy, espousing democracy and freedom abroad yet denying it throughout the globe, even in its own lands, where elections are a sham designed to give the appearance of legitimate democracy giving power to the People. The Amerikan Nazis have rigged elections in Afghanistan and in the United States, have devastated Haiti with a pre-planned coup, have meddled in the elections of former Soviet countries like the Ukraine and tried to destroy democracy in Venezuela, though failing in the process. As the need for natural resources continues to grow, with competition from China, Europe and Russia expanding, Latin America and Africa will likely see, once again, the exportation and infiltration of Amerikan style ‘democracy’ into their lands.

The Amerikan Nazis are no doubt attempting to subvert real democracy in Iraq, destabilizing the citizenry and installing yet another puppet proctor to mangle the interests of Iraqis in favor of those that put him in power. Throughout the globe, the Amerikan Nazis have installed, protected and sponsored dictators, despots and royalty in numerous underdeveloped nations, nothing but Amerikan puppets, minions and lackeys, pilfering these countries of their riches and of the interests of the native population, making extinct any semblance of honest and real democracy, sequestering freedoms, liberties and rights, and installing neo-liberal economic policies that act to exploit and pillage lands, peoples and their governments. This is democracy and freedom, Amerikan style. This is market colonialism and economic genocide. This is Amerikan capitalism.

Claiming a leadership mandate in human rights even as it tortures, rapes, pillages, destroys and murders tens of thousands abroad, Amerika holds two million of its citizens in prisons, many sent to rot inside cages for years at a time for petty crimes, many indigent and of color, unable to afford adequate representation in a system designed to imprison those who lack the education and resources to escape the halls of so-called justice. Amerika is the only industrialized nation to execute prisoners, for years hanging, shooting, electrocuting and poisoning inmates, many of who, it turns out, were sentenced unjustly, based on indigence, skin color and racism.

Amerika is the land of overabundance and of waste, even when the planet can no longer sustain the appetite wrought by a plague of locusts devouring everything in its path. Addicted to materialism, programmed to produce and consume, millions of gluttonous Amerikans sustain their habits through the exploitation, oppression and subjugation of third-world land, resources and peoples such as Iraq. Wars of conquest are validated and subsidized by those same citizens demanding inexpensive gasoline and heating bills, cheap foods and products, ever-larger homes made from forest and jungle wood, abundance of material wealth and the comforts afforded to those lucky to live in the most superfluous nation in the brief history of humankind. It is the control, subjugation and exploitation of poor nations’ governments, economies, resources and citizens by the United States that allows for the high standard of living for those residing inside its borders. It is our demand for cheap, excessive-filled lifestyles that makes us complicit in the devastation of countries such as Vietnam and Iraq.

In the lands owned by the Amerikan Nazis, the environment is seen as a resource to be exploited and destroyed, forever scarred by industrial machinery and the destructive hands of man. For wherever man goes, destruction soon follows. Amerika pollutes with wretched abandon, contributing twenty-five percent of worldwide carbon dioxide emissions even when its population is only five percent of the world. It refuses to abide by environmental protocols, mechanisms and regulations, arrogantly denying accepted science and thumbing its nose at the plight of the world, even as Earth continues getting sicker and more volatile.

Its corporate dominated government allows industry to pollute air, land and water with various toxins and poisons, contributing to tens of thousands of annual deaths, all premature and avoidable. In the Amerika of the Amerikan Nazis, the corporate world runs free to lace our foods with carcinogens, chemicals, hormones, preservatives, toxins and poisons that are killing and making sick hundreds of thousands per year, all in the name of profit, the bottom line and expanding revenues. If corporations were living, breathing human beings, they would be sentenced for mass murder, executed for being psychotic and criminal entities. Instead, their executives get bonuses and promotions.

Society is one based on an almost inescapable caste system that determines the future and present of millions, robbing them of talent and ability, denying them opportunity based on their hereditary environment, their socio-economic status and the color of their skin. Amerika is a nation whose system socially engineers castes, promising dreams and delivering nightmares, from birth creating divisions of labor, ethnicity, education, health, economic viability, environmental upbringing and opportunity, creating from the indigent and working classes the next generation of capitalism’s slaves and from the privileged elite the next generation of exploiters and oppressors, criminals and murderers.

The Amerika of the Amerikan Nazis is at war with science and education, bastardizing fact while espousing myth and fable in an attempt to further dumb down the citizenry. It is immersed in a never-ending battle against truth and reality, blitzkrieging us in a deluge of lies, delusions, deceptions, misrepresentations and manipulations, mixed together for control over millions of minds. The dumber the masses, the more power and control the Amerikan Nazis will have. The more power and control they possess, the harder it will become to abort their hegemony.

