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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Making of the Enemy [Part Two]


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The Myth of the Superhuman Enemy

There is purpose behind having enemies, for their existence is the backbone of the corporatists. Indeed, there is a method behind their madness. Having enemies means having control both of fear and hatred of the people, as well as having control of the masses along with their animalistic emotions. Psychology can be manipulated at the push of a few buttons; an entire nation can be mobilized toward war in the time it takes two skyscrapers to be imploded. Nationalism and xenophobia make blind rational thought; ignorance makes deaf the sounds of wisdom.

The use of enemies distracts the minds of the people from their daily lives and chains truth to the dungeons of corporatists and neocons. The silhouette of the enemy helps supply the armies of invasion and occupation, it assists in mobilizing the nation’s economy into perpetual war readiness, and it distracts the people as their treasure is pillaged, just as it demands patience of the citizenry in the face of utter debacle.

The abstract illusion of the unseen enemy forces its disseminators and marketers to put a human face on clandestine evildoers. It is a technique used by the keepers at the gate to personify and insert a sense of reality to a war of fiction, thereby granting human flesh to illusion and cementing the idea of real struggle and real evil in the eyes of the masses. The appearance must be made to exist that the enemy is real, a human being whose evil ways must be stopped, regardless of the consequences.

Yet while the faces are real, the deeds and actions of the enemy’s masterminds are but the stuff of Hollywood legend, making of mere mortals demons of unnatural superhuman strength and ability, seemingly unable to be killed, leading their armies with the intelligence of gods and the leadership of generals. Present in multiple theatres of operation, these evildoers extraordinaire always evade capture, appearing to escape death and injury, as always inflicting damage upon our soldiers. Not even a $25 million bounty on their heads is of benefit to America’s soldiers and mercenaries.

The Osama’s and Zarqawi’s of the so-called war on terror are elevated by the propagandists and marketers to realms beyond mere mortality. It is as if these terrorists have had their fates decided by the scripts written by Hollywood writers, their abilities seemingly beyond comparison in the realm of human understanding. Yet their faces and names must be maintained and posterized, their reputation made to resound throughout America, for they are the symbols of the enemy we are fighting over there so we do not have to fight them over here. Their fictitious reputation, an illusion of psychological warfare against us, must be birthed sinister and wicked, deranged and psychotic, for the more dangerous the terrorist the greater the need to continue the war on terror.

With the abrupt disappearance of Osama the poster child of the enemy had to find new life. Thus the impenetrable Zarqawi was born, for his name and reputation impute Al-Qaeda directly into Iraq, allowing the corporatists to manipulate the war on terror, creating the impression that our soldiers are in Iraq because the enemy has made its nest there as well. The illusion of Zarqawi allows the government to claim that Iraq is infested with terrorists, that all attacks on our forces are directly attributed to Al-Qaeda. To the creators of reality the Iraqi resistance does not exist and native Iraqis are not fighting an insurrection against oppressive occupation of their lands.

Therefore the war in Iraq is marketed not as a battle of nationalistic freedom fighters combating oppressive occupiers, wanting American forces expelled, which it is, but rather as the convenient masquerade of pitting American forces against our enemy, jihadi terrorists belonging to Al-Qaeda (in truth, less than 6 percent of all arrests made by US forces are of foreigners, according to War Department research). The Iraqi homegrown resistance, along with the support of them by more than 80 percent of the population is never divulged to the masses, for this would fracture the smoking mirror that has sustained the Iraqi war chimera for three years.

The illusion that America is fighting terrorists, conveniently blamed for 9/11 so as to reenergize the emotions we suffered that horrific day, has helped sustain support for an illegal and immoral war based on lies. After all, we are fighting them there so we do not have to fight them here. In reality, the guerilla war being waged has the support of the vast majority of the Iraqi people whose lives have been spent in Hell on Earth thanks to America’s invasion and occupation.

Yet to the propagandists, we can never be seen as the evildoer or villain in this Hollywood production, which we are, murdering, oppressing, maiming, bombing, torturing, dehumanizing and utterly eviscerating an entire people and culture. And so, it is said we fight terrorists, not freedom fighters, we fight for freedom and democracy, not oil and geopolitical expediency, and we invaded to topple a dictator, even if tyranny is worse than before.

The day will soon come when the face and name of Zarqawi will stop having the desired effect on the American population, his brand having matured. When that time arrives, a new evildoer extraordinaire will rise to claim the throne of propaganda matrix for the corporatists in power, his arrival launched like a new product, ready, willing and able to unleash terror upon the lands of Earth, intent to destroy America, hating us for our freedoms and democracy.

Like Osama and Zarqawi before him, this new evil one will see his reputation grow exponentially, his words and deeds disseminated for our consumption, and manipulation. We will be made to fear him, demanding he be killed after every act of barbarity attributed to him. One hundred of his second and third in commands will be killed in combat, his lieutenants’ names grazing the news sound bites we are given, and he will have evaded imminent capture dozens of times.

He will orchestrate bombings and death and heinous acts of terror, his face posterized for the masses to see and memorize. For a few years he will be most useful to those committing psychological warfare on the people, becoming a treasure trove of propaganda and distraction, his reputation growing with each newscast by the corporate media. His name will be uttered repeatedly, bombarded into our conscious, becoming, thanks to the airplay granted him, evildoer, terrorist, America’s new enemy. The new poster child for perpetual war for perpetual profit will captivate the minds of millions, who will be told to be afraid of attacks against their city and children.

His fictitious legend will live in infamy, giving fresh oxygen to the war on terror, rejuvenating a weakened marketing campaign. The deeds and actions attributed to him will make the Establishment more powerful, granting it sustenance for the continued embezzlement of billions of dollars in taxpayer money. Our treasure will disappear, going straight into the coffers of corporatists and capitalists who will have instructions to assemble and build the instruments of death and destruction the military-industrial complex will need for the next fifty years. Our children will be sent to foreign lands under the pretext of killing him, dying and being maimed for lies upon lies. Never captured, never found, existing like a ghost in our midst, the mightiest army the world has ever known will fail to bring him to justice, for in his freedom the corporatists maintain the illusion, the psychological war upon us, their most profitable war on terror.

In a war of fantasy, without a nation to blame, a face must be given to mystery and ambiguity, enabling the masses to maintain their illusion of a fight against terror, doing battle with an enemy possessing Hollywood prowess, engaged in conflict against Arabs and Persians and Muslims whose only crime is having lived for millennia atop a resource both addictive and essential to maintaining standards of living unsustainable and excessive.

Psychological Warfare

The manufacture of the war on terror – along with the systematic branding of Arabs and Persians as America's enemy – has coincided perfectly with the race in a geopolitical chess match to see who can secure the remaining fields of the resource known as the devil’s excrement, the black blood needed to run the machines of mankind. Had the vast amounts of oil fields been in Latin America instead of in the Middle East and Central Asia the war on terror would be taking place in Brazil or Ecuador or Venezuela, and Hispanics would be today’s bogeymen. Instead, America finds herself having lied and deceived her own people, trying to find justifications to penetrate and control the remaining oil fields, unleashing psychological war on us the easier to manipulate the population and using terror as a pretext to invade and occupy a most important geopolitical and geostrategic prize, Iraq.

Subsequently, the occupation of Iraq has opened the door to the rest of the Middle East and has become a gateway to Central Asia and its vast quantities of oil. In its own right, Afghanistan, now in the hands of the Americans, has become a geopolitical prize of grand strategic importance, used for oil and gas pipelines and for the permanent military bases and the presence they provide needed to contain America’s next enemies, namely Iran, China and Russia. With Iraq and Afghanistan now for all practical purposes American colonies, its military firmly entrenched in permanent bases designed to protect and control the flow of oil, the high possibility exists of further intervention in Iran and/or Central Asia.

The war on terror, born on 9/11, has been the perfect instrument of control for the corporatists in power, its mechanisms allowing the preemptive invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq as well as the perfect excuse to retain a permanent stronghold in Afghanistan. Had the fierce Iraqi resistance not created the debacle now witnessed, trapping American forces in a tar pit of carnage, the charade that is the war on terror would have inevitably been expanded to invade Iran and Syria on the way to Central Asia.

Inside the hallways where neocon and corporatist vultures reside, the thinking was that 9/11 would be the new Pearl Harbor needed to mobilize the citizenry, by exploiting our fragile psychology, toward a perpetual war footing, that invading Afghanistan would be justified and very easy to take, that Iraq would be a cakewalk and that, in the wake of America’s blitzkrieg in the Middle East, the invasion of Iran and Syria would soon follow.

Thereafter, America would dictate terms to all remaining Middle East nations, controlling their leaders but most importantly, their oil fields, pipes, ports, waterways and infrastructure, deciding to sell oil from American and British markets, in dollars, not euros. From controlling the Middle East it would only be a matter of time before Central Asia offered herself to America, granting her terms, prices and barrels of oil favorable to her, deciding it safer to befriend the superpower rather than the Asian giants.

9/11 was the catalyst to the war on terror, the spring that gave sustenance to the imperialistic wet dreams of corporatists and neocons. It was a moment in time, though only affecting a few blocks of downtown New York City, that sent concussions of fear and hatred and immediate calls of anger and vengeance reverberating throughout the land, as if a nuclear bomb of psychological warfare had been unleashed into our atmosphere, transforming us into unthinking animals, our primate psychology and emotions set free, usurping our normal human intelligence.