The Amerika of the Amerikan Nazis honors its cherished principles of corruption, criminality, mass murder, illegal wars and sadistic torture. It fights wars for Zionist interests, drops bombs for Israeli security and applies Zio-Nazi dehumanization methods perfected after years of Palestinian occupation. It abhors justice, civil rights, freedoms and equality. Capitalism, profit over people and greed are its mantras, the military industrial complex its lifeblood, corporatism it goal, the Establishment its true and only cerebral cortex.

In Amerika, the corporate media is nothing more than state and government propaganda, its journalist leeches sucking the mammary glands from the great corporate Leviathan. It hides truth, suppresses reality, sponsors the interests of its sponsors, fails to report and inform, distorts facts, whitewashes news and protects the interests of the hand that feeds it. It is a tool of the corporate world, a loudspeaker of the interests of the Amerikan Nazis. From its complicity in the debacle in Iraq Americans cannot see the reality of war, with its devastation and death, its destruction and suffering. Americans are prevented from seeing flag-draped coffins and the thousands of soldiers maimed for life. They are prevented from seeing the sacrifice made for mistake after bloody mistake and for achieving the interests and wealth of those in power. Through the sellouts acting as journalists we are given false propaganda and fictions designed to placate and control us. The Vietnam lessons have been learned, and under no circumstance will the populace be allowed to see the reality of war. Decades ago truth led to a growing tidal wave of anti-war action, which inevitably led to division, instability and a raging citizenry demanding an end to the conflict. To those in power, this mistake cannot be repeated.

This is the Amerika so loved by the Amerikan Nazis, the home of greed and the land of the slave, the cradle of growing ignorance and indifference. Fighting for the continued growth of wealth and power of the elite, the new Amerikans thus become the slaves and army of capitalism, living like serfs in beehive housing, forever indebted to their corporate masters, living day to day through the wages they must inevitably return to their employers and controlled by a system that decides how they spend their waking hours, what they can and cannot do, what foods they will eat, what products they will buy, what they will watch, how society will shift, how long they will work, how happy they will be. Amerikans thus become trapped and exploited by the same system they ignorantly follow and defend.

Beyond the appetite for vengeance and violence, the thirst for dark-skinned Arab blood and destruction, Muslim suffering and maiming, rampant scapegoating of enemies through xenophobia and homophobia, blind, psychotic patriotism and hypnotic nationalism, fundamentalist ignorance and brainwashing, and the blatant racism and arrogance of tens of millions of Americans since 9/11, lies a much more disgraceful, shameful, cold-blooded demon in the Amerikan consciousness. This is the silent complicity in the destruction of an entire nation and its people. Millions have relished the tragedy, and in this mindset the Amerikan Nazis have succeeded in turning once moral citizens into ravaging demons craving violence and destruction.

In time we will look back in shame and disgust at what was done in our name, at the war crimes tens of millions applauded and cheered. Only then will those hypnotized by lunacy awake, finding their humanity missing and their goodness extinct. To those who cry and lament the evil sponsored by the same nation that created the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, the devastation taking place is testament to the evil of the Amerikan Nazis, and our wonderment of how so many could be blinded and made to hate is only reinforced by the truth that emerges out of Iraq, usually from the wonders of the Internet.

We can only hope the return of America ushers in a new dawn of goodness and humanity, finally exorcising the fiend that is Amerika. Until then, however, the inner demons of what Amerika did in Iraq and Afghanistan will linger like a bad drought, drying our humanity and scorching the once temperate beliefs of hundreds of millions of good, decent, enlightened Americans whose head now bows in shame at the atrocities committed under the red, white and blue.

The Amerika of the Amerikan Nazis must not be allowed to exist, for if it does then the America of the majority will cease to exist, only to be found in the history books being fed to the bonfire of despotism, devastation and fascist belief. The struggle to regain the America of our dreams and our wishes is upon us, for everything that goes up must inevitably come back down. So it must be with the rise of the Amerikan Nazis.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Rise of the Amerikan Nazis, Part II of III: Death of Democracy

"It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything".
---- Joseph Stalin

Democracy at Death’s Doorstep

In November 2000 democracy, or the mirage that passed for it, was dismembered, never again allowed to grace America with its cherished principles espousing the power of ‘We the People.’ It was four years ago that democracy inhaled its last breath of life through the asphyxiation of the People’s will by the powerful grip of electoral fraud. Today, after four years of having experienced the subsequent results of what fraud helped birth, and now with yet another clear case of electoral fraud under our belts, democracy has been replaced by a mutated and debauched species of democracy, one consisting of televised manipulation of votes through media conditioning, two-party charades controlled and commanded by corporate interests, representative façades that no longer serve the People, and election day fictions of electorate mandates along with fantasies of voter empowerment.

All this, combined with the methodical and clandestine rigging of elections by the GOP elite, has resulted in the utter destruction of one of the most honored principles in American history. The beacon of democracy has thus become a bastardized bonfire of duplicity, a sham designed to maintain and control power even as the citizenry is made to believe their voice resonates and steers the country forward. Nothing could be further than the truth.

“We the People,” that brilliantly concocted phrase designed for the consumption of the masses, carefully masqueraded yet hardly ever applied, whose fiction has since its creation been unmasked more and more with each passing decade, has now been firmly revealed for the farce that it is through the second coup d’etat in four years to smear the land of greed and the home of the slave. For those residing inside the entrails of the United Corporations of America, now under the firm grip of the Amerikan Nazis, the term created by the Founding Fathers has ceased to exist. It is now nothing more than a phrase rotting away in the dustbins of history, forever to gather dust, slowly decomposing its once protected greatness, discarded by the indifference and abandonment of the same people it was meant to inspire.

Democracy’s grave today lies in Florida, with its undertaker, Jeb “Jim Crow” Bush, and its mortician, the good old boys’ Grand Old Party, responsible for America’s descent into despotism. It was the Sunshine State that first carried the election fraud cancer four years ago, riddled with tumors and chicanery, in time helping spread it to other states and other elections by the greed addicts and power mongers comprising the Amerikan Nazis. Like pollen carried by the wind the virus traveled freely, passing from host to host, from Diebold machine to Diebold machine, infecting Amerikan Nazi minions, from Katherine Harris in Florida to Kenneth Blackwell in Ohio, traitors to a now terminally infected nation, catalysts to mass murder and incalculable crimes against humanity.

Growing in malignancy, the cancer proliferated into many other states. It was tested to great success in the mid-year elections of 2002 (think Georgia, Florida), and was perfected in time for the grand prize of 2004, culminating in the Buckeye state of Ohio, systematically delivered to George Bush through an array of clandestine methods that would make a third-world dictator merry with Christmas glee and New Year’s bliss.

If in November 2000 the monster’s heinous face was finally uncovered, revealing to those no longer blinded by the System its true and contemptible nature, then in November 2004 we witnessed its dastardly growth and mutation into a malevolent tumor afflicting the greatest democracy the world has ever known.

The election of 2000 had been too close, a certain defeat for BushCo without Florida’s massive fraud, and never again would the People be allowed to interrupt the master plans of the corporatists (criminals) and zealots (murderers) who were destined to rule the new Amerika. And so, the Amerikan Nazis, patient and sinister, understanding the rapid evolution of technology, owning the mechanisms by which elections were held, counted and tallied, and possessing monopolistic control of the halls of governance, waited as time became their ally and conditioned fear and ignorance of the citizenry became their bedfellows.

The Florida Fraud of 2000, followed by the Supreme Court selection, assured the Amerikan Nazis of four years to perfect their democracy-destroying mechanisms, four years to study their strategy, upgrade their Jim Crow techniques, subvert democracy-protecting legislation, learn from their mistakes, improve their technology, research voting trends and demographics, distribute their election-rigging machines, refine their vote-manipulating code, unleash their army of lackeys and install the infrastructure necessary to once and forever control American elections.

It was only natural, then, that with the advent and evolution of digital technology, advancements in optical scanners, upgrades in computer power and the privatization of elections that those entities unscrupulous in character, absorbed in the corruption birthed by absolute power and enemies to democracy would attempt to erode the basic fabric of the will of the People. Such has happened with the 2004 Presidential elections, the second coup d’etat in four years to riddle its disease-soaked tumor onto the lands of the nation once known as the greatest democracy to ever exist.

Déjà vu all over again

Over 100 million Americans went to the voting booth on November 4, 2004 to help elect the next President of the United States. Voter turnout was massive as record numbers of citizens headed to the polls intent on having their voice heard. What they did not know, however, was that the presidential election had already been decided in favor of George W. Bush months, if not years, before.

The Amerikan Nazi strategy of rigging elections has been carefully implemented during the last six years, if not longer. Through control of every aspect of American elections, from ownership of electronic voting machines and optical scanning equipment designed to count votes, owned by Diebold, ES & S and Triad, to political control of state officials responsible for the implementation and enforcement of elections – think the Ken Blackwell’s and Jeb “Jim Crow” Bush’s of the world – to the control of state legislatures and Supreme Courts to the one-party ownership of all branches of the federal government and its vast arsenal of power, including the ability to squash democracy protecting legislation, the Amerikan Nazis have assured themselves of perpetual fraud, massive deceit of the American People, and continual domination of governance.

Electronic voting machines are the most devious mechanism yet created to assassinate democracy. Why they have been allowed to infiltrate American elections, even when they function without paper trails, without accountability, without overbearing security of codes and technology, without the ability to trace how a vote is created and by whom, is a travesty. Yet it is Republican legislatures that have refused to allow paper trails of machines or audits or investigations into the effects of private enterprise possessing the ability to run American elections.