At that point, after seeing the televised images of the horror and evil spawned that day, its recording repeated continuously without end, with angle after angle of carnage and death shown us, with the immediate propaganda of journalist buffoons penetrating our pores, with stenographers for power injecting us with their venom, we mutated into an army of robots, unwilling to listen to reason, unwise to the lessons of humanity, failing to control our raw emotions, becoming, in the end, a united herd of sheep that was easily corralled into following and obeying the dictates of the corporatists.

We became, with our jingoism, nationalism, patriotism and Nazi-like militarization of the nation a people on the verge of mass psychosis, ready to bomb and murder entire nations, ready to lose all sense of morality in order to attain the vengeance our mammalian brains sought.

Upon the destruction of the Twin Towers we succumbed to our masters’ wishes, allowing ourselves to be molded like fresh clay, becoming exactly what the Establishment wanted us to become. The hatred we felt was manipulated and directed, our attention made to focus on the dark skins and alien religion of the Middle East. Our fear was exploited, our fragile psychology abused, steered toward war against Arabs and Persians and Muslims, for clandestine reasons we did not wish to know or understand.

For control of oil and continued expansion of the economy psychological war was declared on 300 million Americans, the mechanisms of corporatism acting in unison to make of us a marching army of unthinking drones, willing to give up our rights and freedoms, willing to sacrifice our sons, daughters and treasure for the vengeance we felt and the thirst for blood we craved. We came under the myopic control of power, distracted from the war against us. Our animal instincts had taken over us; our human intellect vanished inside the clouds of 9/11, only returning a few years later to claim its rightful place alongside reason and logic. Such is the power of psychological war upon a population and such is the level of human wickedness by corporatists and neocons alike.

In the end, we allowed corporatism to fast forward in time, firmly cementing its claws into our land, slowly rising in stature, growing in power, its instruments becoming ingrained into society, our rights and freedoms slowly eroding. Its rise to prominence now seems inevitable, this stage of American capitalism feeds and sustains it, our acquiescence and apathy helps it grow. With another attack, real or created, America will usher in the era of the police state. Perhaps this has been the plan the overlords of Earth have had all along.

Into Orwellian times have we descended, and, after the corporatists no longer find usefulness to the Arab/Persian terrorist as enemy, a new one will be created, just in time to fit into the grand plans and goals of those in power, molded to entertain and distract us yet again, rising from the Far East to manipulate and control us.

Perpetual Enemy, Perpetual Control

Marketed to exploit our fears and hatreds, manufactured to mobilize our talents towards wickedness, the new enemy will evolve from the carcass of all those that have come before, rising from its cocoon, metamorphosis enabling it to acquire a different appearance, ready to terrorize and frighten us into obedience. It will once again work like magic, capturing our minds, manipulating our psychologies, pushing society in the direction the corporatists want us to follow. Those in power will make barbarians of an entire people, creating subhuman creatures wanting to destroy us for our freedom and democracy.

America’s new enemy will work like a charm, for it always does, always ready to push the interests of the few, willing to demonize the innocent and enrapture the ignorant.

Yes, a new enemy can be seen in the horizon. In a few years time the rivalry with China will grow and intensify, for this world cannot sustain both America and a nation of 1.4 billion people whose economy will surpass our own in a decade or two. A new Cold War will ensue, new enemies will be delineated, and new forms of conditioning will evolve. Two peoples will be taught to hate each other, brainwashed to see the other as evildoer extraordinaire, for the race to the last vestiges of natural resources has begun as the world runs out of water, oil and space.

Like the Soviet and Arab/Persian Muslim terrorist before him, the Chinese enemy will be deviously marketed, his exploits and evil deeds will be told and retold, his hatred of our way of life made to be everlasting. Our minds will be programmed to believe not reality but what the corporatists want reality to be. We will be manipulated to seek victory against the Red menace of China, told to sacrifice blood, sweat, and tears for the cause, for the salvation of America, and that of the corporatists. We will be forced to toil in the sweatshops and assembly lines of the military-energy industrial complex, our corporatist government engorging itself through conquest of land and resources, our wages given to the corporations that own us.

In time the Arab/Persian Muslim terrorist as enemy of America will vanish from our conscious, perhaps once again becoming the freedom fighter he has usually been marketed as, coming full circle in the minds of Americans. Perhaps he will join us in the new Cold War, ready to fight with us against the Chinese, becoming our friend and our ally. For China waits in the wings, growing by leaps and bounds, an ancient civilization wise and patient, a growing behemoth whose drums we now hear, methodically letting her future rival hemorrhage itself to death, letting America defeat itself.

In time we will once again be allowed to see the beauty and grandeur of Arab and Persian cultures, from Morocco to Iraq to Iran, free to explore lands both alien and mesmerizing, with architecture and fashion and decoration and design and music and ideas and ways of thinking as alien as they are appealing. Perhaps we will incorporate some of their culture into our own, for that which has never been seen by human eyes becomes beautiful, soon thereafter coveted and imitated. With the passage of time we will be able to learn from our Arab and Persian friends, for theirs is an old civilization, in many ways different than ours, yet in many ways similar as well, offering, like any culture, both good and bad traits.

In time we will see that the charade we have been living in since mid-2001 has degraded us as a culture, making us torturers and invaders and occupiers and murderers and pillager of human rights, in the process destroying history and culture and ancient civilizations. We will see that America is crumbling under the weight of its hypocrisy and its immorality, her foundations severely damaged by her crimes both against the planet and humanity. Perhaps we will even see the error of our ways, the madness we have allowed to enter our conscious and the destruction we allowed our power and wealth to unleash on innocent human beings.

But just as we are ready to forgive ourselves for what we have allowed to be done in our name and as we seek closure by asking for forgiveness from the world and the Iraqi people in particular a new enemy will be created to distract us away from the anger we now feel for being lied, deceived and manipulated. As the fear, hatred, nationalism and xenophobia engendered by 9/11 evaporates thanks to the passage of time and the escape from psychosis a new adaptation of psychological warfare will be thrust upon us, used to damage our minds and control our lives.

Just as we are finally ready to seek the justice denied us, ready to confront the real enemy among us, new terror will be unleashed to quiet us. New 9/11s, perhaps more destructive and deadly, will usher in an era of the coming American police state, granted to the corporatists by our own willful yet manipulated emotions. Just as we begin to ask questions and seek the accountability that has so far alluded us a new threat will be born, a new attack inside one of our cities will take place, conveniently captured by television, disseminated widely by a corporate media eager to recreate the cycle of propaganda seen on 9/11. Its inevitability is a foregone conclusion.

Once again we will fall for the same trap, becoming the pawns of corporatists, the army of “good Germans.” Terror new and real will arrive on our shores just in time to once again take possession of our minds, making us, yet again, unthinking animals sustained by raw emotion and instinct, becoming the sheep easily corralled, led and controlled by our masters. We will mobilize once more, marching to the trumpets of war and violence, becoming the instrument the corporatists need to further their goals.

An enemy will be chosen, his lands will be targeted, those that look like him will be bombed and all the while, sitting idly on our couches, languishing away our lives next to the television, we will be told what to think and believe, our animal brains commandeering our rational minds. We will be told that we are to fear, even though there is nothing to fear. We will be told we should hate, even though there is nothing to hate. We will be told our security is in peril, even though we are very secure. We will be told that reality is what we see on the monitor, not what our daily lives make it out to be.

We will be told to follow the orders of corporatist leaders, to place undying loyalty and trust in them and that, even though it seems they are pilfering our treasure and sending our children to certain death and destroying our reputation and bringing shame upon our land and leading us into incompetent debacle after debacle, we are never to question, never to protest, never to dissent, yet forever to become the ignorant drone that unbuckles his belt, bends over to the dictates of power and allows for the raping of his mind and the sodomy of his existence.

With the minds of tens of millions lined up, their ability to think independently erased from memory, ready, willing and able to sacrifice children, treasure and morality to professional puppeteers, becoming slaves to the system, the games of geopolitical and geostrategic chess can continue and the power of our corporatist masters can expand.

The name of the game is control, of our society, culture, lives and futures. The game of control is played for world domination, of its resources, peoples and lands, like a grand chess contest dictated by the sacrifice of pawns and the movement of kings. To the overlords of Earth, humanity is but a herd needing to be dominated and controlled; our lives and fates decided by the realities created and decisions made of those players who hold the reigns of ultimate power. It is the story of humankind, of a corrosive pyramid of hierarchy, of a system of castes, of the fortunate and the doomed, of a mechanism of perpetual control.

Civilization has not changed for millennia, it remains its predictable self, with the few at the top as always aggrandized by their control over the masses, and the masses forever easily led and maneuvered, electing to remain captives to what has always been, afraid to confront what could become. The making of the enemy is but one more form of control over us, for those whose power, control and wealth grows exponentially thanks to the making and marketing of enemies would not have it any other way.

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Making of the Enemy [Part One of Two]


Only in America

The coming years, like those of the present and the past, will see the continued spewing of fictionalized propaganda designed to manipulate the fears, hatreds, xenophobia and nationalistic tendencies of the population. The level of control over the masses and power over the nation in the years after 9/11 by corporatists intent on hijacking the country became, to them, a rousing success, thanks to the intense levels of fear and hatred engendered by the horrific events of that day. In the span of a few infamous days the corporatists had unleashed massive psychological warfare upon us, its effects still lingering in the minds of millions. Suddenly, those in power had become the puppeteers of the citizenry, free to manage us as they saw fit, our fragile and damaged psychologies traumatized, our thinking, human minds replaced by our more primitive, mammalian instincts and behaviors. An entire nation had succumbed, thanks to television, to images and emotions no people had ever witnessed, repeated over and over and over again. The making of America’s new enemy had begun.