This past November, it was these same machines, along with optical scanners counting the voting tallies, that defrauded the American people of their democracy. In district after district, votes were stolen from Kerry while at the same time higher voting numbers were given to Bush. In fact, in many districts voter turnout favoring Bush statistically outnumbered the total number of voter registrations, and in other areas, Democratic votes dropped dramatically from their 2000 numbers, even in Democrat heavy districts and even with a massive outpouring of progressive voter drives.

The machine codes of Republican controlled election equipment were most likely formulated to erode ten votes here, one hundred there, 1000 over there, amounting to insignificant numbers when seen from individual polling place to polling place, yet in the aggregate, statewide and nationally, these small eroded numbers end up adding up to hundreds of thousands of votes methodically taken away from Kerry and naturally favoring Bush.

Combined with the now obvious tampering and hacking into these companies’ non-secure codes and machines whose fraudulent glitches gave massive and non-existent vote numbers to Bush and the disenfranchisement of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of minority votes, the fraud that is the election of 2004 becomes apparent.

Historically, exit polls have never been wrong, except in Florida 2000 and now in every state rigged in favor of Bush. (If exit polls can convince the Bush administration that the Ukraine suffered electoral fraud, then why is the same not so here?) This year, exit polls were right on the money in those states not seen as strategic, battleground areas. But in those vitally important for both candidates, such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Florida, dependent on electronic voting machines and optical scanners, the exit polls substantially differed from the results. In these states, substantial Kerry leads in exit polls resulted in Bush victory at the voting booth.

Exit polls from districts not using electronic voting machines and optical scanners were also right on target as compared to the results of polling places using them. The fraud cannot be more obvious. Exit polls were pointing in the direction of a Kerry landslide in key battleground states, yet a few hours later these figures changed dramatically in an impossible shift in numbers. The machines had been hacked, they had suddenly worked their magic, and incredibly, what appeared like a sure victory for Kerry turned into a dramatic win for Bush.

The anomalies and the glitches have been everywhere, and reports from all across the nation report the same thing. Yet in every case, these so-called mistakes and natural errors only seem to favor Bush. Now, anyone with a slight education in statistics will tell you that this is quite impossible. Surely we would see errors favoring Kerry, right? Well, we do not, every glitch in the election favors Bush, coincidentally with Republican controlled voting machines and optical scanners that count the votes. And we still debate that the election was stolen?

The fraud was massive, systemic, methodical and coldly-calculated to steal the election in favor of Bush and the Amerikan Nazis. Clandestine and ingenious, the infrastructure built by the Republicans, from top to bottom, assured that everything would work to perfection. The cover up, from elected officials in Ohio and elsewhere to those People’s representatives in Washington to the cowards in the corporate media has been colossal. Yet slowly, but surely, the truth is coming out, as it usually always does.

Democracy was dealt a Texas lethal injection, executing the glimmer of hope elections and votes represented. In its last breaths of agony and suffering it bellowed its excruciating shrieks from the belly of the state of Ohio, its indifferent executioner. A Presidential election has once more been stolen, the second coup against the American people in four years, obvious to anyone not having their head buried in the sand or stuck in the haze of ignorance.

More importantly, the nation of, by and for the People has been usurped, defrauded of the mandate of voters and the will of the People. The rise of the Amerikan Nazis thus continues, coinciding with the death of American democracy, its power eviscerated, never again allowed to jeopardize the interests or power of those most threatened by the voting mandate of the masses.

For democracy in its purest forms is the mortal enemy of the greed addicted, power hungry, unscrupulous-laden, corrupt, criminal and warmongering pestilence that today resides in Washington, their plague-like virus encroaching the halls of Congress, the offices of governance and homes old and white.

The will of the People only gets in their way; it interferes with their plans, interrupts their ideologies and castrates their intentions. Autocrats, like a fly thriving on fecal matter, prosper on despotism; they depend on absolute power and control of the nation to implement the devastation of the masses for the prosperity of the few.

Democracy only hinders their plans, and so becomes an enemy to tyranny, which, once in power, begins slicing off the appendages of democratic principles. There is nothing despots hate more than the voice of the People and the power of the masses. They detest dissent and protest, free-thought and informed intelligence.

And so, like vultures circling a dead carcass, the cabal of miscreants now in power has swarmed down to feast, gutting the Peoples’ will and voice, eroding America’s collective intelligence and manipulating minds through the power of propaganda and brainwashing, courtesy of corporate media and the whores it calls journalists, now nothing more than loudspeakers spewing government/corporate rhetoric into the minds of Americans.

Like Taking Candy From a Baby

The television has become the most useful and powerful manipulator of minds, and hence of votes, ever envisioned by those in power. Its sheer ability to define issues favorable to those who control television makes the television the ultimate weapon of mass deception. Those who control television and its content control the masses. America has reached a stage where the television has become society’s outlet to the world, acting as entertainer and informer, educator and conveyor of escapism. The power of the monitor, beamed into every home, seen by nearly every pair of eyes, when combined with a population easily controlled, unwise to the world and ignorant beyond repair, becomes the tool assuring despots such as the Amerikan Nazis of mass support and of blind sheep easily herded, both indifferent to the actions of those in power and pacified to the criminal nature of their enterprise.

If Joseph Goebbels succeeded with much less, transforming a defeated nation into a molten cauldron of warmongers soaked in blind patriotism, violent nationalism, animalistic fear and ignorant xenophobia, all done without the use of television, imagine the successes of Karl Rove, Zionists, corporatists and the Amerikan Nazis who like puppet masters skillfully command the thoughts, actions and beliefs of millions of Americans. When the television has become the new conduit of reality, the new altar of American prayer and experience, acting as parent, teacher, preacher and manipulative religion, it is easy to surmise, then, that a population bred for and addicted to television, with its vast arsenal of programming controlled by the same corporations now in control of government, has for years marched like soldier ants and worker bees to the drumbeat and marching orders of those in power.

Whether willing or not, the American people have become captives to whatever information is or is not aired by the corporate media. We are unable, for example, to hear any information or news on the debacle in Iraq, with its ceaseless war crimes and mass murders, or on the devastation of both land and man of radioactive depleted uranium, or on the dire threat of global warming, or on the balanced view of the Israeli-Palestinian issue or on dissident points of debate prevalent in this country and, of course, on the ever-widening scandal that is the fraud-riddled election of 2004. We remain, unfortunately, at the mercy of the corporate media, itself in bed with the Amerikan Nazis, unable to inform ourselves of anything detrimental to both government and big business. The sphere of reality, for those who have yet to discover the liberating energy of the Internet, is as limited as those in control of television wish it to be.

When only carefully selected news and information is relayed into our homes, when only the one-sided opinions espoused by government and corporations are showcased, with only the voices of pro-government or corporate talking heads available, when only whitewashed, censored stories and reports favorable to those in power get aired, when vitally important information gets suppressed, when the views of third-party candidates never gets covered and when escapist fantasy is shown over important reality democracy becomes a useless instrument devoid of power.

When the citizenry of a nation can no longer make electoral decisions based on free-thought, on educated information gathering and on the objective reporting of media democracy cannot function. Media today has the ability to censor any candidate running for office it does not approve of. It can help build a candidate up, making him or her the next war president. It can manipulate stories, so-called yells of rage, the popularity of a candidate and inevitably, his or her success. Just ask Howard Dean how his campaign was destroyed in part by the corporate media. The Establishment saw a threat and proceeded to eliminated it.

For an objective, balanced and informative media loyal only to the truth is a pillar of a healthy democracy. When it crumbles, however, as we see today, instead becoming the stepping stone of the Amerikan Nazis’ rise to power and nothing more than corporatist controlled media, democracy is destroyed and can no longer be trusted to help move the nation forward.

An unenlightened populace, imputing televised propaganda as its own opinion, ignorant to the true state of the country, conditioned to never question either the monitor or government propagandists, captured by lies, deceits, fears, schizophrenia and obedient to the Amerikan Nazis cannot be said to vote wisely, with neither all available information at their disposal or with a clear understanding of the issues. This is not democracy, this is controlled debauched democracy, reminiscent of the best media propaganda in the now defunct Soviet Union and Iron Curtain, reminding one of the state owned channels available in dictatorships. Today in America, the only thing those in power have to do to win votes is control the television, its content and message. In the United States, nothing is easier to do.

What the television guarantees the Amerikan Nazis is the undivided attention of the masses who have no other choice but to see and listen to what the corporate media decides to release. At the press of a button, the Amerikan Nazis can manipulate public opinion and steer the direction of the nation’s pulse based on the images beamed and the propaganda voiced by sold out talking heads, journalists and anchors. They can mobilize millions through propaganda and fear, they can make millions vote against their interests through an amalgam of psychologically devastating tools designed to manipulate and condition.

More and more, the media, nothing more than the propaganda-laced loudspeaker of government and the corporate interests that owns it, airs only what the Amerikan Nazis want the population to see and hear. Hence, we see that a complete blackout of the stolen election of 2004 has been implemented by the corporate media. Naturally, this is done so that the vast majority of the sheep can continue grazing tranquilly, not knowing, not caring and not interested. This is done so that momentum of the resistance does not grow, so that more citizens do not become aware of what is being done to us, so that the movement is discredited, so that truth dies and is forgotten, and so that Amerikan Nazi power and control continues to grow without interruption and without an awakening of the masses. The complicit nature of the corporate media, in its failure to cover such a treasonous crime upon the American people, is clear proof of its role in the death of democracy, the birth of despotism now invading America and the rise of the Amerikan Nazis.