The manufacture, marketing and dissemination of bogeymen enemies, both real and fictional, for a long time endemic in American society, has always worked to perfection, becoming the inertia used to control the population. It becomes the energy needed to maintain America’s permanent wartime economy. The creation of unseen bogeymen into supernatural evildoers fits the perfect mold of how the American citizenry has been brainwashed over the years through the use of Hollywood movies and television, with the constant themes of good versus evil, of fantasy and sensationalism, and of course the always needed happy ending, where the good guy always triumphs over the villain.

The struggle against America’s enemy, conveniently chosen and designed to fit the policies and goals of those in power, is purposefully made out to be like a struggle in a typical Hollywood film of good and evil characters, where America is seen as the force of good confronting the evildoer afflicting the world, a hero that ultimately, in the end, will triumph, leading to the happy ending that in reality rarely, if ever, bears fruit. Yet to the reprogrammed mind of the average American, our conception of real life rewired, our brainwaves reconfigured through the incessant fictions and altered states of reality bombarded into our heads by movies and sitcoms, the battle of superhero and evildoer must continue, because America can do no wrong, it is the shining beacon on a hill, the savior of humankind, incapable of committing human evil, fighting forces intent on destroying the nation. Inevitably, in our warped mind good always triumphs over evil, the hero always gets the girl and normalcy eventually returns to life.

To say that televised fantasy bears no resemblance to real human outcomes is an understatement, yet in a fictional war that remains but a fleeting illusion in the minds of the population, becoming more intangible than visible, hardly affecting the daily lives of the majority, the deception works like magic thanks to the blitzkrieg of propaganda sent out through the airwaves. In a sense, the so-called war against America’s enemy becomes a Hollywood production, existing in the conscious of the people but never truly being felt, its puppeteers hiding its reality and its truth, the keepers at the gate filtering what needs to be seen and what does not. Our reality is what they make it to be, after all.

Voiced loudly by America’s paid opinion makers yet hardly seen, the struggle against our new enemy exists as if in a vacuum, yet the citizenry gobbles it up like fast food, devouring what is spoon fed them, believing, like they have been trained to do since birth, that this Hollywood movie is a frightening reality, yet, as always, will invariably end with good defeating evil, and America killing our enemy. Never mind that we are more likely to be struck by lightning than killed by a bomb or act of terrorism.

Such is the power of movies and television and newscasts that from an insignificant group of terrorists, concerned mostly with expelling America from their lands and toppling American sponsored despots, a giant evildoer can be created, mutating from our hired freedom fighters of times past to the dreaded terrorists of today, mutating from friend to enemy, possessing super human strength and powers, seemingly dying and being reborn, capable of destroying the mightiest nation the world has ever seen.

These fictions, of course, were pure deception, yet inside the minds of average Americans they are as real, and as serious, as any threat America has ever confronted. For the Establishment has wished it so, knowing that having enemies translates into power, control and vast sums of wealth for themselves, all at the expense of the masses who can be easily steered any direction they are needed to take. American society has been, for the last century, conditioned to exist in a state of anxiety and fear, not of internal factors, which are much more dangerous, but of the external enemy that seemingly arises like a phoenix from the ashes of those previous ones now discarded, their usefulness having died out, reborn to become the new barbarians at the gates.

America’s tomorrow will be made to confront the same Madison Avenue marketing techniques that have for too long now steered the population in the direction of control through fear of enemies, both real and concocted. For the corporatists and elite wishing to retain the power, wealth and control of the nation, the population must always have conditioned and ingrained inside them the fear of bogeymen and the uncertainty of violence. The masses must be made to believe that external enemies, both alien and clandestine, are a menace and threat to destroy their way of life and the very foundation of the nation they inhabit.

It is the fear, anxiety and insecurity of man that blinds thinking and births subservience to power, making of us primates desiring the comfort and security of our masters. Through fear we allow our impulses for survival to dominate, the emotions of tribalism and xenophobia to thrive, and our trust in upper hierarchy to permeate. Therefore, if an enemy of unnatural power and ability can be concocted from which to frighten the population into submission, into granting away its rights and freedoms, its blood and treasure, made to trust that its survival is dependent on the protection of its overlords, an entire nation can be brought to its knees, impotent to revolt and seek change. Willingly the people kneel in submission, allowing themselves to be ruled by today’s version of yesteryear’s totalitarians, the corporatists.

Through the spreading of our fear the power of the Establishment arises, and expands. Enemies that are created and given prominence can capture the minds of hundreds of millions of people, and can make us subservient to the dictates of power. Is it any wonder, then, why for decades, and some would say a couple of centuries, enemies of America have existed, lingering in our consciousness, becoming great threats to our way of life, dying and being reborn, evolving and adapting, changing according to the times, and yet always hating us for our way of life, for our freedoms and our democracy? Yet somehow Americans manage to thrive, our lives are lived in comfort and gluttony, our nation rarely, if ever, attacked, our people rarely, if ever killed.

From Indians to Mexicans to Spanish to Filipinos to Germans to Soviets to Communists to Vietnamese to Arab Muslims to the future Chinese an external enemy has always been a threat, a thorn on our side, seemingly rising out of thin air, molded by the hands of greed addicts, warmongers, criminal capitalists and authoritarian corporatists, allowed to be born in order to cover up for the real and much more dangerous enemy.

External enemies have always existed in our reality because they are an invaluable tool to those who aspire to control the people and the resources of the planet. What was the Cold War but a charade used to gain control of and dominate southern nations, rich in natural resources and cheap labor, and to control their people, and hence their economies, both through market colonialism and the use of proctors? What is the so-called war on terror but a charade for the geostrategic race being waged to control the oil fields of the Middle East and Central Asia, knowing full well that oil is not finite and that the nation that controls the oil will invariably control the world?

The Birth of Enemies from the Middle East

Hidden behind dark corners, lurking underneath beds, fantasy bogeymen not known or understood are mutated by marketers and propagandists who understand human psychology well into demons haunting the deep and frail recesses of the human mind. Humans not known or understood, alien in culture and language, masked in foreign appearance and color are easily transformed into creatures evil and degenerate, threats to the vitality of so-called freedom and democracy. For ignorance invariably leads to fear of the unknown and, if propagandized correctly, an entire population can be easily manipulated into allowing itself to be controlled and exploited by the Establishment. The ingrained mammalian instinct of security, both of the citizenry and that of their children, can be easily exploited by the corporatists, made to be of paramount importance, manipulated as only being made secure by purchasing the products of the corporation and by acquiescing to the draconian measures of the state.

Through the televised media, the attempt to birth perpetual fear into the populace has never been easier to accomplish. Images, sound and opinion can be bombarded day in and day out to the easily receptive American citizen, many of which have become dumbed-down couch potatoes spoon fed their thoughts through the monitor they have become addicted to. Through the manipulation of televised images and sounds, the doctors of propaganda can hypnotize and control the thoughts of Americans, using all tools at their disposal to concoct the perfect bogeymen.

The evildoers designed to captivate the fear-controlled mind of the masses are created to serve the interests of the Establishment, helping to steer the population in the direction most beneficial to the elite while at the same time working to mobilize millions into supporting the activities and illegalities ultimately detrimental to the people themselves.

During the so-called Cold War, for example, the enemy created was the dreaded Soviet Communist, birthed to unleash terror in the dreams of average Americans. At the time, America’s military industrial complex, along with the omnipresent corporate world, saw that a nation in a perpetual war footing could be more readily controlled, its people made to serve the interests of the Establishment. Using a cocktail of jingoism, nationalism, xenophobia, fear mongering and hate baiting, the propagandists were successful in breeding a hatred of anything related to Soviet Russia, including its innocent citizens. Through the control of the masses, manipulated to accept and even demand a perpetual war footing, profits to corporations became enormous, power over government became real and control over the course of America became a reality.

With the population in the stupor of fear and hatred, dominated by fascinations of nationalism and sensationalistic displays of greatness, its collective mind occupied by the rabid pursuit of Soviet defeat, the corporatist dominion over America, as well as the Third World, triumphed, giving rise to a geopolitical chess match for corporate control over the lands, resources and peoples of the underdeveloped world. This game, a fight for profit, power and hegemony, resulted in the ceaseless poverty, disease, under-education, exploitation and death of millions of human beings, for generations now their destinies made to subsist in endemic poverty, with talents eroded and lives in perpetual limbo, their lands and economies still to this day not having recovered from the devastation the Cold War years spawned.

Just like the corporatist elite were able to control their own masses, conquer the resources, lands and peoples of the south, thereby enriching themselves beyond compare, manipulating Cold War indoctrinated fears and hatreds to silence, control and make indifferent the masses, using the media to maintain a state of ignorance throughout the nation, so now in the Middle East and Central Asia do they see the grand prize: further empowerment over us as well as control of the world’s remaining underground fields of oil. Once again, an enemy has been conveniently manufactured out of the dark rooms of Madison Avenue focus groups to fit nicely into the agenda of the corporatists and neocons in power.

Serving the interests of the corporatists, fundamentalist Islamicists, of which only a small minority exists willing to commit violence, make a great enemy from which to hypnotize the population: unknown, alien, of different culture and language, existing in multiple desired states, dark skinned, invisible, violent and perhaps most importantly, of a religious belief system at odds with the fundamentalist Christian orthodoxy dominant in today’s America.