Carefully bombarding the human mind with one-sided, censored, misleading, deceitful, manipulative, jingoistic, patriotic diatribe and propaganda, especially in a country where free-thought is the exception rather than the rule, where the thoughts of pundits become the opinions of the masses, where diversity of opinion has evaporated and dissent has ceased to exist, the media, through the television and radio, creates in the thought processes of the masses the illusion that only the opinion it airs exists and can be accepted. Thus what it shows and says must be true because no other opinion or view exists out there in the realm of television. With a populace that does not self-educate itself, dependent entirely on the viewpoints of Amerikan Nazi lackeys for their lackluster attempt at knowledge, this is a recipe for the manipulation of a healthy democracy.

In order to maintain power in a so-called ‘free-society’, where liberty and freedom ring loud and clear, autocrats destroy democracy’s last vestiges, a population’s ability to think independently, rationally, analytically and logically, thereby decimating liberating education and necessary dissent, thereby clandestinely cleansing a nation of the will of the People. Yet retaining the illusion and appearance of democracy is purposefully done so that the masses believe that nothing has changed, that they are in control of their own destiny. Charades of democracy are created, their manipulations ensuring that a dumbed-down populace, in this case nearly 60 million zombies, continue voting against their own interests and for the immoral and criminal power mongers in control.

Controlling the masses has never been easier. Manipulating their minds to the dictates of the Amerikan Nazis is like taking candy from a baby, without so much a whimper or a cry.

Contempt for Diversity and Elections

After November 2000, elections, and the balance of power, would never again be left to the People, for the Amerikan Nazis understood that demographics and the inevitable societal push towards liberalism were evolving against them. America was becoming a melting pot, a heterogeneous cornucopia of world diversity where the status quo was no more and the good old boy network was threatened. Suddenly, one day the American Nazis woke up from a delirious slumber and found the America they adored no longer existed. A spectrum of opinion, ideas, talents and beliefs now dotted the landscape. A nation of snow-covered whiteness and WASP male dominance had become a land of rainforests and deserts and mountains and valleys and jungles and beaches and sun, full of color, warmth and translucent light, a window upon the world.

In diversity and the continued evolution of progressive thought the Amerikan Nazis found fear. They found themselves losing elections to minorities and women and gays, losing power to people of color, to assertive, intelligent women and to united same sex partners. Together with a plethora of young adults, progressive and open, educated and of liberal mind, this mixture of diversity would in a few years make extinct, by way of majority numbers, the way it had always been, where power was monopolized by the elite, white in color, male in gender, born to privilege and forever destined to rule.

Gray and White had, in the course of a few years, mutated into a cocktail of Rainbows and colorful prisms, and in this new America the Amerikan Nazis felt an insurmountable threat surrounding them from all sides. Black and white television had given way to high-definition digital technology; progress was once more working its wonderful magic, trouncing conservative and traditional thought. The fog had cleared, giving way to a crispness not before seen. The Amerikan Nazi hegemony over us and tight grip on the nation would soon, and inevitably, begin crumbling like a rotten wooden barn.

An ever-evolving America, with its ever-evolving society, had taken a great leap forward, a place where female talent now competed with male mediocrity, where African-Americans were slowly entering middle-class mainstream America, where an influx of immigration was transforming the face of the nation for the better. The Amerikan Nazis, Republican and corporatist dinosaurs facing extinction by the asteroid of change, felt threatened, seeing their power perched atop the roofs of governance in peril. Indeed, it was becoming apparent to them that with each passing year, with each new immigrant wave, female act of empowerment, minority advancement, gay right granted, scientific discovery made, religious dogma abandoned and move toward progressiveness their tenuous grip on power would begin to erode.

The threat therefore had to be quashed, the sooner the better. In rigging elections the Amerikan Nazis saw their salvation, and their way to retain power and control. Corrupt technology would rescue them, and forever would they be allowed to transform their Amerika in an image in contrast to the course the nation was presently embarking on. To accomplish this, the minority vote would, as has always been the case, have to be disenfranchised through the vast arsenal of tactics available to the GOP.

Also, the female vote would have to be manipulated, for too many women were turning against the America of old. This would be accomplished using the psychologically devastating effects of 9/11, with perpetual fear, insecurity and constant threats of terror creating in many women a desire to seek protection in the present leader of the country, a “strong” male figure turned war president, George Bush. Thus, using fear, the Amerikan Nazis were able to manipulate in their favor millions of female votes.

In strong progressive white communities, too, mechanisms would be implemented to decimate the ever-growing vote, eroding high numbers of votes by the systematic rigging of electronic voting machines and optical scanners designed to count votes. And so, the great death march of American democracy thus began.

People of color, those comprising every spectrum of the greatness of human diversity, of all shades and ethnicities, were increasing their numbers, growing exponentially each decade, now constituting nearly 30 percent of the population. Historically voting progressive, their numbers were now too large to ignore or disenfranchise through more traditional means. Jim Crow 2.0 would have to be resurrected, evolving with the changing years and new technologies, always decimating “minority” vote for the benefit of the Amerikan Nazis.