The systemic marketing of Muslims and Arabs and Persians as external threats capable of destroying our way of life, our religious norms, and the cherished charades of freedom and democracy is, therefore, the perfect weapon launched against the masses, for naturally we impute the actions of a minute lunatic fringe with all Muslim people, allowing the terror of a few miscreants to penetrate our fragile psyches and our even more fragile belief structure.

Through the methodical brainwashing used in Hollywood and the corporate media, the Arab/Persian is made to be a rabid demon wishing death upon our children’s future, ready at any moment to blow himself up, committing heinous acts of barbarity, murdering and bombing and rampaging, for he is a terrorist, the descendant of the Soviet, the next adaptation of American enemy, the next marketable wonder the corporatists exploit to enrapture our minds and control our lives.

The Arab/Persian as enemy serves to militarize the mind of the population, to distract us from more ominous, internal threats, to control and brainwash the weaker minded among us, creating a marching army of “good Germans.” It helps mobilize the country towards a perpetual war footing, acting as an excuse to wage war, to increase the profits and wealth and power of the corporatists, and to further lead America down the road to eventual fascism. Through war the military-energy-industrial complex and the corporate world can further engorge themselves, using the energy and wages of the masses for the construction of their weapons of death and suffering. Through war they can lay claim to the resources of the Middle East, the all-important lifeline to continued economic dominance.

Using Arabs and/or Persians – who just happen to be native peoples of the Middle East, the very same lands saturated with underground fields of oil that the military-energy industrial complex craves – as the new American enemy gives our corporatist government the perfect excuse to invade, occupy and devastate desired lands with American imposed capitalism. Accorded the face of evildoer extraordinaire, stereotyped and marginalized through the lens of fiction, the Arab/Persian people, diverse and complex, unknown to the undereducated, act as the key to unlocking the American people’s historical reluctance to fight wars both immoral and of choice.

If the Arab/Persian can be demonized to be hated and feared by a population brainwashed by the hypnotizing glare of television, the nation will be much easier to militarize, the people’s children will be much easier to enlist as cannon fodder and the internal policies of the nation will be much easier to control and manipulate.

The sustained viability of the nation’s militarization – and some would say the ongoing embezzlement of the people’s treasure by corporatists – desired by corporatists in power depends on the Arab and Persian and Muslim people remaining, in the conscious of the masses, forever an enemy, always a demon, their reputation strong enough to make of them a most potent adversary, capable of hijacking airplanes, destroying skyscrapers and threatening to strike fear amongst the population, as always hating our way of life.

What better scapegoat than the Arab/Persian population if one wants to conquer the resources of the Middle East and Central Asia? What greater marketing ploy could be manufactured to make enemies of the same people whose resources you desire?

And, with the war on terror acting as a vicious circle of recruitment, by becoming a self fulfilling prophesy, having violence beget violence, with more and more Arabs incensed at the actions of America, ready to join in jihad where only few extremists existed before, (Al-Qaeda has become a mass movement, franchised and claimed by many insurgents, most of whom have never met a real member of the group) thereby creating ever more non-fictitious enemies, the military-energy industrial complex has the capacity and will to continue the war into perpetuity, using the anger on the Muslim street, along with the fear and hatred of Americans, to further its own interests, exploiting both Muslim and American, pitting one against the other, creating fictitious conflict where none exists, concocting enemies out of two peoples whose similarities as humans quashes our differences of culture.

For a citizenry made to fear an alien people of which little is known about, with hatred and xenophobia running through their veins, programmed by the keepers at the gate to demand blood and death, can, at the push of a few psychological buttons, be mobilized into a war frenzy where the human brain, thinking, analytical and logical, is set aside and replaced by our primitive, mammalian brain, full of primordial behaviors and emotions. Once the population’s collective conscious has mutated according to the designs of their puppeteers the march towards war, invasion and occupation can commence.

Part Two Will be Posted Tuesday Evening...

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Plague Upon Eden


Eden Defined

Such a spectacular and magnificent entity is the planet we call Earth, a wonderment of natural beauty and symbiotic balance yet to be surpassed by the creative genius of humankind. It is a planet teeming with the colors of life, its oceans and continents gems of existence, an overabundance of beating hearts and flowing energy. The planet we call our only home is a living, breathing, dynamic cocktail of universal energy, for billions of years spinning and molding itself according to the laws and realities of science, adapting, shifting and shaping itself through the long days of darkened chaos and the unmistakable genesis of light, becoming, through the slow processes of evolution, the eventual home to millions of life forms, encompassing a wide range of periods, extinctions and eras of flourishing order.

Welcome to the Eden of tangible reality, a terrestrial paradise not of myth or fable but of evolution, physical change and awe-inspiring natural splendor, created by the sands of time long and lonesome, not in days but in eons, molded by cycles of energy, not the hands of supernatural prehistory.

Traversing epochs of time unfathomable to the human mind, Earth has been witness to wave after wave of natural calamity, constant shifts in tectonic plates, weather alterations and even mass extinctions from asteroid impacts. It has hosted many dominant species of life forms, most of them living long before the arrival of man, offering sustenance and prosperity, becoming a breadbasket of survival and of death, enabling creatures of all shapes and sizes to thrive or die off for millions upon millions of years in a circle of life from which all living things arise. She is an old, wise planet, bearing witness to billions of years of change, herself evolving and constantly alive, from the nadir of the oceans to the zenith of the highest mountain, her surface becoming the cradle of life where even death helps spring forth new energy.

She has seen life grow from the earliest, smallest single cell organism to the mammalian world of today, her soils and waters granting the sustenance enabling our species to thrive. Her balance of life and energy has allowed us to evolve from rat-like mammals to ape-like entities to our present adaptation, in the process transforming primitive primates into overlords of the planet, slowly but surely extending our reach to all corners of the globe.

Our planet has always thrived with a balance of all things living as well as that of all the energies it possesses, for on Earth all vibrant mechanisms are interconnected, each dependent on all others, from flora to fauna to insects to ecosystems to weather to oceans to winds to currents to tectonic plates to magnetic fields to the moon to the air we breathe and the food we eat, much the same way that wings of a butterfly can cause the formation of a hurricane clear across the world. The interconnectedness of all the Earth’s energies has allowed the planet to thrive in its natural splendor for millennia, always keeping its surface in perfect balance, maintaining its fragility protected and becoming an Eden for the eyes of the universe to gaze down on. Its delicate balance was sustained in eternal synergy, allowing the planet to function in perfect harmony, upset only by cataclysmic events or by the plague called man.

What a site to behold to have seen Earth in its virgin state of nature, well before the arrival of humans, its surface an oasis of life, its atmosphere a radiant splendor upon the eyes, its forests and jungles unending and lush, its plains and savannas saturated and teeming with a cornucopia of creatures. The Eden of days long gone must have been the peak of the planet’s long history. Unscarred, untouched, unmarked, unpolluted and undamaged, the planet existed without borders, fences, dams and boundaries, free of the human ego, free of the flag and the cross, its lands, air and waterways uncompromised by the toxins spewed by man, its creatures free to roam and live, fighting for survival in the harsh existence that is the circle of life, free to evolve according to natural selection, not human intervention.

Earth before modern man was a reality just over 100,000 years ago, when most of the planet had yet to experience the arrival of human beings, before it had yet to bear witness to what would soon become a plague springing from east Africa that, in each new land it set foot in, rapidly unleashed destruction upon land and extermination upon life. For the primate with the large brain possessed greater intelligence than all mammals, yet still retained its animal urges, needs, wants, behaviors, emotions and passions, thus making it that much more dangerous to the environment it walked on and the planet that birthed it.

In short time it made extinct the once bountiful herds and numerous species native to the area, altering ecosystems, damaging environments and wreaking havoc on once pristine lands, for it can be said that wherever man walks destruction soon follows. Wherever Homo sapiens journeyed on Earth, from Africa to Europe to the Middle East to Asia and the Americas, mass extinctions soon ensued, for within its unquenchable hunger for meat, sustenance and salvation existed its inability to envision the consequences of its actions. As is still prevalent among our species, forethought was but an afterthought and our longing for conquering the present invariably exceeded our inability to comprehend the future.

The Evisceration of Eden

For billions of years the planet had existed without man, allowing the invisible hands of time to dictate change, for hundreds of millions of years allowing natural selection determine the fate of life. With the arrival of man onto virgin lands, however, what had taken eons to create began to be eviscerated in a matter of years. In the blink of a historical eye, humankind became the dominant species on the planet, introducing to the world a primate capable of manipulating the complex mechanisms of nature, a mammal using brain intelligence along with social skills to thrive at the expense of the environment it now controlled, yet failing to understand, even with its propensity for higher intelligence, its effects for the tomorrow, blinded instead by the glare of the today. For Homo sapiens remained but an animal in behavior and emotion, its psychology dictated by tens of millions of years of evolution, from our reptilian origins to our mammalian needs.

Incapable of understanding the long term, only managing to comprehend the present, short term, preferring to try and manage problems only when they arose, thereby failing to preempt them before materializing, human beings spread to all corners of the planet, growing exponentially in numbers, in short time beginning to place tremendous stress on nature and the environment. For millennia humanity subsisted exclusively on hunting and gathering but with growing numbers of family and tribe members, with increasing numbers of rivals, with less territory and an ever-dwindling supply of game surviving became a growing problem. These stresses thus gave birth to agriculture about 10,000 years ago. With agriculture civilization rose from the crumbs of tribes and clans, giving rise to the city-state, birthing the human ecosystem that has been our home for millennia.

Growing villages and cities meant a need for wood for fuel, heating and cooking. Timber was needed for shelter and fortifications; land was needed to expand the crop yields necessary to feed an ever-growing population. Thus began the clear-cutting of most of the world’s massive forests and untold numbers of trees in other parts of the globe. This phenomenon, which has devastated forests and ecosystems alike, leading to the extermination of an untold number of animal and plant species, has yet to stop; indeed, it has only accelerated with the rise of machines and the enormous demand for wood products by billions of humans, without even so much as a concern for the damage we are inflicting or the understanding of the long term – and permanent – destruction upon ecosystems whose balance and harmony will never again regain their synergy.

Today, the forests and jungles of Africa, North America, Europe, Russia, China, Indonesia, Asia and South America have been or are in the process of being utterly destroyed, centuries-old trees chopped down in a matter of seconds. Entire forests, acting as the lungs of the planet and the clusters of diversity, home to millions of living organisms, have disappeared to the degenerative needs and wants of man, our gluttonous appetite for lumber as ceaseless as it is destructive. For millennia dependent on wood resources, it seems our modern civilization and sophisticated cultures have yet to escape the primitive need for timber.

Not satisfied with the extinction of northern hemisphere forests, our addiction to all things wood being so all-encompassing, we have for decades now turned our attention to the jungles of the southern hemisphere, particularly those of Latin America and tropical Africa and Asia, in the process eviscerating plant and animal life on a massive scale. Our inability to comprehend the consequences to our actions is so great, and the damage done is so pervasive, that in less than a few decades we will succeed in mass exterminating most if not all of the flora and fauna we have come to know and love, including our closest mammal relatives, the gorilla and chimpanzee, the latter of which we happen to share 98.5 percent of our genetic sequence with.

Today, humanity’s greed and quest for natural resources continues to devastate the world’s forests and jungles, now comprising a semblance of their original appearance, some being logged under enormous stress to their continued viability. In a few years time the beauty and wonderment of these canopy cathedrals will cease to exist, becoming a historical relic seen only in the receding minds of elders and the recorded images of video. What will happen to a world devoid of armies of trees, their rich diversity exterminated? In a few decades, the complete mass extinction of the animal world in the wild will arrive into our reality, robbing the planet and future generations of the Garden of Eden that has existed for hundreds of millions of years. Our collective complicity is today relegating the great mammals of the planet to small patches of protected land, their ecosystems coming under immense human pressure more and more each day.

The time will soon arrive, much to the sadness and humiliation of those whose grey hair and wrinkled faces mark the accumulation of age, wisdom and experience, when the only way to see and observe animals, birds and plants will be through the looking glass of city zoos, with moats, fences and glass imprisoning once wild and free creatures. Our future progeny’s only experience with the planet’s animals will be in the circus-like environment of zoos, with artificial environments, settings and altered behaviors, observing not mammals in their splendor but only as a small microcosm of their former selves, seen not in their natural habitat but rather through their confined, man-made fish bowls.

Soon those that will have allowed extermination to occur through their complicity, passivity and silent apathy will look at the faces of their children in shame, cognizant that it was our generation that failed to act, as most human generations inevitably do, helping transform Earth into a planet devoid of life except that for that plague called humanity. As usual, one more generation will have failed to act in the interests of those yet to come, always mesmerized by the present, never learning from the past, invariably condemning the next generation of human beings to a world less balanced, less beautiful and ever-closer to the inevitable self annihilation of the human race.

Global Warning

Our civilization has, in the last three hundred years, set free terror upon the lands and waterways of Earth, her balance and harmony in serious peril. Human beings have scorched the planet’s fragile energies and mechanisms, unleashing consequences upon the globe we are only now beginning to understand. Through our mass introduction of carbon dioxide emissions we have opened up a hornet’s nest of natural calamities that we are, and will be, impotent to try and alleviate. Global warming is causing the planet to change rapidly in ways our mammalian minds cannot fully fathom; its intricate and delicate mechanisms are slowly but surely being manipulated by our primitive activities, its cycles are being altered contrary to the normal manifestations of time. Our dependence on natural resources threatens to spawn transformations to Earth’s energy and natural cycles that will give rise to the eventual downfall of man.

The signs of transforming energies are all-encompassing, clear warnings that what we are doing to the planet is altering mechanisms that have been in place for millions of years. Research and readings have found that carbon dioxide levels on Earth are the highest they have been in over 650,000 years. The poles are losing record amounts of ice every year that passes, their temperatures rising exponentially, their ice sheets melting and ice shelves cracking due to warmer climate, threatening to flood the world’s coastal cities. Today, for example, some islands in the South Pacific have begun to experience flooding of their coasts, forcing entire towns to relocate to higher ground. Greenland’s enormous glaciers have been receding, as have those around the world, from Alaska to the Alps, from the Himalayas to Patagonia. Once frozen tundra and permafrost in Siberia and Alaska have begun to thaw, releasing record amounts of atmosphere heating gases. As a result of this thawing, tens of thousands of Inuit are under threat, their villages and towns sinking, their infrastructure collapsing. Snow levels are decreasing more every passing winter, meaning less fresh water in spring and summers.

The world is experiencing warmer winters and summers; migratory birds are becoming confused about the times of migration; spring seems to arrive earlier every year. Throughout the planet plants and animals are shifting their ranges and ecosystems to higher elevations and colder environs in response to the warmer temperatures being felt worldwide. Gulf of Mexico waters are experiencing an increase in temperatures, thereby spawning much more powerful and destructive hurricanes, in greater number, their season lasting longer than ever before. Tornadoes seem to be increasing in the Midwest of America; flooding is more severe worldwide. Ocean currents are being altered due to shifts in temperatures; proto-plankton, that most vital component of the oceans’ food chain, is disappearing; coral reefs are dying at alarming rates; the Gulf Stream is slowing down, threatening to make uninhabitable parts of the northern hemisphere, including Britain. Drought is increasing worldwide, rainwater is becoming more scarce, crops and farming are being damaged; billions of poverty stricken human will soon be forced to emigrate from their homes, eventually heading northward to escape disease, in search of water and food.

Earth is approaching a vortex of fluctuation whose point of no return fast approaches. However, instead of decreasing carbon dioxide emissions human interference in the climate system continues to escalate, seemingly with reckless abandon. In fact, energy conglomerates have invested millions of dollars to fight the few mechanisms implemented to fight global warming. They have bought off prostitute politicians in America, and are attempting to do the same throughout the world, lobbying governments to trash protocols and timetables. They continue to deny the reality of global warming, seeing it not as a threat to humanity but as a threat to their bottom line.

The time scales on which humans have changed the composition of the atmosphere are extremely short compared to the natural time cycles of the climate system. We are accelerating natural cycles that are being manipulated and compromised by our activities. Our concern for tomorrow seems non-existent; our only concern is for the present. Our inability to plan ahead, to foresee the ramifications to our actions or to possess the vision of a dreadful future is condemning our species, and planet, to forces that will tear our civilization apart in the coming decades. Global warming is, in no uncertain terms, the greatest threat facing the human race, quite possibly the most colossal menace we have ever encountered.

Our primitive brains have yet to fully conceptualize the fact that we are meddling with phenomenon whose fragile balance, synergy and interconnectedness is of utmost importance for the health of the planet. Combined, all of Earth’s mechanisms create a planet in harmony; all energies acting in unison with each other enable the planet to function as it has for untold epochs, its parts acting as one, like a single engine dependent on the proper working order of the many parts that comprise it. Yet instead of controlling our emissions, instead of slowing them down, instead of learning how our activities affect each part of the whole engine, we are paradoxically increasing them, warming the planet ever more and slowly pulling the guillotine’s lever, releasing its razor blade upon our collective jugular.

Not satisfied with the level of pollution and carbon dioxide emissions spewed by the world today, blinded by the quest to further our comfortable, gluttonous ways, we continue pushing the increase of carbon, oil and gas consumption ever more, with the worst culprit of them all, the United States – which has five percent of the world’s population yet produces twenty-five percent of all worldwide carbon dioxide emissions – seeking to control all remaining gas and oil fields, all the while fighting the international community over the principles of alleviating global warming, its purpose the continued expansion of its voracious economy and by implication, its greenhouse gas emissions. Captured by greed, industrialized nations of the north seek to maintain comfort and privilege; meanwhile, developing nations seek the treasures and lifestyles of the north. Combined, both north and south will achieve only misery, meager subsistence and a future of dastardly consequences.

Today we are becoming aware what our manipulation of climate and atmosphere is accomplishing, yet the biggest beasts on the planet, China and India, have yet to fully enter the carbon dioxide delivery business. Slowly they are integrating their economies, and rapidly they are consuming vast sums of carbon, oil and gas, growing at tremendous speed, every day releasing greater amounts of gasses. When the day arrives, when both nations are at emission levels comparable with or greater than present day America, the planet will invariably be set on course to a future untenable and devastating, the future of humanity compromised and threatened. For fossil fuels are the devil’s excrement and slowly, yet surely, China and India’s addictions to these sources of energy grow, creating, though not yet visible, Hell on Earth, a place entirely of our own making, birthed through our ignorance and voracious plague-like appetite, rising from the only home we have to unleash devastation upon the human race.