The good old boy tradition of suppressing and intimidating the minority vote, for decades successful in erasing the election voice of the black community by apartheid-like inequality, discrimination and segregation, thereby disenfranchising hundreds of thousands if not millions of votes each election, would be upgraded and improved. To the same mechanisms of the past would be added the advanced technology of Republican controlled optical scanners in service to count ballots, as well as electronic voting machines manipulated to tabulate according to the formulas concocted by GOP strategists.

For years separated from “traditional” America, placed in urban reservations infiltrated with drugs, guns and firewater, infested with high crime and infected by the corrosive mechanisms of lost talents and non-existent opportunity, perpetually held down at the lowest echelons of the American caste system, millions of undesired “minorities” knew the oldest, most corrupt, least efficient and least sophisticated voting apparatuses in the country were usually sent their way, causing the disenfranchisement of untold numbers of votes that simply became lost by the incompetence of the machinery.

This past election was no exception, once more affecting the minority vote in all fifty states, usually in poor urban areas, “the minority reservations.” It is difficult to quantify the number of votes lost, spoiled, unread or discarded by these antiquated and run down voting mechanisms, but it is safe to say that the voice of hundreds of thousands never gets heard. In a country of so-called equality, at the dawn of the 21st century, to have this apartheid in voting rights is a disgrace, where environment, socioeconomic status and skin color coalesce to disintegrate a person’s right to vote.

While white, more affluent communities not caught in the vicious circle of corrosive segregation – not to mention Republican strongholds – get the most modern voting equipment, guaranteeing their right to vote, destitute neighborhoods, mostly of color and mostly liberal voting, those lacking resources and education, get shafted with the discarded machines of yesterday. These machines, antiquated and inefficient, are purposefully sent to minority reservations simply because they guarantee that hundreds of thousands of votes will never be counted. This the Amerikan Nazis know too well, which is why they fight to keep it that way. After all, with the elimination of so many votes, the vast majority of which go against their interests, the Amerikan Nazis succeed in retaining the power and control of governance, forever keeping the minority voice silent and suppressed.

As an example, in Ohio this past election voting irregularities abounded, particularly in minority districts. The Amerikan Nazi strategy of eliminating progressive votes while increasing their own numbers was methodically implemented in the crucial state of Ohio, this election’s Florida. In many black neighborhoods, traditionally voting strongly for liberal candidates, the disenfranchisement of votes was everywhere. Besides the use of antiquated voting equipment mentioned above, in districts where electronic voting machines were used, votes for Kerry were transferred to fringe candidates with no popular support. A few hundred here, a few hundred there, county to county, district to district, electronic voting machine code, controlled by Diebold, a strong Republican-backed corporation, systemically manipulated the vote so that Democrat votes for Kerry ended up elsewhere. When added together, these votes are significant.

Also, too few voting machines were sent to districts, even with many machines available for distribution, resulting in hours upon hours of waiting in line, with voters growing impatient and leaving, most having to return to work or other responsibilities. Thus, untold thousands were unable to cast votes. Meanwhile, in Republican dominated districts, an abundance of voting machines were available, meaning people’s wait was minimal. This happened over and over again in Ohio, as well as other strategically important states. Still in other districts, there were many reports of votes for Kerry suddenly and without explanation being converted into votes for Bush. This was repeated in small numbers throughout Ohio, the end result being that separately, what appears to be a small number of votes disenfranchised, easily discarded as computer errors, in the aggregate turns out to be a substantial number of votes away from Kerry and for Bush.

Broken Like Wild Stallions

We are puppets, one and all, our attached strings easily maneuvered, our brainwashed minds easily controlled. Too many years of accumulated televised propaganda, too many years of control and manipulation by our schools and corporate media have made us immune to the spirit of rage and the power of the People present in other regions of the world but sorely extinct here. We have been inoculated with acquiescence and passivity, becoming humans living in a vegetative state incapable of rising up, conditioned to believe in the greatness of government and its lawmakers, trained well to obey laws and rules even when they favor those in power and when they fail to seek justice and equality, even as corporations and the government rape and pillage our ways of life, even as the future of our children is put in grave danger more and more each day we fail to act. The System has worked its magic, and comatose drones living mechanical lives have we been bred to become, from the cradle to the grave, swimming in a cocktail of complacency, indifference, passivity and conformism.

The evidence of this is enveloping, it is all around us. Our failure to rise up as one giant energy, millions strong, seeking accountability and justice, searching for a government no longer serving the needs of the People, demanding the end to corporate rule, forcing change in policy and direction and putting an end to the criminal nature of our politicians is proof that our human spirit has been extinguished, our will to fight extinct. Today, in spite of massive, overwhelming and accumulating evidence of election fraud, in spite of being lied and led into illegal war and criminal mass murder, in spite of the miserable failure of our leaders, in spite of the likely road to totalitarianism we seem headed towards and in spite of the profound danger Bush has and continues to place us in we continue to live life not caring, not knowing and not interested.