Rat Race

The internal combustion engine has succeeded in evolving society, pushing our civilization into the realm of technology and modernity, yet the accomplishments it has yielded in the short term have likely condemned humankind’s long-term vitality. Always thinking solely about the short term rewards of present accomplishment, humanity fails, again and again, to visualize the long-term price of our euphoria, progressively condemning the future through the accumulated lack of enlightenment of past and present generations. We have evolved civilization, yet civilization has yet to evolve us.

The rise of machines has allowed humanity to control – and devastate – nature on a massive and unparalleled scale, usurping the natural balance of change away from the normal processes of Earth and monopolizing them in a way at complete odds with what has always been. We have manipulated nature in ways never before seen by nature herself, compromising her natural processes and altering the natural progression of her cycles. When we act in such a way, when we clear cut the Amazon, for example, we are meddling in consequences, to ecosystems, the forest itself, living creatures and the health of the planet, in ways that we are just recently beginning to understand.

It seems we fail to judge the overall picture of any action we take, and how even the smallest alteration or manipulation in one corner of the globe can have the greatest consequence throughout Earth. The larger picture is rarely, if ever contemplated, and its repercussions are made to become mere inconveniences in the further exploitation of nature. For we are creatures myopic and short-sighted, lacking the vision or the “outside the box” mentality to overcome our various short-comings.

According to man, Earth is ours, endowed to us by the Almighty itself, to use, abuse, exploit and to do with her as we please. Nature, therefore, has been placed in this world for our exclusive use and manipulation, a luxury given us by the gods birthed inside the minds of our most creative priests and shamans. In our dementia, we are the greatest species to ever arise, dominant and created to rule over all Earth, its living beings conveniently placed at our beckon call, to enslave, exploit, ruin and make extinct. Delusional and egotistical, we are made to believe, from cradle to grave, that we are omnipotent, a species chosen in the image of our man-made god, placed at the throne of Earth, able to leap giant mountains and the deepest valleys, a higher form of life needed to engineer the destiny of both Earth and all its living beings.

In truth, we are a rat race, living an ego trip, sailing on a rocket ship, miles from reality, selfish and voracious, a species without clothes, remaining primitive and mammalian, possessing the same behaviors, instincts, passions and emotions as our animal brethren. We are a plague upon the Earth, like locusts ravenously gorging on the spoils of Eden, becoming over millennia gluttonous despoilers of life, exploiting a planet endowed to all creatures, not just ourselves. We have spread like a cancer to all corners of the globe, as always to be followed by the destruction we unleash, the mass extinctions we commit and the insatiable appetite we possess.

Our thirst for blood, violence and death has resulted in our own miserable, good for nothing wars, the evisceration of entire environments and the death of hundreds of billions of our fellow living beings. Wherever our feet touch devastation soon seems to follow, transforming fertile and lush land into concrete, asphalt, glass and steel, giving rise to the human ecosystem, the city, with its concrete jungles, brick canopies and steel-enforced canyons. We are a rat race, living amongst streets of trash, making toxic our air and environment, polluting our bodies with the poisons of humanity, assisting in the premature death of hundreds of thousands each year, gutting our immune systems through the housing we build and the furnishings we purchase, subsisting by eating the refuse the corporate world decides to feed us with. Our vehicles saturate the streets, emitting the carbon dioxide that hovers like a dome over our cities, its brownish hue festering over our daily lives, slowly poisoning the unlucky many socially engineered to inhabit the inner city. The stress of dwelling in the human ecosystem is slowly degenerating us all. A plethora of noise emanates from all corners of our habitat, as do putrid odors and the unattractive spectacle of modern American architecture, with its overabundant mini-malls, cookie-cutter housing and franchise businesses.

Our ecosystems continue to grow, swallowing the natural world, erasing from the surface entire forests and savannas and deserts and swamps and marshes and fragile habitats. Our cities are now mega-cities, millions of humans living in closed quarters, our increasing numbers exerting tremendous pressure on the planet. We are now 6.3 billion human beings, 10 billion by 2050, a species bred to consume the bounty of the planet, forced to survive at the expense of Eden. Six point three billion primates, remaining primitive and animalistic, refusing to halt the plague-like destruction of the planet we have systematically been performing since we left the jungles of Africa. With so many people the human race is forced to destroy the planet to survive, replacing forests with concrete jungles, tearing down ecosystems, building human habitats, the globe’s fertile lands burned and used to feed the mass of humanity, its animals sacrificed to the dictates of modern man.

The human plague is its own worst enemy, and that of Earth, inevitably condemning itself to a planet on the verge of collapse, its living organisms becoming extinct due to human interference. The self-proclaimed, ego-deluded ruler of the planet is clandestinely killing itself, slowly exploiting the planet beyond repair and rapidly helping to spread its self-extinction through the manipulation of Earth’s energies and cycles. Homo sapiens, thinking itself highly intelligent and modern, truly beyond primitive, has instead shown its true colors, now facing an enemy of its own making, a threat it cannot defeat, a challenge seemingly already lost.

If history proves anything, it is that humankind always follows a certain path, never deviating, always leading to death, destruction and the lack of vision. It shows that forethought is but an afterthought, that today is much more important than tomorrow and that securing the next two, three or five generations is not as important as realizing the immediate, short-term wants and needs of present-day humans. An alteration of cataclysmic proportions of both human psychology and enlightenment would be needed to reverse the seemingly inevitably drive toward self-destruction we are headed towards. Global warming must somehow be halted and contained, yet its momentum is only growing, resembling that of a runaway freight train. The destruction of the last vestiges of forest and jungle, including the last patches of animal habitat, must be stopped.

Humanity must learn to live in harmony with Earth and its living organisms, understanding the balance and synergy inherent in all of the planet’s mechanisms. Our actions must be understood for what they are doing, and a vision of the future must be implemented, choosing to save our children rather than condemning them to a life harsh, dangerous and full of misery. A new human enlightenment must rise from our collective conscious, transforming the way we live and behave, giving birth to an awareness of the interconnectedness of all living energies, whether organic or those mechanisms of the planet. Whether we heed the warnings or alter our destructive path in time to reverse the seemingly irreversible is entirely up to us, of course, yet, given our easily decipherable history and predictable psychology, the odds are not in humanity’s favor. History is the greatest witness to our inabilities, errors, demons and weaknesses.

If world history were a 24-hour clock, human existence would only comprise the last couple of minutes, yet in that minimal amount of time we have unleashed devastation upon the lands and creatures of the planet. In those few minutes we have gutted the lands of a once pristine terrain, claiming for ourselves everything and anything, whether living or not, that lies on or below the surface. Eden was given to us, she was our responsibility, as caretakers and guardians, yet we have somehow managed to place her in her last throes. She birthed, nourished and allowed us to thrive, yet our corrosive actions on her surface for millennia is how we have repaid her.

It has only been in the last 300 years, with the arrival of the Industrial Revolution, that humanity’s acceleration towards complete destruction of both the planet and itself has become easily visible. What man could not accomplish by hand or by beast of burden could be easily performed by machine. The rise of machines greatly increased our devastation of the planet’s environment. More damage has been unleashed upon the lands, waterways and atmosphere of Earth in the last 300 years than has been done since our most primitive rat-like ancestors escaped the mass extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

We have become a plague upon Earth, a virus that is sickening the planet. She is now hemorrhaging from years of devastation and utter contempt by humanity to her plight. Unfortunately for us, she has decided to purge the cancerous plague from her surface, cleansing Eden of the species causing her sickness. Yet primitive and unwise we remain, reliant on primitive forms of energy and resources, refusing to use our immense talents for the betterment of all. We now find ourselves impotent to the forces, unleashed by us, which in the coming decades will rid Earth of the malignancy afflicting her natural beauty, thereby returning balance and interconnectedness and normalcy back to a most beautiful Garden of Eden.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Keepers at the Gate

He Who Controls Television Controls the Masses

In this age of modernity and technology, where the television monitor has become the center of the average American household, from cradle to grave acting as surrogate parent, teacher, role model and as influencer of human thought, it should come as no surprise that entire populations can be controlled with such facility and efficiency, turning once thinking humans into grazing sheeple. For in today’s day and age, he who controls television controls the masses, and he who controls the masses controls the nation.

Television has become, quite simply, the greatest tool of mass manipulation and thought control civilization has ever seen, an incarnation of the myriad of myths, fables, fictions, story telling, theologies and all other forms of ‘bread and circus’ history’s elite have concocted from which to retain power and control the lower echelons of man’s corrosive pyramid of hierarchy. In the television the elite have found the greatest weapon of mass control, seemingly able to dictate culture, politics, events, thought and destiny from the moment of birth to the time of death. It can even be said that it is they who can determine reality in twenty-first century America, magically making history disappear, altering the past, changing the present and molding the future. Reality is what they want it to be, shifting culture to their dictates, conditioning minds to fit their goals, pushing society in the direction that most benefits them and erasing from memory any manifestation that does not correspond to the reality they wish to create.

The ruling elite can, through clandestine programming and seemingly innocuous entertainment, influence the way millions of minds think, invariably transforming free thought into shackled reasoning. Over decades of methodical molding and development, beginning at the earliest possible age of a human being, those who control television oftentimes succeed in altering and indeed controlling the opinions, beliefs and thoughts of a person. Thus, the goals and views of the elite are transmuted onto those who stand not to benefit by the beliefs they now possess and the thoughts they have been brainwashed to accept.