We have been tamed, like a wild stallion, broken, saddled and corralled, robbed of the freedom to roam America’s plains, now faithful and obedient to our wicked masters, unwilling to take action, unwilling to resist and revolt, much like the Declaration of Independence asks us to do in times of tyranny, instead complacent in life, entertained by bread and circus, uncaring for our future, ignorant to our present, blind to the destruction of America being perpetrated by those in power. We are like zoo animals, encaged, depressed, controlled, conditioned, defeated.

We are unlike the hundreds of thousands of brave people of Ukraine demanding that justice be served and democracy re-instated, marching and protesting, or unlike the millions of Italians who in solidarity against the economic policies of Silvio Berlusconi recently enacted a massive, country-wide strike that grinded that nation to a halt, or unlike millions of Eastern Europeans trapped inside the Iron Curtain in the late 1980’s, creating revolution and mass protest, finally demanding and getting freedom and an end to tyranny and corrupt political systems, or unlike millions of Palestinians, who under Nazi and apartheid-like treatment by Israelis continue struggling for their lands and their culture, becoming a testament to the will of the human spirit, refusing to cower to occupiers and dehumanizers, or unlike the thousands of Chileans and Canadians marching through their streets, protesting the arrival of the greatest criminal against humanity now living, or unlike the millions of Venezuelans marching together in support of their beloved leader Hugo Chavez, democratically elected yet American castigated, slowly making profound changes to help improve the lives of his poor, or unlike the millions upon millions who marched throughout the world in February 2003 against the imminent attack on Iraq, filling streets by the millions, in a show of solidarity never before seen.

The flame inside us has disappeared, replaced by a cold and dark void, even as we witness firsthand the arrival of fascism and the death of democracy, even as we are witness to the end of freedom and rights and the extinction of the land once known as America.

From a Small Ripple to a Massive Wave

Yet a small movement grows, made up of brave patriots and seekers of truth, which refuses to die. It is slowly building momentum, gathering steam as its numbers swell with the arrival of still more truths that, it seems, become manifest every day. The cover up of the electoral fraud of 2004 is imploding, seam by seam and code by code, slowly unraveling as the beautiful energy of those fed up with the Amerikan Nazis grows in rage and power.

In every state and every city the resistance to the Amerikan Nazis gathers more numbers of dissidents ready to join a small yet momentous army of change. The movement is exposing more truth as diverse talents expose the crimes and fraud perpetrated against the American People. Collectively saying “No More” to the power mongers and war criminals that have stolen the past two elections, the movement is uncovering what the corporate media refuses to touch. In spite of the media blackout on the stolen election, which is designed to erase memories of fraud from the short-attention span of the average American, the movement refuses to die. On the contrary, it is gathering steam, becoming a much needed burst of positive energy upon the lands of the United States.

In spite of all obstacles and hindrances placed at our feet, in spite of the power of the Amerikan Nazis to erase from history this most malevolent episode in our history, in spite of a well-conceived and planned cover up, the movement is growing. It is because of people like you, reading this essay, that the fraud lingers in our conscious. It is because of seekers of truth and justice that the Amerikan Nazis are being exposed.

From a small ripple can a massive wave be formed, washing from our lands the criminal elements living among us. From a giant wave of positive energy can the virus that is the Amerikan Nazis forever be vanquished. We must inoculate ourselves against the disease ripping apart democracy by joining together in this movement to uncover the crimes against the American people. We must not let it die for the truth is emerging. If we let the Amerikan Nazis win, every election from here on will be filled to the brim with fraud and deceit, and the end of America as we know it will be upon us. Only together can we defeat tyranny, exposing it to the least enlightened among us and forever changing the course of America, and the world. The movement must continue, for if not now, when?

Enough is enough, government is today destructive to the principles we espouse as a people. Let us listen, read and absorb those words uttered so long ago by the Founding Fathers. Not since their time have the words engraved in the Declaration of Independence been so in need. For it is our duty and our right to alter or abolish this tyrannical regime that no longer serves the interests of the People. It is our sacred duty to expose despotism and rising dictatorship, to circumvent the prostitutes of the corporate media and report truths hidden from our eyes, to rise up in protest at what is being done to us and to restore the republic to what it once portended to be, and what it is capable of being.

Do not let the movement die, let it grow along with the raging fire burning inside us all, let it prosper and expand, becoming the leviathan feared by the Amerikan Nazis. May it guide us in strength and courage to help save both our present and future. From a small ripple may a giant wave be created, cleansing and washing away from our America the putrid disease infecting a great, noble and good People.

The Declaration of Independence

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. --That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. --Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government.