This silent conditioning, achieved willingly by society, allowed inside the home by millions of families, absorbed into the mainstream and transported over the airwaves to all corners of the nation, creates entire armies of sentient beings conditioned never to question authority or the actions of governance. Over decades of assimilation and dumbed-down programming, the population comes to accept that fate has accorded them the role of sheeple in the games of social Darwinism and human caste systems. Thus, the interests of the elite and the control of the powerful are allowed to continue uninterrupted, without protest, dissent or challenge, assured of dominance, slavery and enduring reign over the sheeple of America.

In today’s day and age, those who control television are corporations and the fledgling corporatists now in possession of government. The rise of fascism in America has also given rise to the mutually beneficial interests of both government and corporations, making the use and control of television of utmost importance to the ruling elite. With government and business fusing together, the resources of both entities can join forces to achieve the desired regimen of thought control, thereby having a greater impact in controlling more of the population, for longer periods of time, and in greater capacity, both by mass manipulation and by offering exactly what the human/animal brain wants most, distraction. Thus, mass media serves a paramount importance in the rise of corporatism, using all tools at its disposal to condition, manipulate, indoctrinate, distract and transform the masses, steering the population in the direction both government and business wants us to head in, creating massive armies of drones marching lock step in service of, and controlled by, the corporatist few.

With Americans watching so much television on a weekly basis, discarding books of enlightenment for monitors of idiocy, preferring the drug of fantasy over the sobering realm of reality, no longer capable of analytical, logical thought, choosing to incorporate as their own the views, beliefs and opinions of corporate media, the keepers at the gate are free to do as they please, disseminating lies, distortions, manipulations, propaganda and fictions into our homes and the minds of our family, young and old, never discriminating and always flowing in the interest of the Establishment.

From birth they have us hooked with their highly addicting programming, from cartoons to sitcoms to movies to sports to newscasts to niche channels, using our animal emotions and passions to intravenously feed us their vast array of products and opinions and services and trends and beliefs. From birth the manipulation of brainwaves begins, altering development, robbing innocence, supplanting free thought with manipulated ideas tested in marketing laboratories, making consumers and producers of us and enslaving our biological and psychological needs to those outcomes that offer them the greatest revenue, profit and rise to power.

In time we are conditioned to become slaves to the system, their system, becoming unquestioning automatons never wondering why it is that the same system we are a part of is intent on keeping us subjugated and exploited, why we work the hours we work, why we work five days instead of four, why we devote more time to work than to our children, why we put up with office politics, why we put up with long and stressful commutes, why our pay is what it is, why we continue watching television, why we place blind faith in immoral politicians, why we ever supported an ill begotten war, why we vote against our own interests, why we continue shopping for goods we don’t need, why we purchase the products we buy, why we never question authority or speak truth to power.

As the brainwashing continues, and as the last remaining vestiges of free thought are chained to the gallows of corporate control, we fail to see that we have become a mere pawn to the system, an army of worker bees and soldier ants, one cog in a giant engine, exploited for our energy and our existence, a part easily replaceable, easily discarded, easily abandoned. Through the devastating dumbing-down mechanisms of television, along with the abandonment of education and the comfort of American middle class life, the Establishment is assured of a population acquiescent and pacified, remaining silent in times of disquieting conundrums, made merry by the plethora of bread and circus emanating throughout the land.

The genius of the American Establishment, learned after World War II, was in sacrificing a minute piece of the American pie to the growing middle class – that would have previously been greedily kept – in order to maintain the masses in an utter state of comfort, thus creating an environment of silent passivity, complacency and calm, where the masses would have nothing to protest or dissent over. The Establishment learned that a citizenry made comfortable in life would not protest the inevitable enslavement of their lives, or of their children. It learned that slavery could be maintained, and even sought by the slaves themselves, by offering a few more morsels, crumbs and bones than before, enough to live in comfort and thus never being given the opportunity to seek revolution, challenge authority or protest the status quo. By perpetually satisfying our mammalian passions, needs and emotions with a larger sliver of the prosperity pie, the Establishment saw that production increased, consumption rose exponentially, a calmer society permeated, citizens actually further enslaved themselves and, in the end, the same products produced by the middle class invariably were consumed by them as well, thus returning the allocation of resources back to the Establishment.

The television would only serve the interests of the Establishment even further by distracting the enslaved masses in search of escapism with fantasy-filled media, by programming young minds to the dictates of the system and by saturating the airwaves with the products and services produced by the masses, for the consumption of the masses, and the growing power of the Establishment. For years this worked marvelously, in the process helping to make American citizens the most comfortable people on Earth, given an overabundance of products by which to enjoy life, a growing standard of living and materialistic wealth beyond anything seen in human history. Yet the added morsels and crumbs and bones and fictions given us could not hide the control over our daily lives, our indebtedness to the system, our impotence versus power and our continued subservience to the Establishment.

The Soviet Communist Paradigm

The full introduction of the television would also be used for more sinister methods, arriving just in time to see the emergence of the elite’s control of the masses through fear and xenophobia, using the manufacture and marketing of enemies, such as the dreaded Soviet Communist, to better control the direction of the nation and the population. The Establishment became fully aware of a grave and growing danger to its power and control that if allowed to foment in the minds of the masses could spell a deep threat to the system. This fear by the elite was not of Soviet communism, which was a product of human greed, corruption and debauchery by the Russian government, but of the principles of socialism, which were gathering steam throughout the world in the years after World War II. The Establishment, both government and corporate, would use the television, and the newspapers and magazines it controlled, to preempt the principles of socialism, many of which espouse the teachings of Christ, conditioning in the population fears, lies, manipulations and hatreds regarding human socialism, thus assuring itself that such a threat to its existence would be squashed in America.

Through television and mass media Soviet Communism and socialism were fused together, fear of “Red Soviets” was made all-encompassing and the introduction of the Cold War, thanks to an easily-manipulated and fear-gripped populace, became a prosperous era for war profiteers, defense contractors and corrupt politicians. The Cold War established with the population the idea of America as benevolent and inherently good, always right and never wrong, fighting for the freedom of the free world, doing battle against the dreaded “Evil Empire.” Americans with social democrat tendencies were persecuted, anything anti-corporation was chastised, those pointing out the debased faults of the American system were ostracized and an entire nation was brought under the noose of fear.

An enemy had been created, and hundreds of millions of Russians were made subhuman monsters, all innocent and as decent as you and me, all fighting to survive a totalitarian regime. The brainwashing of Americans was so overwhelming, so successful, that for decades the Cold War raged on, living off the fumes of illusion and charades, creating bogey men lurking behind dark corners and making the principles of socialism a taboo subject to those whose unenlightenment is a cornerstone of the keepers of the gate.

Television and mass media were used to conjure up an enemy that was designed and marketed to last into perpetuity, granting perpetual war for perpetual profit, giving sustenance to the military-industrial complex. Fear oozed out the pores of average Americans as we were made to believe in mushroom clouds, told to build concrete bunkers, ‘educated’ in the inherent evil of communists, of evildoers hating us for our freedoms. We were spoon-fed the lies and manipulations and charades through sitcoms, movies, advertisements, newscasts and even cartoons. The conditioning was as pervasive as it was successful. It was corporate mass media, from newspapers to magazines to television, that transformed an entire nation into enemies, allies into rivals, millions of humans into communist monsters and a Cold War into tense periods of mutually assured destruction.

So invasive was the idea of Soviets and of communism as enemies, in fact, that to this day those brainwashed decades ago still see an enemy behind every progressive and left leaning American, still calling us “communists” when the new, hip, in vogue term is “terrorist.” Only with the fall of the Berlin Wall were we allowed to see the fallacy behind our lunacy, the façade finally evaporating, finally opening our eyes to a cold war that was designed for the salvation of the elite, not that of the masses, so that a perceived threat to the Establishment’s crony capitalism, profit, greed, wealth and power could be retained, so that the American people would be taught and conditioned to despise the principles of socialism, for the elite saw in it, and still do, a severe threat to their way of life.

For the salvation of the elite Americans were conditioned into hysteria; for our continued ignorance the Cold War subsisted, empowering itself and living off our programmed fears and hatreds, calculated to keep us on the path to crony capitalism and debauched democracy and away from other, possibly better mechanisms of human society. Our fears and hatreds made it easier for the elite to control us; our blind faith in the propaganda they spewed further degraded our lives. We were negated from seeing the beauty of Russia and Eastern Europe; their cultures and peoples were marginalized and denied us. A threat was over hyped on purpose, creating an enemy for geopolitical and power hungry goals.

Along with a cursory semblance of greater freedom, as well as the illusions of democracy, Americans were made to believe in the sanctity of the nation. America could do no wrong; jingoism and nationalism flourished, we were conditioned to believe in an America the righteous, defender of human rights, protector of democracy, cherished beholder of justice and equality, an upholder of all things good. All the while America’s government was unleashing hell on Earth upon the peoples of the south, creating wars, supporting dictators and despots, arming militaries, training soldiers of death, promoting murder, assassinations, torture, coup d’etats, death squads, creating slave labor, impoverishing millions, exploiting billions and condemning to limbo countless human beings whose only crime was being born in lands coveted by American corporate interests.

It was the mass media, using all tools at its disposal, that created good versus evil, cowboy versus Indian, American versus Soviet, masquerading the interests of the few for those of the many, spawning fear and hatreds, altering culture and opinion to the tunes of the Establishment, controlling the fate of an entire nation. The same exact thing has occurred in this fictional war on terror, simply the latest resurrected marketing ploy from the dusty bins of history.

What the Cold War shows us is that the population of a wealthy nation can be, through the corporate media, easily cajoled into doing the bidding of the elite, standing proudly by, and in furtherance of, the beliefs and goals created by the system. A nation can in the span of a few years or months be made to hate, fear and seek war, its collective emotions and psychology and passions exploited and manipulated by mass media, particularly television.

Reality is anything the corporate mass media wants it to be and, with a nation addicted to television, subservient to its hypnotizing glare, ready to absorb its opinions and visions, unquestioning and sedentary, kneeling in reverential attention at the images it generates and the sounds it emanates, the real danger becomes when the concocted reality of corporatists becomes the reality of the masses, when fiction and lies and deceptions become forgotten or ignored, and when fear, hatred, jingoism and xenophobia are birthed through the careful manipulation of our animal emotions and passions.

As has been seen during the Cold War, and now the fictional war on terror, it seems entire populations, no matter how civilized or comfortable their lives are, no matter how advanced or sophisticated they might claim to be, are impotent to the captivating powers of television and mass media, the weapons of choice for corporatists, creating citizens ready to do the bidding and dying for the interests of the elite, ready to sacrifice their freedoms, human rights, democracy and nation’s Constitution in furtherance of the growing plague of fascism.

Keepers at the Gate

Corporate mass media, today more than ever, has the ability to push exactly the right buttons, using the powerful images and sounds of television, by which to steer an entire population in the direction it wants it to head. Images from video can be manipulated, altered, omitted, repeated, inserted and given the aura of reality, while sounds can be used to further the interests of the mass media. Opinion can be and is oftentimes skewered in favor of the Establishment’s goals, as reporters, journalists and anchors assist in furthering the propaganda of their corporate owners, in the process censoring the debate and dissent necessary for the healthy function of democracy.

The Keepers at the Gate are the creators of reality, of news and opinion, those that filter and whitewash and erase from memory, those whose job it is to distract and sensationalize and manage culture. It is they who possess the responsibility of altering mass thought and opinion in favor of the Establishment, pushing the goals of the few into the homes of the many. A nation that has been weaned away from the liberating mechanisms of knowledge and reason and free thinking must depend on the opinions it hears and the images it sees to create its own reality. Pushed away from and trained to detest reading, getting news only by watching television, trained to absorb the views of pundits and talking heads whose opinion always favors the interests of the elite, America’s population is robbed of divergent and diverse views, failing to grasp the dissenting opinions and debate needed for brains to analytically synthesize all angles of a story.

Instead, a population conditioned to have the attention span of ten second sound bites has been manipulated to hear the repetitive slogans and cheers and talking points emanated by the talking heads seen on television. Through repetition of catchphrases and words the opinion of the masses is generated, creating a consensus of mass appeal the easier to dictate the direction of the nation. In such a way, since 9/11, the corporate media, in partnership with the Bush administration, has methodically managed the “war on terror” through censorship of diverging opinion, by the repetitive use of slogans and catchphrases, by creating alternate realities and by controlling the views, images and sound bites allowed to fester on the airwaves.

For they are the Keepers at the Gate, the entities that decide what constitutes the programming and news and reality the masses should be made to watch. They are the puppeteers and we the marionettes, our actions and opinions controlled with the invisible strings of manipulation. We are mere pawns in their games of chess and monopoly, impotent to challenge their omnipresence. Our reality is their fiction, whatever they decide to filter into our lives.

They can manipulate us into an immoral and illegal war using the tools learned from Madison Avenue marketers, exploiting our mammalian passions, wants and emotions, tinkering with the buttons of human psychology. They can condition us to hate and fear and seek vengeance, using enemies, both real and imagined, to force us to give up freedoms and rights and democracy, in the process transforming once decent people into cheerleaders and supporters of torture, mass murder, illegal occupation, war crimes and the evisceration of both due process and habeas corpus. They can devise a fictional war on terror, using modern day bogey men to manipulate our fear-induced emotions, thereby enriching and empowering themselves, all the while we willingly concede our remaining freedoms and rights to the corporatists in power.

The Keepers at the Gate determine the morsels and crumbs and bones of information we are allowed to see and hear. It is they who have made the Bush/Iraq war a war invisible and unseen, hidden from our conscious, its ramifications on our soldiers and on Iraqis made to disappear. It is they who brazenly darken the arrival of dead and injured soldiers, they who censor the horrors of war and the war crimes committed in our name. Thanks to the Keepers at the Gate, the Iraq war exists in the clouds, as if taking place in another planet, inside a vortex of unknowns, away from our gluttonous reality, our comfort level retained and secure from the ghastly realities of a war of choice upon millions of innocent Iraqis.

Hidden wars that do not litter the landscape of American consciousness have a purpose, however. For a losing war that cannot be seen by the masses cannot create dissent, protest and shock. A quagmire that is unseen retains the aura of victory, refusing to give rise to revulsion and disgust in the minds of millions who, if allowed to see the true nature of man fighting man, might become a threat the Establishment does not wish to foment. For the Keepers at the Gate have decided that imperial wars for resources, wealth, power and geopolitical advantage must continue; the Iraq war must not be relinquished. And so, in the time honored tradition of controlling the masses, television has risen to hide what is not to be seen and disseminate only what is needed, feeding us morsels of news so that we do not become a threat.

It is corporate media that has been created to maintain the balance of news, used to expose the enemies of power and the pawns of the elite whose usefulness has served its purpose. The corporate media and its journalist hacks that masquerade as propagators of news manipulate us, deceive us and confuse us, using the power endowed to them to cover up the mistakes of the Establishment. They have become the loudspeakers and sycophants of power, employed to propagandize corporatists and their goals while suppressing and maligning those who question and those who speak truth to power.

News anchors have become corporate shills, pushing the products and services sold by the mother company, offering sensationalized news that serves only to distract, dumb down and make forget. Reporters propagate the government’s lies and deceptions, rarely, if ever, seeking truth and all its angles. The bottom line has replaced truth, propaganda has replaced reality and lackeys have replaced honorable journalists. The interests of those who control television and news bureaus are given precedence over informing the public, objectivity and truth becoming victims of religious, political and philosophical inclinations. Suppression of truth has given way to the pursuit of ideology and zealotry, with the beliefs and goals of reporters, producers and editors allowed to dictate what is and what is not considered valid news.

The Keepers at the Gate are the stimulators of our reality, suppressing what is not expedient to the Establishment, disseminating that which is, systematically concocting and perfecting the formulas to better control and manipulate the American public and knowing what buttons to push so that, in the end, we invariably take the road they have designed for us. The Keepers at the Gate dictate what is, what was and what will become, hiding behind cameras to push society in that certain direction that will be of most convenience to them. They are embedded throughout corporate mass media, becoming the gods of destiny for hundreds of millions of citizens, creating the invisible hand and the omnipotent consciousness of American culture, politics and society.

They can conjure up bogey men out of thin air, creating enemies and wars out of lies and embedded manipulations. They can ruin the lives and careers of honorable men and women; they can birth division and animosity between citizens. Presidents and politicians are born and made through the fictions and whitewashes at the disposal of the Keepers at the Gate, their careers eviscerated when falling out of favor with the Establishment. Populations are brainwashed through propaganda; dumbed down through the idiocy of circus-like programming; manipulated by subjective and skewered newscasts; distracted and made to forget by sensationalist bull manure; emotions and passions easily controlled by fear, hatred and warmongering.

For years the corporate mass media has been marinating our existence, taking our youngest, inculcating them to produce, consume, obey and be a good slave, reprogramming their innocent minds with the incantations of corporatist goals, taught never to question and always to follow, told to place blind faith in corporations and so-called leaders. The Keepers at the Gate are the arbiters of reality, determining our fates through the monitors we eagerly cherish like idols perched in the middle of our homes. Daily we sit and pray to the new religion of man, told to produce and consume and obey and follow, our thoughts calibrated to the tunes of power. The news chosen for our consumption is tainted with the ulterior motives of control; the shows and sitcoms we watch contain the poisoning allure of fiction and perfection that in the human condition is constantly sought yet can never be achieved; advertisements, the real purpose behind programming, saturate our minds, manipulating our emotions, needs and wants, compelling us towards purchase.

From our earliest days the Keepers at the Gate bombard us with their propaganda, using the seduction of television, with its vast array of brain altering mechanisms, its fantasy-laden programming, its opinion-transforming sound bites and its captivating role as parent, teacher and role model for millions of children no longer reared, taught or disciplined by overstressed, overworked and greed addicted parents. The Keepers at the Gate are the sentinels watching over our lives; the overlords of America’s destiny. They are allowed inside our homes, their technologies adapting and learning ever more each year how to control and manipulate us further. They are the Keepers at the Gate, the gods of information and the purveyors of the Establishment’s interests. Truth is their enemy; knowledge their poison; free thought the antidote to their dreadful virus; our incessant watching of television sustains and feeds them, granting them energy. Our ignorance is their strength; our acquiescence their ability to continue emaciating our lives.

The greatest weapon of mass control to ever arise sits proudly in our home, welcomed by us into the safe confines of where our children reside. The tool used by corporatists to gain dominion over our nation and lives has become our most cherished possession. We place full trust in its capacity and technology, in the escapism it can offer and the news it can provide. It is the only way the Keepers at the Gate can enter our homes, thereby penetrating our minds and that of our children. Yet we control the remote and the ability to leave the monitor off. It is up to us to kill our television before it kills us. Only then will the Keepers at the Gate dissipate from our minds, and our consciousness. For they can enter our home only if we allow them and today, more than ever, they need to be shown the door, with darkness enveloping their attempted passage into our lives.